China launches second aircraft carrier

It is China's second aircraft carrier, coming after the Liaoning, a refitted Soviet Union-made carrier commissioned in 2012.

ROK installs parts of disputed THAAD

The work to set up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) within this year has angered DPRK, China & Russia.

HK to see power charges cut by 5%

Hong Kong's two major power companies would reduce their profit caps under the new electricity costing agreement.

RMB trading: London tops SWIFT list

SWIFT, which provides interbank financial telecommunication, revealed this in a report released on Tuesday.

Judge blocks Trump's sanctuary cities executive order

The executive order sought to withhold federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities.

Fewer graft suspects fled China in 2016

The CPC's graft watchdog said 19 fugitives fled in 2016 while 31 fled in 2015 and 101 in 2014.

'China should press on with structural reform'

A key CPC Central Committee meeting urged a sound business environment.

Growth key, China moves to deleverage

Policymakers are wary of debt piling up in corporations, local governments and households.


Time to redefine the ‘Lion Rock Spirit’ for a new era

Chief Executive-designate Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said Hong Kong is at a crossroad and the greatest difficulty it faces is l...

New port board must act as shipping firms weigh anchor

Edward Liu urges greater government policy support before more maritime companies set sail for friendlier harbors.

Bilateral mechanism can help deepen trust with Australia

International relations experts more or less agree that while Barack Obama was the US president there was strategic mutual distrust bet...

'Buying American' and losing America

US President Donald Trump recently signed the "Buy American, Hire American" executive order, which seeks to crack down on fraud and abu...

Home is where the heart is

It did not surprise many when Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told us on TV on Tuesday that about 300,000 Hong Kong people, or nearly 1...


Ap Lei Chau

The fourth of recommended Hong Kong walks - Ap Lei Chau.

Pulling Rickshaw in a Man’s World

Dhaka’s only female rickshaw driver, Sumi Begum, pulls passengers through the streets of the city, breaking traditional gender roles while supporting her daughter.

Robin, the Pigeon Man

He loves pigeons more than life!


China launches second aircraft carrier

The first domestically built aircraft, China's second, was launched from the Dalian shipyard in Liaoning province.

Chinese envoy advises against regime change in Syria

China's special envoy on Syria emphasized that the Syrian people should be allowed to decide the future of President Bashar...

Fewer graft suspects fled China in 2016

The number of corrupt officials that fled overseas saw a drastic decrease in 2016, as the country's anti-corruption campaign continues to ...

'Press on' with economic shift

Political Bureau meeting, led by Xi, says implement restructuring, stabilize real estate sector.

Photos help forge connections

Student used art form to bond with locals in quake-struck Nepal.

High school to be mandatory

China is to extend the current nine-year compulsory education to encompass high school students nationwide by 2020.

Ex-captive panda may be pregnant

16-year-old giant panda Cao Cao has mated with a male in the wild, according to a monitoring data.


Pay-TV fails to pay for struggling broadcasters

TVB Network Vision will pull plug while Cable TV seeks to finalize rescue deal.

Power scheme to cut electricity charges by 5%

Utilities CLP and HKE warn clean generation investment will make it difficult to keep tariffs down in long term.

CE stresses HK role in Greater Bay Area planning

CE Leung Chun-ying said the Greater Bay Area would offer abundant opportunities to Hong Kong.

Cyberport seeks 1,200-strong startup stable

The technology driver from Hong Kong plans to attract innovators from all over world.

Focus HK

Easy credit adds more debt stress

Unsecured personal loans make it easier for poor families to gain short-term debt relief. Licensed moneylenders lend without collateral. Shadow Li follows the money trail and finds disturbing impacts on society of easy credit.

Pedal green

Inspired by booming development of bicycle-sharing businesses in the mainland,'s co-founder has launched the first bicycle-sharing system in Hong Kong.

In the mood for Louvre

A meticulously selected bunch of exhibits from the world’s most-visited museum in Paris arrives in HK next week.


ROK installs parts of contentious THAAD

The work to set up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) within this year has angered DPRK, China & Russia.

Australian PM to meet Trump

The upcoming meeting between two leaders will enable to deepen bond and form a closer alliance between Australia and the US.

Japan reconstruction minister quits

Japanese cabinet minister resigned after saying it was better the disaster struck the northeast instead of Tokyo.

Thai husband kills baby, self on Facebook Live

A 20-year-old man upset with his wife hanged their 11-month-old daughter on Facebook Live and then killed himself, police said.

Treasuring the past

With some of the most significant archaeological sites in the world, China faces major challenges to preserve its valuable heritage.

Paving the way

China-led infrastructure bank is at the center of efforts to fill the enormous funding gap for Asia’s development needs.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


China moves to deleverage without destabilizing growth

China is walking a tightrope between deleveraging and maintaining growth.

SWIFT: London ranks first in offshore RMB FX transactions

SWIFT said there has been a steady increase in renminbi foreign exchange trading over the last five years with the number of transactions reaching over 13 million in 2016.

Asian stocks climb

Shares rose in Asia after hopes for tax cuts by U.S. President Donald Trump drove record-breaking gains overnight on Wall Street.

Eye on Asia

Okinawans call for US military to go home

Anti-US military sentiment amid Okinawa rose as US military conducted parachute training drills over the mainland.

Indian valleys turn to concrete

Until a few years ago, Mohammad Sultan Parray and his fellowvillagers in Zainakote had no shortage of places to fish.

Air India mulls fining unruly passengers

India's national carrier may impose fine on erring passengers soon.


Rockets advance while Spurs, Jazz take 3-2 leads

James Harden had 34 points and his supporting cast helped Houston to get a 105-99 victory over Oklahoma City.

Guangzhou wins again in Asian Champions League

Big-spending Chinese mainland club Guangzhou Evergrande beats Hong Kong team Eastern SC 6-0.

In tense political times, NBA heading to Israel this summer

The top teenagers from over 30 countries will get coaching and tutoring from NBA and FIBA players during Aug 13-16 in Netanya.

Battle royal

Iraqi princess is fighting to correct a shortage of women in the field of science and their unequal pay.

The contrarian

Renowned economist known as Dr Doom for his bearish market predictions is keeping faith with the Chinese economy.

Building ties

Developer born into semi-rural poverty now invests in the development of Australia-China relations.

Life & Art

China's Fan Bingbing on 2017 Cannes jury

Chinese actress and producer Fan Bingbing joined the eight-member 70th Cannes Film Festival's jury.

It all started with bugs

Eager to learn and share knowledge about natural history, a Chinese has become a social media star.

Quirky News

Gold coins found inside British piano

The school that owns the piano and the tuner who found the 913 gold sovereigns are now in line for a windfall.

Mideast rivals troll United Airlines

Middle East carriers Emirates, Royal Jordanian and Qatar Airways are having fun at United Airlines' expense.

Indian rivers get same rights as a human

The two rivers -- Ganges and Yamuna -- are considered sacred by nearly a billion Indians.


Global Sources Fashion show to offer buyers trendy, sustainable, quality products

Show opens as environment-friendly and recycled materials is gaining ground as global brands do their part to contribute to environmental preservation.

'Time machines'that roam the skies

Private-jet leasing is becoming big business as the world's pool of affluent jet-setters soars.


Nothing to beat a good story

Panel on Sino-foreign co-production agrees focus on quality is the key to succes.