China-Canada ties face broad opportunities: Li

Premier Li Keqiang meets with visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Beijing on Wednesday.

HK home prices rebound sharply

The price index of private domestic residential units rose to 281.4 in July, representing a monthly gain of 1.9 percent.

China adds 7 new free trade zones

The new FTZs will be located in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Chongqing Municipality.

Japan seeks record defense budget

If approved by parliament, the US$51b budget request would be the 5th annual increase under PM Shinzo Abe.

HK is costliest Asian city for business travel

HK’s average daily rate for business travel amounts to about US$500, according to ECA.

World Bank issues SDR bonds in China

The 3-year bonds worth 500 million SDR (nearly US$700 million) were billed as "Mulan bonds."

NDRC warns of economic challenges

China's top economic planner warned that challenges remain in investment and trade.

HK: Consumer dispute resolution center mulled

The Consumer Council proposes a mechanism to solve consumer disputes by arbitration.


Time to rectify ‘one country, two histories’

HK needs to upgrade the teaching of history to include more emphasis on the story of modern China so young people can have a be...

We are all responsible for Hong Kong’s future

Parents also have a crucial role to play in preventing political wrangling in schools but they usually use ineffective means to...

Govt must do more to encourage people to have kids

The SAR is lagged behind in its policies and support to boost birth rate, compared with other developed economies.

The Rio Olympic Games: A tale of two sporting cities

Parents can be the most important influence in cultivating their children’s passion for sports, as well as setting an example in strivi...

Letter: Understanding the assessment design of HKDSE English language test

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) would like to respond to some of the points Jon Lowe makes in ‘Innovation s...


A $60 DIY Espresso Press

TECH CHINA makes coffee, for people who make coffee, to see just how close Wacaco’s GR hand press espresso canister is to the real deal.

Gaming to Pay Rent

No longer a pastime of arcade-loitering youths, gaming is now a valid career choice for a skilled few. Some players earn millions before they turn 18.

Share, Don't Own

At any given time of the day millions of people around the world are going online to rent, borrow, trade or barter goods and services. This is what economists call the ‘sharing economy’.


Xi-Obama meeting aims to narrow gaps: US official

US President Barack Obama will have an "extended" bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of the G20 summit in China.

Charity Law to take effect Thursday

The Charity Law will include strict regulations to prevent fraud.

China to toughen regulation on online ads

A temporary regulation effective Sept 1 requires publishers to clearly mark all online commercials as advertisements.

Big opportunities for China-Canada relations: Li

Premier Li Keqiang meets with visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Beijing on Wednesday.

Match makers' market draws desperate parents

The seniors and middle-aged parents in the People's Park find spouses for their unattached children.

Hopes high for G20 to revitalize world trade

The upcoming G20 summit in China will serve as a vital platform for reversing the trend of trade protectionism and giving new impetus to global trade growth.

Parents push to curb children's online obsession

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of time their kids spend surfing the internet.


Lawmaker urges people not to vote for separatists

Priscilla Leung advises the electorate not to vote for those who have been involved in separatism and filibustering in the legislature.

HK ranked costliest Asian city for business travel

Hong Kong’s average daily rate for business travel amounts to about $500, according to ECA International.

Home prices rebound sharply in July

The price index of private domestic residential units rose to 281.4 in July, representing a monthly gain of 1.9 percent.

DAB calls on all supporters to cast ‘highly valued’ ballots

DAB candidates gathered at Kwai Chung Plaza and called on residents to cast their votes in the LegCo election this Sunday.

Focus HK

Becoming superman

Man shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? So asked the German philosopher Nietzsche. Now modern science is answering. Wang Yuke reports.

Local artists going places

Over 100 creative artists from the city are participating in some of the world’s most prestigious arts festivals this year.

Sting operation

Why is Zika dangerous? Is Hong Kong vulnerable?


Fatal shooting suspect in armed standoff in Japan

A suspect ended an 18-hour standoff with police in Wakayama by shooting himself in the stomach and was taken to a hospital.

Suu Kyi kicks off peace conference

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi launched a major push to end decades of fighting between the military and myriad rebel groups.

Kerry urges Pakistan to push harder against extremists

John Kerry urged Islamabad to push harder against militants hiding within its borders as tensions with neighbourng India rise amid more violence in the disputed region of Kashmir.

S Korea bomb victims lose damage claim lawsuit

About 70,000 South Koreans are known to have been victimized during the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Reinventing the notion of employment

Part-time work is becoming the new normal as technology disrupts the traditional labor market.

Changing the consumer mindset

Peer economy can help Singapore achieve sustainability goals but shift in spending habits is vital for model to fully take off.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Renminbi gets global boost in bonds sale

IMF includes Chinese yuan in SDR basket with bonds deal ahead of G20 summit.

Getting the message across in waves

Technology has reached the stage where devices can be used to gauge a person’s brain waves, send them to an app and interpret what certain body movements mean.

Global stocks mixed

Global stocks were mixed in listless trading Wednesday ahead of key jobs data later this week in the US that could lead to higher interest rates.

Eye on Asia

Tokyo delays moving biggest fish market

Yuriko Koike announced that she would decide on a date only after an environmental assessment of the new site is completed in January.

IS buried thousands in 72 mass graves

From 5,200 to more than 15,000, the known numbers of victims buried are staggering, and it's just a drop in an ocean of mass graves expected to be discovered in future Syria.

Vietnam farmers break rules to survive climate change

Many farmers in Ca Mau, Vietnam's southernmost province, may see 30% of its land submerged by sea water in the future.


Djokovic gets rematch vs Vesely in US Open 2nd round

The victory came on clay, and it came 4 1/2 months ago. It also came at a time when Novak Djokovic seemed virtually unbeatable — something that doesn't seem so certain now.

Messi can't fix all our problems: Argentina coach

Despite reports of a hamstring injury, Messi trained freely on Tuesday and is expected to play against Uruguay.

S Korea swimming coach quits over spy cam scandal

The head coach of South Korea's national team resigned on Wednesday as police investigate allegations that two male swimmers secretly filmed female swimmers after installing a spy camera in their locker room at a training facility in 2013.

Mall wonder

Successful stints at online firms guide tech entrepreneur in his quest to turn e-commerce marketplace into the Alibaba of Indonesia.

Slices of innovation

Fresh ideas to whet customer appetites help Malaysian CEO of Pizza Hut Hong Kong remain a crust above rivals in a saturated market.

Global ambitions

After growing up in a one-bedroom shophouse, this CEO is now taking his serviced apartments worldwide.

Life & Art

Chris Brown arrested for suspected assault

The pop star was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a daylong standoff at his LA home.

Remembering rock of ages

Thirty years after Cui Jian performed Nothing to My Name in Beijing, a music event at the same venue will commemorate the event.

Quirky News

Good boy! Dogs know what you're saying

Dogs register that they are being praised only if the words and intonation match, lighting up both brain areas.

500 cows rustled from NZ farm

Locals never heard of cattle rustling on such a massive scale, in a nation raising 10 million cows, more than double the number of people.

Peru's new president triggers chuckles

The new president orders his ministers to do a weekly workout before their cabinet meeting.


China Watch expands with Russian edition

China Daily launched on Tuesday its Russian edition of China Watch in partnership with leading Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Hospitality's an all family affair

Marco Polo Hotels President Jennifer Cronin's mission is to serve a set of multi-generation travelers in Asia where opportunities galore.


Partnering for a bright future

Forum highlights strong China-ASEAN ties but even better times lie ahead if challenges can be overcome by working together.