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Virus: Thailand expects to delay plans for 'travel bubble'

The Philippines and Indonesia both saw record daily highs of COVID-19 infections, reporting 2,539 and 1,853 new cases, respectively.

July 08, 2020

US envoy plays down expectations for DPRK meet, but ready to talk

Stephen Biegun, who led working-level talks with DPRK officials and is now the US Deputy Secretary of State, met with ROK Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha.

July 08, 2020

New lockdown in Melbourne restricts 5 million Australians to home

Police and military have thrown a ring of steel around the metropolitan area of Melbourne, in a bid to halt the spread of the virus which has intensified since restrictions were dropped last month.

July 08, 2020

Former Japanese justice minister indicted for suspected vote-buying

Former Japanese Justice Minister Katsuyuki Kawai and his lawmaker wife Anri were indicted on suspicion of vote-buying, following the couple’s arrest last month, Tokyo prosecutors said.

July 08, 2020