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Sri Lanka's crisis pushes war-shattered Tamils to the brink

Today's economic crisis is a second blow to the coastal district of Mullaitivu after the mostly Tamil population was ravaged by the war's final offensive.

September 16, 2022

What could India's inclusion into major global bond indexes mean

The possibility of India being included in global bond indexes this year has led to increased buying in a set of local securities.

September 16, 2022

Traffic, water shortages, floods: The slow death of India's tech hub?

BENGALURU – Harish Pullanoor spent his weekends in the late 1980s tramping around the marshes and po

September 15, 2022

Japan liquor firms attract Gen Z with booze-free drinks

The popularity of low- and non-alcoholic drinks has risen worldwide, accelerated by the pandemic, which led many people to be more health conscious.

September 13, 2022