Yuan in IMF's basket of top currencies

The IMF said the yuan "met all existing criteria" to be included with the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and the British pound.

Ties key in first BRICS media summit

At the meeting, six resolutions were adopted on practical media cooperation among BRICS countries.

China, US cyber crime talks to begin

China's Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun is in Washington and will meet the US Secretary of Homeland Security.

Manufacturing activity at 3-yr low

On the other hand, China's non-manufacturing activity improved in November, signifying the service sector's stronger role.

Climate summit 'a new starting point'

A model emerging for 'win-win' global governance, President Xi tells world leaders.

Xi, Obama vow constructive path

China has already announced a plan to boost its energy intensity.

Jakarta to release AirAsia crash report

The Airbus A320 crashed into the Java Sea on Dec 28, 2014, on its way to S'pore from Surabaya.

S Korea house okays China trade pact

The deal would nix tariffs on US$42b of Seoul's imports & on US$73b in its exports to China.


Time for more public spending

Ho Lok-sang makes a strong case that the Hong Kong government should be spending much more than it currently does in order to i...

HK’s attitudes to protecting rights of children changing

The proposed changes to the existing law, which citizens should embrace without hesitation, are timely given the sharp rise in ...

Criticism of mom feeding baby draws public ire

The question should be why the woman's breast-feeding her baby bothered it so much.

All parties should seize the opportunity in Paris

It will take strenuous endeavors by all parties to make sure the Paris gathering will not be remembered as another lost chance.

Using innovation to fight climate change

The international community is actively promoting a new governance system to cope with climate change - a challenge to humankind as a w...


Greener economy

Hong Kong's adaptation to climate change can set an example for the region.

Winter in Macau

The city's gambling industry is suffering a cold winter.

Nervous over Fed rates

Why raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve would affect Asia's bond market.


China, US cyber crime talks to begin

China's Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun is in Washington through Sunday and will meet US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, Chinese state media reported. US Attorney Gene...

First BRICS media summit focuses on ties

At the meeting, six resolutions were adopted on practical media cooperation among BRICS countries.

Academics get boost from Premier

Postdoctoral talents should play bigger role in innovation, Li says.

Race underway for next-generation missiles

China is facing fierce competition with powerful rivals such as the United States and Russia in the development of next-generation missile...

Chongqing firm puts Paris on a brighter track

Public transportation authorities in Paris decided to upgrade traditional streetlamps at the 300 metro and 66 railway stations with greener and brighter LED ones.

Moutai targets foreign market

Moutai aims to expand its overseas market by an annual rate of 15% in the next 5 years, said Yuan Renguo, director of the Moutai board.

Civil service losing its appeal

In recent years it has become normal that many applicants who sign up do not turn up for the national public civil servant exam.


Third runway project wins reprieve

A motion to halt work on Hong Kong's third runway was voted down at a Legislative Council subcommittee meeting.

HK turns up heat ahead of Paris climate conference

SAR ‘likely to set more ambitious greenhouse gas targets than nation’.

No time to cheer for SAR retailers

Sales down for eighth straight month as tourists shun city, with key retail chains on the edge.

Dividends by MTR aim to ease tensions over railway funding boost

In a bid to increase the prospects of acceptance, the MTR agreed to absorb cost overruns above the latest estimate of HK$84.41 billion and offer a special dividend of HK$4.4 per share over the next two years.

Focus HK

Learning in small bytes

The Education Bureau’s e-learning project launched in 2011-12 has revolutionized traditional paradigms of classroom teaching.

Startups show IT’s the real thing

Finally the city’s much-cherished dream of having a robust startup ecosystem is beginning to materialize.

Live but not kicking

In the lead-up to the city’s biggest live music festival, local musicians share their worries about the future of the live music scene in HK with Agnes Lu.


Japan whaling fleet departs for hunt despite outrage

Japan aims to take more than 300 whales in its "scientific whaling" programme before the hunt ends next year.

Turkey won’t apologize to Russia

Turkish prime minister said Turkey won’t apologize to Russia for shooting down a warplane operating over Syria.

'Crew action caused crashed AirAsia jet to lose control'

Indonesian investigators said that crew action caused a loss of control and the stalling of an AirAsia passenger jet that crashed into the Java Sea last year.

Iraq blames Iran after thousands of pilgrims storm border crossing

Iraq's interior ministry said in a statement that the pilgrims, overwhelmed security forces, pulling down fences and injuring border guards.

Coral reefs under siege

Rise in global temperatures is putting these beautiful ecosystems and regional livelihoods at risk.

Global warning

Asia faces catastrophic future unless leaders at Paris summit agree to cut emissions.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


No basis for yuan's depreciation: PBOC

China's central bank nixed concerns over yuan depreciation after the currency's inclusion in the IMF's Special Drawing Rights basket.

China manufacturing PMI dips in Nov

On the other hand, the country's non-manufacturing activity improved in November, signifying the service sector's stronger role.

Asian shares firm

Asian shares edged up as investors awaited Chinese factory surveys later.

Eye on Asia

Myanmar's HIV patients shunned by society

Ignorance and fear surrounding the HIV virus which causes AIDS are among the many challenges that will face Myanmar's new government.

Eerie vestiges of volcano's power

Crumbling houses. Vehicles overgrown by vegetation. Dusty kitchen utensils. A cassette recorder caked with volcanic ash.

Asian imports of Iran oil plunge 8.5% in October

Imports by Iran's four biggest buyers came to 803,674 barrels per day (bpd) last month, down 8.5% from a year ago.


Day-night cricket concept a big hit with fans: Survey

The first ever day-night Test drew a positive response from fans who took a CA-supplied survey at the Adelaide Oval.

I don't play for individual awards: Neymar

Barcelona forward Neymar said that he is not thinking about football's Ballon d' Or award for which he is a final nominee.

Shades of Maradona as Higuain leads Napoli to top of Serie A

Gonzalo Higuain scored twice in a 2-1 win over 10-man Inter Milan on Monday to provide a big boost for Napoli's title chances.

Voice of Asia

Cofounder of Asia News Network formed the media group to ensure region’s views are heard in a multipolar world.

Ahead of the pack

Chief of Tourism Australia looks to ‘high-yielding’ travelers and China’s expanding middle-class to drive visitor numbers.

Going with the grain

Father of hybrid rice in the Philippines pioneers new seeds to reduce dependency on imports and transform lives of farmers.

Life & Art

Keeper of the past

China celebrates UNESCO founding with pledge to protect its own sites and do more.

Too Pretty to Eat?

Nouvelle cuisine has done much to promote food as art, but great presentation has been essential to Chinese food for centuries.

Quirky News

Fiji sevens team come to the rescue of cabin crew

Players of the world champion team helped serve food and retrieve trays when air hostesses were busy attending an ailing passenger.

Is singer Adam Lambert just too sexy for S'pore?

Adam Lambert may have been a hit on American Idol but 13,000 Singaporeans have signed an online petition trying to get him booted off the stage.

How to fly free forever

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian can now likely fly free, in first class, with his whole family, anywhere in the world, for the rest of his life.


Yuan takes center stage at summit

A gallery of experts spoke at the 2015 Corporate Finance Summit hosted by BOCOM HK Branch in Shenzhen.

'CE is keen to improve people’s livelihoods'

Chan believes that in the medium term the CE will deliver on key policies such as land and housing supply.

'Liberal Party gets on well with govt'

Felix Chung believes proposed ITB will be approved by legislators in October.


Getting ahead of the game

Hong Kong will have a key role in Belt and Road, provided it acts fast and grabs the opportunities before others do, say panelists at the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable.