Shenzhen-HK stock link expected by Nov

Technical systems and supportive policies are being prepared, an official with the Chinese securities watchdog said.

1 dies in bombing off Chinese embassy

China condemned the incident in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek, calling it an "extreme and violent attack".

Ireland, Apple to appeal EU tax ruling

The European Commission has ruled that Ireland must demand back taxes from Apple of about 13 billion euros.

US, India pledge deeper ties

The US and India pledged deeper security and commercial ties at the start of an annual US-India strategic dialogue Tuesday.

No space for 'HK independence' in schools: CE

Leung Chun-ying says any advocacy of "HK independence" violates the Basic Law.

HK records 188 new HIV cases in Q2

Sexual transmission remained the major mode of HIV transmission in Hong Kong.

ROK raises 2017 defense budget

Allotted defense budget for 2017 was 40.33 trillion won, up 4% from the previous year.

G20: Hopes to revitalize world trade

The G20 summit comes at a time when the growth of global trade trails that of global GDP.


We need political leaders who can see the big picture

Most of the campaign publicity materials we see in Hong Kong now are either empty words or seemingly personal appeals. They are...

Reasons for my continued fondness for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is rich in thousands upon thousands of people who quietly do their duty to the great benefit of us all.

Shenzhen link’s early kick-off buoys bourse

Hang Seng Index hits two-week high as all systems go for the second ‘through train’.

Govt must do more to encourage people to have kids

The SAR is lagged behind in its policies and support to boost birth rate, compared with other developed economies.

The Rio Olympic Games: A tale of two sporting cities

Parents can be the most important influence in cultivating their children’s passion for sports, as well as setting an example in strivi...


A $60 DIY Espresso Press

TECH CHINA makes coffee, for people who make coffee, to see just how close Wacaco’s GR hand press espresso canister is to the real deal.

Gaming to Pay Rent

No longer a pastime of arcade-loitering youths, gaming is now a valid career choice for a skilled few. Some players earn millions before they turn 18.

Share, Don't Own

At any given time of the day millions of people around the world are going online to rent, borrow, trade or barter goods and services. This is what economists call the ‘sharing economy’.


Xi seeks solid efforts to advance reforms

President Xi Jinping sought solid efforts to advance planned reforms in accordance with established timetable and roadmap.

1 dies in blast off Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan

China condemned the incident in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek, calling it an "extreme and violent attack".

New regulations effective Sept 1 released

A new circular on housing provident funds, new Charity Law and new regulation on online advertisement has been released.

New Tibet chief praised for focus on livelihoods

Wu Yingjie is the first person to hold the position after spending his whole political career in the region.

Hopes high for G20 to revitalize world trade

The upcoming G20 summit in China will serve as a vital platform for reversing the trend of trade protectionism and giving new impetus to global trade growth.

Parents push to curb children's online obsession

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of time their kids spend surfing the internet.

Parents see value in calligraphy

Traditional writing styles are thought to foster children's patience, self-discipline, restraint.


DAB lawmaker eager to curb filibustering

Chan Han-pan says the LegCo election provides an opportunity to curb rampant filibustering in the legislature.

Hong Kong offices a crown jewel for high-yield hunters

Talk of Li Ka-shing's property flagship unloading its stake in The Center, as well shrinking bond yields worldwide, have injected fresh zeal into the city's offices market.

Govt may act against candidates promoting independence

The government warned that it may "take action" in accordance with the law against LegCo candidates advocating or promoting 'independence' during their campaigns.

Shenzhen link’s early kick-off buoys bourse

Hang Seng Index hits two-week high as all systems go for the second ‘through train’.

Focus HK

Local artists going places

Over 100 creative artists from the city are participating in some of the world’s most prestigious arts festivals this year.

Sting operation

Why is Zika dangerous? Is Hong Kong vulnerable?

Hongkonger falls in love with Brunei

The 20-year-old first time visitor came to the nation for a one-month long internship with just a little knowledge of the country


US, India pledge deeper security, commercial ties

The United States and India started an annual US-India strategic dialogue Tuesday.

ROK raises 2017 defense budget

The move came amid an advance in nuclear technologies of the DPRK.

2 Bangla suspects plead guilty to S’pore terror funding

The two were among eight Bangladeshi workers, who planned to establish an Islamic state in Bangladesh.

Typhoon threatens to bring flooding to Japan

Typhoon Lionrock made landfall near the city of Ofunato, about 500 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

Reinventing the notion of employment

Part-time work is becoming the new normal as technology disrupts the traditional labor market.

Changing the consumer mindset

Peer economy can help Singapore achieve sustainability goals but shift in spending habits is vital for model to fully take off.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Irish govt, Apple to appeal EU tax ruling

The European Commission has ruled that Ireland must demand back taxes from Apple of about 13 billion euros.

Canada 'looking favorably' at possibility of joining AIIB: PM

Justin Trudeau is on his first visit to China after he took office as Canadian prime minister last November.

Global stocks mostly rise

Global shares were mostly higher Tuesday as hopes continued for a US Federal Reserve interest rate hike later this year.

Eye on Asia

Putin's Japan visit could be firmed up soon

Japan's PM could meet the Russian president on the sidelines of the Sept 2-3 Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

India's Dalits rise against caste prejudices

The rise followed that 4 low-caste men were beaten, highlighting how hierarchy persists over 65 years after India banning caste discrimination.

Thailand opens first halal hotel

Predominately Buddhist Thailand has opened its first halal hotel to boost one of the few bright spots in its economy.


Serena's US Open begins with tough matchup vs Makarova

They'll open the night session at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Tuesday.

Messi hurts hamstring, doubtful for Argentina's WCup matches

Messi will travel to join the Argentina squad, but his "presence in his country's World Cup qualifying matches will depend on how the injury develops," Barcelona says.

Zheng defeats Olympic gold medalist Puig in US Open

Olympic gold medalist Monica Puig has lost in the first round of the US Open. The 32nd-seeded Puig was upset by 61st-ranked Zheng Saisai 6-4, 6-2 on Monday.

Mall wonder

Successful stints at online firms guide tech entrepreneur in his quest to turn e-commerce marketplace into the Alibaba of Indonesia.

Slices of innovation

Fresh ideas to whet customer appetites help Malaysian CEO of Pizza Hut Hong Kong remain a crust above rivals in a saturated market.

Global ambitions

After growing up in a one-bedroom shophouse, this CEO is now taking his serviced apartments worldwide.

Life & Art

A bite of Hangzhou

The upcoming G20 has turned all eyes on Zhejiang's cuisine, but the provincial government has been quietly celebrating its famous dishes for years in a Beijing restaurant.

Cutting the carbon

Youngsters get a close look at eco concerns facing the planet. Yang Feiyue reports from Hangzhou.

Quirky News

Dog brains process language like human brains

Dogs register that they are being praised only if the words and intonation match, lighting up both brain areas.

500 cows rustled from NZ farm

Locals never heard of cattle rustling on such a massive scale, in a nation raising 10 million cows, more than double the number of people.

Peru's new president triggers chuckles

The new president orders his ministers to do a weekly workout before their cabinet meeting.


China Watch expands with Russian edition

China Daily launched on Tuesday its Russian edition of China Watch in partnership with leading Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Hospitality's an all family affair

Marco Polo Hotels President Jennifer Cronin's mission is to serve a set of multi-generation travelers in Asia where opportunities galore.


Partnering for a bright future

Forum highlights strong China-ASEAN ties but even better times lie ahead if challenges can be overcome by working together.