Published: 15:51, July 10, 2024 | Updated: 17:03, July 10, 2024
China probes EU practices in foreign subsidy investigations
By Xinhua
This undated file photo shows the entrance to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in Beijing, capital of China. (PHOTO / XINHUA) 

BEIJING - China's Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday launched a trade and investment barrier investigation into the relevant practices adopted by the European Union in the EU's foreign subsidy investigations, the ministry said in an announcement.

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The investigation was initiated at the request of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, whose qualifications and request documents have been verified, according to the MOC.

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Under its foreign subsidies regulation, the EU has conducted preliminary, in-depth, and raid investigations into Chinese companies involved in sectors such as locomotives, photovoltaics, wind power, and security check equipment. The EU's practices in such investigations will be examined, said the MOC.

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The MOC said its investigation will involve surveys, hearings, and on-site activities in order to gather information from all stakeholders.

While the investigation is set to conclude by January 10, 2025, it could be extended to April 10 under special circumstances, according to the ministry.