China adopts national security law

The new law highlighted cyber security and a coordinated, efficient crisis management system.

Shanghai stocks plunge over 5%

The Shanghai Composite Index sank 5.2% to close at 4,053.7, while the Shenzhen Component Index dropped 4.8% to 13,650.82.

China's manufacturing activity stable

China's manufacturing purchasing managers' index posted 50.2 in June, unchanged from last month.

CE stresses economic, livelihood issues

HKSAR's economic and livelihood issues must now take center stage, the city's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said today.

Flag-raising ceremony marks SAR anniversary

A flag-raising ceremony was held at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai to celebrate the...

HK insists transparency in home sales

The Estate Agents Authority issued a new practice circular Tuesday, setting out guidelines ...

China eyes emission peak at around 2030

China aims to reduce its CO2 emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 60-65 percent ...

China ratifies BRICS bank agreement

The top legislature ratified an agreement on the founding of BRICS New Development Bank (ND...


Where has local education gone?

The ‘Occupy Central’ movement has caused slippage in the rule of law, contributing to the rise in violence committed by ‘locali...

Despite veto, democracy is still alive and kicking in HK

The event surrounding the walkout by pro-establishment legislators may have hogged all the headlines.

EU should fulfill role of true strategic partner

Three days before Premier Li Keqiang and his European counterparts issued their communique after his one-day visit to the European Unio...

Pension plan shows confidence in stock market?

The coincidence of a dreadful drop in Chinese shares and the release of a draft guideline signaling China's pension fund will be allowe...

Inclusiveness of AIIB lays ground for common growth

President Xi Jinping's meeting with representatives of the prospective founding members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank on ...


The spirit of parkour

Inspired by the spirit of parkour in the 2001 film 'Yamakasi', a group of Hong Kong youth started to build their own community and grew up supporting each other.

Dragon boat race in HK

Once a festival for entertaining the fishermen of Aberdeen, Hong Kong, the dragon boat races are now intensely competitive. Long boats with dragon heads, the drumming and revelers’ cheering merge into one of the most colourful events in the area.


China adopts new national security law

The top legislature on Wednesday adopted a new National Security Law, which highlighted cyber security and demanded the establishment of a coordinated, efficient crisis management system.

Modi says 'Happy Birthday' to Premier Li on Weibo

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent birthday greetings to Premier Li Keqiang through his account on a China's micro-bl...

Survey: Chinese becoming taller, heavier

Chinese people are eating more, thanks to their deeper pockets, making them slightly taller but also a lot fatter, according to a report r...

Cross-Straits legal deal bearing fruit

Mainland courts handled nearly nine times as many cases involving Taiwan residents in 2014 as they did six years ago, China's top court sa...

'Sponge City' program set to soak up urban floodwater

Now, new measures are being introduced to reduce loss of life and the economic damage caused by flooding.

Spiky little sea 'monster' thrived a half billion years ago

Scientists announced the discovery of beautifully preserved fossils of one of the stranger animals ever to call Earth home.

Baseball becomes a hit with students

MLB College Club program organizes games on 75 campuses.


HK has no current plans to enact security law: CE

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said that the SAR government has no current plans to enact its own national security law.

CE stresses economic, livelihood matters

The SAR's economic and livelihood issues must now take center stage, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said.

Flag-raising ceremony marks SAR anniversary

A flag-raising ceremony was held at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.

New practice to enhance transparency in home sales

The Estate Agents Authority (EAA) issued a new practice circular on Tuesday, setting out guidelines for estate agents in the sales of first-hand residential properties.

Focus HK

Lessons for the teacher

Six years back Lillian Lui cancelled her retirement plans to teach in a school for children of poor families. The rewards seem to have more than made up for the measly pay.

The past returns for a nostalgic summer holiday

Photographer Edmond Tang re-visits the reopened Lai Yuen Amusement Park to find the attractions in it have retained the original flavor since he clicked them in 1997. Wang Yuke reports.

History unmasked

A French-Chinese co-production turns the spotlight on the Chinese Labor Corps, brave souls who tried hard to assist the Allies during WWI.


Indonesia plane crash toll rises to 141

The C-130B Hercules aircraft carrying 122 on board crashed into a residential area shortly after take-off in northern Indonesia.

'Scorpion' robot to look into Fukushima reactor

Officials hope the robot can see the fuel in the pressure vessel in the middle of the reactor.

IS beheads women for first time in Syria

The hardline Islamic State group has beheaded two women civilians, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

2 die as man immolates self on Japan bullet train

A man riding one of Japan's high-speed bullet trains set himself on fire, killing himself and another passenger.

Fishing for more

Asia dominates global seafood production but environment and labor issues must be tackled.

From farm to palate

Aquaculture in Asia is taking pressure off ocean stocks while sating world’s appetite for fish.

Asia Weekly


Macao's gaming revenues at new low

The gross gaming revenues of Macao dropped 36.2% in June compared with the same period one year earlier.

China calls for Greek debt talks to continue

China has for talks between Greece and its creditors to continue, after the country missed a deadline to repay an IMF loan.

Asian shares rise

Asian shares rose Wednesday as investors awaited further developments after Greece failed to make a debt repayment due Tuesday.

Eye on Asia

Limited options if Iran talks fall apart

The war option that US has kept on the table has few fans, while the world community is not willing to impose truly crippling sanctions.

Ancient general is a cut above

Chinese paper-cut artwork on display in Malaysia to celebrate the life and philosophy of Guan Gong.

Japan mourns passing of Tama

Tama the stationmaster, Japan's feline star of a struggling local railway, died of a heart failure on June 22.


Argentina rout Paraguay to reach Copa America final

Lionel Messi helped set up five goals as Argentina trounced Paraguay 6-1, setting up a final against host Chile.

Robinho leaves Brazilian club, 'to play in China'

Brazilian media reported that Robinho has reached a deal to join Guangzhou Evergrande for 12 million euros per year.

US beat Germany to reach WCup final

Carli Lloyd scored one goal and set up the other as the United States beat Germany 2-0 to reach the Women's World Cup final.

Custodian of knowledge

Intellectual property chief relishes the daunting challenge of spearheading global efforts to protect intangible assets.

Number cruncher

Providing a crucial service analyzing vast reams of data has taken Malaysian entrepreneur from ambitious startup to successful IPO.

Building on a dream

Hard work and an ambitious goal to provide quality housing lead to Chinese migrant becoming a top developer in Sydney.

Life Style

Jackie Chan world's 2nd highest paid actor

Action star Jackie Chan is the world's 38th highest paid celebrity - second highest paid actor on Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Life lessons, learned from death

Google China's former chief Kai-Fu Lee never imagined he'd write a book about death.

Quirky News

GMO lamb sold for meat in France

A lamb whose mother had been genetically modified with a jellyfish protein as part of a medical experiment was sold as meat accidentally.

Ready to wed but no wedding plans

Pitcairn Island, a tiny speck in the Pacific that's home to just 48 people, has passed a law allowing same-sex marriage - but has no gay couples wanting to wed.

Dead man on roof may have fallen from plane

British police are investigating the possibility that a man found dead on a roof in west London had been a stowaway on a flight.


Partnerships to power up development across region

New model of energy cooperation could unleash Asia’s full growth potential.

Veto 'has caused great harm to HK'

The veto put the SAR’s democratic development at a standstill, says social administration professor Paul Yip.

Zeman banks on a miracle to get electoral reform passed

Entertainment tycoon Allan Zeman is making a last-minute appeal to opposition lawmakers to be reasonable and pass the electoral reform package which, he says, will benefit Hong Kong’s future.


The human factor

John Malpas, president of HKU’s Centennial College, has introduced a couple of inter-disciplinary programs with a view to breaking fresh ground in management education.