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How NZ's virus response helped fuel a housing crisis

The number of people seeking emergency housing in Wellington of 211,000 has tripled in the last 12 months as rents hit record highs.

April 17, 2021

Thai households struggle with record debt, virus adds to burden

Adding to the strain, the coronavirus outbreak has shut a small construction firm where she worked for US$10 a day for much needed extra income.

April 05, 2021

Israel polls: Why an Arab Israeli is the nation's key figure now

In the aftermath of last week’s election, which ended in a near tie between the pro-Netanyahu and anti-Netanyahu blocs, Mansour Abbas carries a big stick.

April 01, 2021

Thailand taps groundwater resources as hot season drought looms

Facing severe drought as it enters its hottest season, Thailand has launched groundwater extraction operations as it looks at ways to harness future supplies.

April 01, 2021