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UK Hong Kong report: Provocative nonsense no substitute for constructive engagement

Grenville Cross says Britain's long-term interests lie in working to forge closer ties with China.

02 February, 2023

New leadership signals a bigger role for Liaison Office

Tu Haiming says Zheng Yanxiong’s appointment reveals Beijing will not allow subversives to undermine the city.

20 January, 2023

The remarkable little red envelope

Richard Cullen says tradition signals high level of social understanding embodied within Chinese way of seeing the world.

19 January, 2023

‘Political neutrality’ of civil servants must be interpreted in the right way

Lau Siu-kai says the concept can remain in Civil Service Code if it includes allegiance to SAR and being patriotic.

30 January, 2023

NPCSC interpretation facilitates reflection on how NSL can be accurately implemented

Tony Kwok says HKSAR government departments must now make all-out efforts to halt acts that endanger national security, nipping them in the bud.

25 January, 2023

‘One country, two systems’ is essential part of socialism with Chinese characteristics

Xiao Ping says capitalism will be allowed to exist in HK as long as it contributes to national development.

11 August, 2022

New Year’s wish: ‘China advantage’ is meant to benefit the entire world

Ho Lok-sang says the US needs to douse the toxic rhetoric if the world’s two leading nations are to work together for the greater good.

31 January, 2023


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