China issues green development rules

China's Cabinet published a guideline on improving the country's environment, vowing to achieve "major progress" by 2020.

China's real estate powers ahead

The property sector in first-tier mainland cities continued to gain momentum last month amid easing of curbs and high demand.

Tung: Candidates can't oppose CPC

Tung said he favored candidates who were capable, thoughtful and had the trust of Hong Kong people.

HK: Mainland punters go online

Thousands of mainland retail investors are exploiting a regulatory loophole to directly trade in Hong Kong shares.

HK's retail sales down 2.9% in March

The main culprit was a near 20 percent year-on-year fall in sales of luxury goods.

Xi urges Red Cross China to reform

With support from the Party and govt, the RCSC will open a new chapter, said the president.

Shanghai at 3-month low

The Shanghai Composite Index lost 4.1% on fears of low liquidity.

Bilateral efforts 'inject fresh impetus'

Europe aims to improve security and defence cooperation with China, said the European Union...


The truth about press freedom in HK

A study by Freedom House ranked Hong Kong 83rd in press freedom, down from last year’s 74th place and 71st position in 2013.

Time to return to the true nature of liberal education

The issue of whether the compulsory liberal studies subject in Hong Kong’s senior secondary school curriculum is misguided shou...

Xi's visit will boost Eurasia ties

President Xi Jinping's upcoming trip to Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus is part of a series of moves by China to promote peace and commo...

New rules for lawsuits step in right direction

The first working day after the country's court system officially inaugurated a new case registration mechanism saw a 20-percent rise i...

Cross-Straits ties based on one-China principle

Any attempt to challenge the one-China consensus would not only sow the seeds of discord, it would also undermine the political foundat...


Guidelines for eco-friendly development issued

China's Cabinet published a guideline on improving the country's environment, vowing to achieve "major progress" by 2020.

Bilateral efforts 'inject fresh impetus'

State Councilor Yang Jiechi has said the expected meeting between Premier Li Keqiang and the leadership of the European Uni...

China to stop setting prices of most medicines

China will remove price caps for most medicines from June 1 and give the market a larger role in setting prices.

Govt to back Malaysia-Singapore railway bid: Li

The Chinese government "will support a consortium bidding for a high speed railway line linking Malaysia and Singapore".

Tributes paid to the 'angel of peace'

Border city honors the Chinese-Russian girl who sacrificed herself.

Angling for solutions to a coastal crisis

The construction of artificial reefs along China's vast coastline is helping to restore the maritime ecosystem, replenish fish stocks and improve the lives of local 'sea farmers'.

Researchers promote ethical experiments

In a bid to gain greater global recognition and improve the accuracy of results, laboratories in China have started to adopt Western standards for the treatment and welfare of animals used in scientific tests.


Tung: CPC opponents couldn’t be CE candidates

Former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa said people who are against the Communist Party of China couldn’t become candidates in the next CE election.

5 more suspects netted

Mainland police arrested five more people over the past two days.

More education needed on ‘One Country’: Elsie Leung

Leung reiterated that “One Country” provided the basis for Hong Kong’s system to work.

HK home transactions down 4.9% in April

Hong Kong's Land Registry received 4,549 sale and purchase agreements for residential units in April.

Focus HK

Getting cities in the region ‘on board’ for a cruise

HK has stepped up efforts to meet yet another threat from the region, this time in the cruise industry, and to stay competitive.

Something fishy in our product testing

A new technology developed by an HK-based enterprise using genetically modified fish embryos to detect toxins in food and other products is making waves internationally.

His last bow

Outgoing Police Commissioner Andy Tsang is often credited with restoring the badly battered morale of frontline officers.


Australia to cut aid to Indonesia, African nations

Aid to Indonesia will be substantially slashed by the Australian government in next week's budget.

India to sign port deal with Iran

Prime Minister Narendra Modi keen to develop trade ties with Central Asia and prepared to fend off US pressure not to rush into any deals with Iran.

Small tsunami off Papua New Guinea

A tsunami estimated at under 3 feet was seen in the harbor of Rabaul, a town near the epicenter of the 7.5-magnitude quake.

Israeli Likud inks pact with ultra-Orthodox Shas

As per the pact, Shas leader Aryeh Deri will become the economy minister and his party will obtain another two ministerial posts.

Works both ways

Home and host nations see benefits of Asia’s flow of migrant workers.

Moving past reliance on remittances

Countries such as the Philippines seek to develop new industries as secure foundation for economic growth.

Asia Weekly


Rolling stock company forges ahead in Russia

Chinese company, partners to work on Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway.

Real estate powers ahead on stimulus measures

Demand for homes adds to upward pressure in top-tier mainland cities.

Slump in bonds spooks stock markets

Asian stocks stumbled on Wednesday in sympathy with weak US and European markets as equities investors were spooked by a vicious selloff in sovereign bonds globally.

Eye on Asia

Indians pay high price for power

Clean-up of coal-fired plant part of PM Modi's $25b revamp of nation's aging utilities.

Kidnapped, treated like slaves of past

Investigations have revealed that floating laborers, mostly for construction and cultivation, fall victims to abduction.

New seeds to boost opium output in Afghan

It's the cash crop of the Taliban and the scourge of Afghanistan — the country's intractable opium cultivation.


Champion Wanderers out in group stage

The Western Sydney Wanderers' Asian Champions League title defense ended Tuesday.

Juventus beat Real Madrid 2-1

Carlos Tevez was behind the ball, ready to take a penalty kick that could put Juventus back ahead of defending champion Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal.

Pacquiao sued in US for allegedly concealing injury

Boxer Manny Pacquiao was sued in a US court on Tuesday by two people who said they felt defrauded by Pacquiao's alleged failure to disclose a pre-bout shoulder injury.

A delicate balance

Under civilian rule or military government, think tank chairman draws on vast diplomatic experience to be public face of Myanmar.

Teeing it forward

China’s ‘Mr Golf’ plans to overcome industry’s ‘coldest winter’ with diversification and a sustainable eco-tourism model.

Straddling two worlds

KPMG partner is an old China hand who wants to help his fellow Australians fully embrace the benefits of Chinese investments.

Life Style

New allure of Malaysia

A new consulate in Sabah, and the passage of time after two airline tragedies, are prompting Chinese tourists to return to the country's many attractions, Yang Feiyue reports.

Maker of myth

Ancient legends get a modern twist thanks to a popular novelist from Chongqing. Xing Yi reports.

Quirky News

What's in a name?

A father in Shandong has failed to register the birth of his daughter who has no given surname.

Off Key

New Zealand's PM John Key has apologized to a cafe worker who said he'd repeatedly pulled her ponytail when he visited the cafe near his home over a period of months.

Coffee spill behind Nikolic's plane scare

Coffee spilling on instruments panel by a co-pilot let to the sudden plunge of the Serbian president's plane last week.


Is Hong Kong safe?

Directors of the latest Hong Kong action flick “Helios” speak to about their modus operandi.

Expert calls for protection for retirees

Nelson Chow, who wrote the latest retirement protection report, believes the introduction of a universal pension scheme will improve the government’s popularity, Joseph Li writes

Strike a balance in standard working hours

It is too early to talk about standard working hour legislation, said chairman of the Standard Working Hours Committee Leong Che-hung.


ANN editors pay tribute to Felix Soh

Asia News Network (ANN) editors paid tribute to Mr Felix Soh, former deputy editor of Singapore’s The Straits Times, who died of pneumonia on Sunday.


Diversity poses challenge to further regional integration

Spotlight turns on issues including security and culture as ASEAN common market looms in pivotal year for group.

Keeping movie goals within reach is key

Forum hears how regional productions must set sights on success in neighboring markets before eyeing Hollywood.