China stocks rebound after 5-day slide

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbed 5.34 percent to close at 3,083.59 points.

Economic targets tough to meet: NDRC

The economy is facing multiple challenges, the minister in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said.

PBOC pumps in US$23.4 billion

China's central bank conducted seven-day reverse repurchase agreements worth US$23.4 billion on Thursday.

'Occupy' student leaders charged

Three key student figures of the "Occupy" protests have been charged for storming the government headquarters last year.

Dozens found dead in truck in Austria

Dozens of refugees were found dead in a truck near the town Pandorf in eastern Austria.

Tianjin: 11 officials named in probe

Police also detained 12 suspects from the firm that owns the gutted warehouse.

PetroChina 1H profits down 62.7%

The company attributed the decline to falling oil prices and sluggish demand for oil and gas.

China, US 'must focus on key facets'

China's ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai writes that cooperation and not confrontation is key.


How to help HK people abroad

Raymond So says that because more SAR people are traveling overseas the risk of them getting into difficulties is increasing, p...

Positioning HK for the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative

In my previous article, I detailed the goals of the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative.

World economy still resilient against crisis

Despite the slumps in the stock markets of many countries, the global economic situation is improving, albeit slowly.

Korean Peninsula needs more talks, not tension

It is a great relief that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea reached a deal on Tuesday to ease the ten...

Abe shows he has no desire to mend fences

Abe only may have saved both his host and himself the awkwardness of staged bonhommie.


Wonderland in the deep

For more than 10 years, John Ng has been diving in the waters around Hong Kong and overseas creating amazing snapshots of the extraordinary sea life and animals underneath.

Organic Wordplay

In this episode of Hong Kong Enquirer Andrea Deng looks into the murky world of organic food.

Heart of a city

Every city has areas that shine for a few decades and then fade away but none so visible as Shantou.


China still faces grave water pollution challenges

9.2 percent of water monitored last year still posted quality below grade V, which means it is not suitable for any purpose.

Economic targets tough to achieve: NDRC

The economy is facing multiple challenges, the minister in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said.

China, Australia, US begin trilateral military exercise

Exercise Kowari will run in Darwin from Aug 27 to Sept 14, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said.

Panda cub of twins born in Washington dies

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park said the smaller of two panda cubs born over the weekend had died.

The spy who saved the Soviets

Yan Baohang was one of China's most effective wartime intelligence agents and a trusted adviser to the Nationalist government, despite being a covert Communist. Today, this secretive man is remembered for an intervention that helped to bring Japan's occupation of China to an end.

Tianjin: How did this happen?

At least 123 people were killed after the massive explosion. Now residents want to know went wrong.

Stone rollers tell story of sacrifice

Hundreds of thousands toiled day and night to construct four air bases for US military during World War II.


'Occupy' student leaders formally charged

Three key student figures of the unlawful "Occupy" protests have been formally charged for storming the govt headquarters last year.

Water filters to be installed at govt schools

The government said it will install water filters for free at more than 70 government and directly subsidized schools.

Hong Kong stocks close 3.6% higher

The benchmark Hang Seng Index rose 3.6 percent to 21,838.54 points, with all four sub-indices gaining ground.

Ocean Park's non-local visitors down 15%

Ocean Park saw a 15% year-on-year drop in the number of non-local visitors in July due to a steep decline in mainland visitors.

Focus HK

The battle for recognition

Even as Hong Kong gears up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of liberation from Japanese occupation, some of the relics of the city’s terrible trial — which local historians feel are worthy of a world heritage status — lie in utter neglect.

Stalked by terror

Trapped by the war of aggression, the people of Hong Kong feared even to walk the streets, where the danger of torture and death awaited at every Japanese checkpoint.

Love me? ‘Like’ my cause

Nothing works like getting ‘friends’ to endorse a charity initiative on social media. Donors would do well to run a background check of who gets their money though.


2 Iraqi generals killed in IS suicide bombing

An Islamic State suicide bomber killed two army generals as they led forces against IS positions in Anbar province west of Baghdad.

DPRK urges improved ties with ROK

A senior official from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea urged both sides to value spirit of agreement and improve inter-Korean relations.

Suu Kyi urges peace deal rethink for Myanmar rebels

Talks between more than a dozen rebel groups and the government have been held on and off again for more than 18 months.

DPRK reports dozens of casualties after heavy rains

The DPRK says heavy rainfall has caused dozens of casualties in a northeast area home to a special economic zone.

India could gain from weaker yuan

As the Chinese devaluation of the yuan sends shockwaves around the world, Indian companies, are split on whether its impact could hurt their fortunes or result in windfall gains.

Chipping away

For the last five years, the yuan’s daily reference rate against the US dollar posted by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) hardly raised an eyebrow among analysts and traders.

Asia Weekly


China stocks rebound after 5-day slide

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbed 5.34 percent to close at 3,083.59 points.

PBOC pumps more money into market

PBOC again conducted 150 billion yuan (US$23.4 billion) of seven-day reverse repurchase agreements on Thursday.

PetroChina 1H profits down 62.7%

The company attributed the decline in profit to falling oil prices, downward pressure on domestic economy and sluggish demand for oil.

Eye on Asia

Free meal in New Delhi example of Sikh service

Service is one of the most integral traditions of gurdwaras,where people from all walks of life pour in to assist.

Japan's elderly commit more crimes than teens

While Japan has seen a drop in its overall crime rate over the past 10 years, officers took action against more than 23,000 elderly people in the period.

DPRK airport's internet room a closed window

Internet rooms of Pyongyang's new airport were either occupied by the airport employees or were completely empty.


Russia to launch Moscow-Beijing rally to rival Dakar

Gazprom head Alexei Miller said the inaugural rally would be held next year.

Bolt wins record 10th gold at worlds

Jamaican Usain Bolt won a record fourth straight 200m title and his 10th world championships gold medal in Beijing.

Real Madrid under pressure to win home opener

The good news for coach Luis Enrique is that Sergio Busquets has recovered from an ankle injury he suffered a week ago and should be able to play.

Print mettle

Media mogul Denise Tjokrosaputro attributes her success to a crucial factor that defined her early life.

Weaving a new image

Pakistan industry body chief hopes to win waves of fresh investment in order to revive economy, with Chinese ties to play a key role.

Blue-chip talent

From Wall Street to Asia, Philippine bourse chief shows he has the mettle to take on tough challenges and overcome the odds.


Riddle of Knut's death solved

Researchers say the celebrity polar bear suffered from anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

Spreading peace through songs

Songs we sang tell a lot about who we are, and also what we have always believed in.

Quirky News

$1m painting damaged by boy back on display

A US$1.54 million masterpiece by an 17th century Italian artist was back on display after a 12-year-old boy tripped, fell and punched a hole in the canvass.

Never too old to find love

A park in Victoria has signed up Patrick the wombat to a dating service in honor of the furry bachelor turning 30 years old this weekend.

'Oldest message in bottle' discovered

Tossed into the North Sea sometime between 1904 and 1906 by researchers, the bottle was found on a German beach by a couple in April.


HK's testing and certification industry set to increase role on mainland

Hong Kong's testing and certification industry is set to play a bigger role on the Chinese mainland market.

'Liberal Party gets on well with govt'

Felix Chung believes proposed ITB will be approved by legislators in October.

HK’s poor need more help

Wong Hung, an associate professor of social work at the CUHK, noted that the poverty situation in HK was serious.


Going the distance

Inspired by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Tourism Economy Forum embarked on a Pacific Alliance mission, starting a virtuous cycle of events to create momentum in driving exchange, multilateral cooperation and economic growth in global tourism.