Washington 'willing to work with AIIB'

Washington is willing to cooperate with the new China-led infrastructure investment bank, Barack Obama's envoy said.

China eases real estate curbs

The Chinese leadership decided to ease the housing credit policy to boost the property market and fuel economic growth.

HK developers to build border mall

The plan for a pop-up mall near Shenzhen was first conceived to relieve a capacity crunch in the New Territories.

Canada votes to bomb IS in Syria

The vote also approved the extension of Canada's six-month mission by a year to the end of March 2016.

Chinese stocks surge to 7-year high

Chinese stocks jumped to a seven-year high amid speculation of monetary easing.

Yemen: Fleet sent to evacuate nationals

China has sent a naval fleet to help evacuate its nationals from strife-ridden Yemen.

China readies for global futures trade

The Shanghai International Energy Exchange will open up the futures market to foreign trade.

Australia imposes cockpit 'rule of two'

Canberra requires its airlines have 2 crew members in the cockpit at all times.


A chance not to be missed

There will be formidable challenges to overcome for Hong Kong to participate in the “One Belt, One Road” initiatives.

Growing service sector will boost mainland economy

The central government announced a target of a 7 percent growth in GDP.

SAR must quickly resolve issue of working hours

Future laws on standard working hours should require employers to include clear statements in their labor contracts regarding working h...

Japan needs Murayama spirit

Only through profound reflection on the aggression it launched against China can Japan possibly regain the trust of the Chinese people ...

Lee Kuan Yew will be greatly missed by many

As a Singaporean — and one living overseas — I feel shaken, and perhaps even a little lost.


Action follows 'talks' with watchdog

Four city governments with serious pollution have been invited in the past two months to talk about their supervisory activities.

Scores of Chinese leave conflict-torn Yemen

Workers evacuated in two groups as international fears rise over security.

Regulation targets judicial meddling

Latest measure will help authorities ensure independence and credibility of legal system.

Caixin alleges its reputation was hurt

Caixin said on its micro blog that Guo Wengui damaged its media credibility and insulted its editor-in-chief, Hu Shuli, by fabricating fac...

Putting examination reform to the test

Improving the life-changing national college entrance exam is crucial, yet educators say challenges remain.

Initiative offers road map for peace, prosperity

Vision and proposed actions outlined on jointly building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.

Red river keeps on rolling

Every Chinese person knows that the Chishui River in Guizhou province has two claims to fame: One military, the other cultural.


Mutual funds nod sparks buying spree

Stock market soars 1.5% as mainland watchdog eases Stock Connect rules.

Fuyao maps bold ‘going global’ strategy

Although the share price of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co Ltd was priced at the top end of the offer range in the company’s Hong Kong initial public offering.

HK losing sheen as offshore yuan center

Hong Kong is facing stronger challenges from the other markets whose combined share of the market increased to 25% in February.

Oil tycoon Lew Mon-hung trial likely to last 35 days

A 9-member High Court jury will decide whether former oil executive Lew Mon-hung is guilty of lying to the stock exchange.

Focus HK

Genius in your genes?

Genetic testing as a way of getting to know a child’s hidden aptitude is a fad fast catching on in HK. But the results should not be taken as gospel truth.

A difficult legacy

Datong: the Chinese Utopia, which debuted last weekend, shifts the focus somewhat from Qing Dynasty social reformer Kang Youwei to his spirited daughter Kang Tongbi.

In and out of time

A challenging science fiction noir that takes a deep dive into temporal conundrums, the latest by Michael and Peter Spierig puts the likes of Looper and Source Code to shame.


Iran, powers rush for nuke deal as deadline nears

Iran and six world powers ramped up the pace of negotiations on Tuesday ahead of a deadline for a preliminary nuclear deal that was less than 24 hours away, as both sides warned it was crucial to overcome differences that could wreck an agreement.

Canada parliament backs air strikes on IS in Syria

The vote also approved the extension of Canada's six-month mission by a year to the end of March 2016.

Japan govt victorious in dogfight over air base

The move allows the central government to press on with a much-delayed project.

China builders to resume road works in Lanka

Sri Lanka has decided to recommence all road development projects in the island nation contracted to Chinese builders.

Toward a common destiny

China-led initiatives like the Boao Forum are helping to forge a new future for Asia.

Casting Singapore in his own image

Founding father became synonymous with nation that he transformed from third world to first.

Asia Weekly


Curbs eased to boost real estate sector

The Chinese leadership decided to ease the housing credit policy to boost the property market and to add fuel to overall economic growth.

Economy likely to steady during Q2

Bank of China report predicts GDP growth may rise to 7.2 percent as positive changes take effect.

Asia up on Wall St rally and China hopes

MSCI Asia-Pacific index up 0.4 percent as China announces steps to prop up sliding house prices.

Eye on Asia

Hand-rolled cigars in the face of civil war

The company has yet to set a price for its cigars, which it hopes to export.

Petra sees few visitors with IS next door

Petra's slump is part of a sharp decline in tourism as Jordan's economy pays a price for regional turbulence and its high-profile role in the US-led battle against Islamic State militants next door.

The last of South East Asia's old guards

Two of Asia's best-known strongmen, Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad, had much in common.


Ding ends first-round elimination at China Open

Ding finally progressed through the first round at China Open, after bowing out at the first hurdle at six ranking tournaments in a row.

Zidane wants France job 'someday'

France soccer legend Zidane again expressed his will of managing the national team in the future, according to Monday's L'Equipe.

Shanghai success boosts Beijing's 2022 bid

China might be the biggest winner in the recently concluded World Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai.

Media pioneer

From out of war-torn Vietnam, ex-journalist builds a thriving publishing business in partnership with the government.

Serving with a passion

Singaporean hotelier believes that moving with the times, giving back to the community and keeping fit are keys to her success.

A toast to tenacity

Amid civil war and regional conflict, Lebanese winemaker beats the odds to taste heady success and world-class status.

Life Style

Solar-powered plane lands in China

Solar Impulse 2, the fuel-free aeroplane, has completed the fifth leg of its round-the-world flight.

Ming at the museum

More than 100,000 visitors attended a British Museum display on imperial China, and more collaboration with the UK is on the way.

Quirky News

US$60,000 job nobody seems to want

Finding people to distinguish the sex of chicken has become a headache for British poultry farmers.

A$8,888,888 for luck!

A Chinese investor will be hoping that luck comes his way after paying A$8,888,888 (US$6.96 million) for a three-level office tower in Melbourne.

Kyoto bans feeding stray cats

Violators could be fined up to 50,000 Japanese yen if the cats cause adverse effects on life of the residents.


Square dancing in HK

Bands of elderly women dancing in Hong Kong's parks is an increasingly-common trend inherited from the Chinese mainland. finds out if it comes with the same strings attached.

Expert calls for protection for retirees

Nelson Chow, who wrote the latest retirement protection report, believes the introduction of a universal pension scheme will improve the government’s popularity, Joseph Li writes

Strike a balance in standard working hours

It is too early to talk about standard working hour legislation, said chairman of the Standard Working Hours Committee Leong Che-hung.


Innovation in tourism: Macao shows the way

The final of Macao @ 15, one of the region’s largest college student business presentation competitions, took place last weekend.


Reeling in the crowds for regional films

Asia’s growing movie industry is set to benefit from a new generation of audiences along the New Silk Road and beyond.

Keeping movie goals within reach is key

Forum hears how regional productions must set sights on success in neighboring markets before eyeing Hollywood.