1992 Consensus 'not an additional premise'

A mainland official said the 1992 Consensus is in line with the development of cross-Strait ties in legal and practical sense.

China, France leaders vow to boost ties

Visiting top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang and French leaders have voiced their willingness to strengthen ties.

MH17 probe: Buk moved from Russia

Dutch-led criminal investigators said the Malaysian jet was shot down by a Buk missile moved into eastern Ukraine from Russia.

South Asia summit uncertain after snub

The summit may be called off as some countries have decided not to attend amid rising tension between India and Pakistan.

Postal Savings Bank makes flat HK debut

The state-owned mainland lender raised US$7.4 billion in the world's biggest IPO in 2 years.

Volcano: Indonesia evacuates tourists

Mount Barujari erupted Tuesday, delaying flights from airports on Lombok and Bali.

Financial products: Know your options

What's the difference between binary options, regular options and spread betting?

Typhoon Megi makes landfall in China

Schools were shut & dozens of flights cancelled as Megi made landfall in Fujian.


In defense of the CE and his decision on Wang Chau

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying deserves credit for making the difficult decision to scale back and re-phase the Wang Chau hous...

Hong Kong people should focus more on the positive

What better way to start our collective recovery than by getting out and exploring our unique and captivating city?

Developing brownfield sites in HK no easy task

The Wang Chau development plan is just the beginning.

Better consular protection for HK people overseas

Ways for overseas citizens to get better protection: Incidents of HK-based Chinese citizens requiring consular protection have increase...

Wang Chau row has been blown out of all proportion

It can be expected that the media will continue its futile game of flogging a dead horse by repeating those allegations like a broken r...


Jacqueline and Her Dog’s Dog’s Life

Meet Jacqueline Wong, a dog owner who’s highest priority is her pet’s physical and mental well-being.

Mobile Game Mania in Nepal

Malpur is a village typical of many small rural communities in Nepal. Most people live off the land - there are few amenities yet there is no shortage of smartphones.

Drone and Phone - Climbing

The dramatic karst scenery of Yangshuo is a climber’s paradise, and provides the perfect location to learn the crag-clinging skills!


1992 Consensus 'not an additional premise'

A mainland spokesperson said the 1992 Consensus is in line with the development of cross-Strait ties in both a legal and practical sense.

Landslide leaves 27 missing in Zhejiang

The landslide occurred around 5 pm in Sucun village in Suichang county, following heavy rain brought by Typhoon Megi.

Chinese, French leaders vow to boost ties

Visiting top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang and French leaders have voiced their willingness to strengthen ties.

China seeks deeper ties with Myanmar

Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun is on a visit to Myanmar.

Polluters pay for a forest in SW China

A forest was planted with proceeds from fines issued to environment polluters in Yunnan Province.

Foreign eyes offer new view of the Long March

80 years after the end of the Chinese Red Army's epic expedition, the mass migration is still capable of stirring the hearts of millions across the globe.

Mainland tourists shunning Taiwan

Taiwan is expected to see fewer mainland tourists during the upcoming National Day holiday, as cross-Straits relations remain in stalemate.


Forum: HK needs talented people to build a smart city

The government should work closely with universities and enterprises to provide more training to students to prepare them for HK's future transformation into a smart city, experts said.

China-US ties: ‘Geo-economics will trump geo-politics’

Participants at Sino-US Colloquium said strengthening the ties between the two countries will benefit everyone.

HK slips in annual competitiveness index

Hong Kong slipped two spots to No 9 in the annual World Competitiveness Index, trailing two regional competitors - Japan and Singapore.

Calls for LegCo president candidates to be nominated by vote

Candidates for the head of the new-term LegCo should be nominated through a fair contest in the patriotic camp, two of the potential contestants said.

Focus HK

Hiding in the shadows

Like most young people, minority kids need to ‘belong’ but can find it tough — leaving many to seek solace in the shadowy realm of drugs.

Tourism gloom

Tourism and retail industry players have painted a gloomy outlook for the coming Oct 1 Golden Week Holiday as Hong Kong is seeing fewer inbound visitors from the mainland.

Hub for cyber criminals

Despite its small size, Hong Kong ranks third in the world and first in Asia as a target for cybercrime.


Dutch probe: MH17 downed by launcher from Russia

Communications intercepts showed that pro-Moscow rebels had called for deployment of the mobile surface-to-air weapon, the probe found.

Strange smell at Tokyo station sickens 9

Passengers travelling along Seibu Shinjuku Line complained of sore throats after smelling something similar to paint thinner.

South Asia summit uncertain after snub

The summit may be called off as some countries have decided not to attend amid rising tension between India and Pakistan.

South Australia blackout due to lightning storm

"There were more than 21,000 lightning strikes recorded over a 12-hour period from midday yesterday on the West Coast, " SA Power Networks said.

Clearing the air

After last year’s severe haze, Southeast Asian countries work to target errant firms, set new laws and restore peat lands but poverty remains the root of the problem

Catch them if you can

Pokemon Go is a huge success due to its mix of familiar characters and new way to play, but its staying power is unknown

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Virtual reality shakes up the playing field

The VR technology is being snapped up by theme parks globally, and consumers are now chasing a more immersive experience.

PSBC makes flat HK debut after US$7.4b IPO

Shares in Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) made a flat debut in Hong Kong after the state-owned lender raised US$7.4 billion in the world's biggest initial public offering in two years.

Tie-up of world's biggest beer makers clears final hurdle

SABMiller shareholders have approved the 79 billion pound ($103 billion) deal despite opposition from some investors.

Eye on Asia

Slum dwellers squeezed out of India's Smart Cities

Smart Cities plan will force tens of thousands of people from their slum homes as city planners spruce up central business districts and build metro train lines.

Who should run Pakistan's powerful military?

With Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif saying he will step down when his tenure ends, the prime minister decides who gets it.

Malaysia's opposition expects new alliance

The pact will aim to unseat Najib and remove the ruling coalition, led by his United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).


'Silly' Allardyce says error of judgment led to shock exit

An emotional and apologetic Sam Allardyce said on Wednesday an error of judgment had led to his shock exit as England manager following a newspaper sting.

Ronaldo and Zidane at peace, but Madrid still not winning

The 2-2 draw at Borussia Dortmund was the third consecutive for Madrid in all competitions, raising questions about the team's potential to repeat as Champions League champion.

Kuznetsova ousts Venus to reach Wuhan Open quarters

Svetlana Kuznetsova ousted defending champion Venus Williams 6-2, 6-2 to reach the Wuhan Open quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Straight shooter

Indian economist, forecaster and best-selling author has a reputation for taking on, and sometimes tearing down, the prevailing view.

Stitching a legacy

Inspired by the draped form of the sari, Indian designer turned passion for fashion into international acclaim.

Place to think

Asian specialist believes Perth, Western Australia, is a great location for a regional policy center.

Life & Art

Pippa Middleton wins court ban on hacked photos

The 3,000 personal images allegedly included Middleton being fitted for a wedding dress in advance of her wedding next year.

Reading the world

Penguin Random House's CEO is excited to bring foreign titles to China and Chinese literature to the globe.

Quirky News

'Jade diggers' rush to street for fortune

Tengchong in Southwest China's Yunnan province caught people's attention again in a quite different way.

Surf dogs compete in California

Over 60 dogs chased waves during the 8th Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach near Los Angeles.

Put pants on rats? He wins Ig Nobels

The Ig Nobels is the annual spoof prizes for quirky scientific achievement.


Wuxi landmark draws top talents

World-class office building attracts industry big names and morphs into new financial hub.

Striving to break new ground

The world’s largest institutional adviser for private sectors in developing countries has been an industry trailblazer for 60 years, IFC’s regional head Vivek Pathak says.


Goodbye to cash and cards

In China’s developing smart economy, you can go out without a wallet but not your cell phone.