Separatist lawmakers' LegCo oath delayed

The two newly elected lawmakers, Yau Wai-ching, 25, and Baggio Leung, 30, were scheduled to retake oaths Wednesday.

China urges respect to its core interests

China hopes relevant countries will abide by the one-China policy and cautiously deal with Tibet-related issues.

'No basis' for persistent yuan decline

China's sound economic fundamentals are set to determine that the yuan remains stable in the long run.

4 killed on Australian theme park ride

A malfunction at Dreamworld threw two victims off the river rapids ride and left two others trapped inside.

Britain backs new US$22b runway

The project is now likely to face legal challenges and a final vote by lawmakers.

China to meet capacity-cut targets early

China will hopefully achieve its 2016 steel and coal capacity cut goals ahead of schedule.

HK: 2-week jail for Wong Yuk-man

The magistrate said the former radical legislator's conduct was “violent & uncivilized”.

LoC: Pakistan summons Indian envoy

Pakistan "lodged a strong protest" over the deaths of 2 civilians.


No reason why rebellious pair should stay in LegCo

Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Leung’s blatant defiance of the law seems at odds with their eagerness to reap the benefits of being i...

Ways to tackle the oath-taking fiasco in the Legislative Council

Hong Kong's ‘eparation of powers’ is definitely a misnomer as before 1997 the executive-led government had been applied, preser...

Enough is enough — separatists can’t ruin Hong Kong

HK residents will not be the only ones to voice their indignation and rejection of separatists like Yau and Leung.

HK needs to forge a conservative youth movement

An ideological counterweight should be formed to offset the radical and liberal posturing prevalent among our young.

Such disrespectful behavior in LegCo cannot be tolerated

LegCo president should ensure those refusing to follow the rules or failing to complete their oaths correctly automatically lose their ...


Hong Kong debates LGBT discrimination law

Hong Kong has become more and more open-minded towards the LGBT community. But is the city ready for an LGBT discrimination law?

Taking Off

Chinese globetrotters with new habits and holiday patternsare reshaping and redefining the world’s tourism industry.

Michael, Swing Dancer in Modern Hong Kong

We meet Michael Wu, a private equity analyst from HK who is a passionate swing dancer.


China calls for respect of its core interests

China hopes relevant countries will abide by the one-China policy and cautiously deal with Tibet-related issues.

China encourages dialogue between US, DPRK

The US and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held unofficial talks from Oct 21 to 22 in Kuala Lumpur.

China, US to hold strategic security talks

China and the US will hold an inter-sessional meeting of the China-US Strategic Security Dialogue in Beijing on Oct 29.

14 killed, 147 injured in northwest China explosion

An initial investigation indicated that the explosion could be caused by explosives. The makeshift houses had been built inside a resident...

Shedding light on China's dark-sky problem

Amateur stargazers complain that their view of the universe is being obscured by the excessive use of artificial lighting in built-up areas.

Tradition under fire in rural village

Known as the "last gunner tribe" in China, Biasha's villagers have used guns to hunt and protect themselves for centuries.

Enhancing Northeast's economy

Stimulus package aims to drive forward innovation and boost manufacturing capability.


LegCo delays swearing in of separatist lawmakers

The two newly elected lawmakers, Yau Wai-ching, 25, and Baggio Leung, 30, were scheduled to retake oaths Wednesday.

Oath fiasco must be handled ably: CE

CY Leung said this a day before the second sheduled retaking of oaths by Baggio Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching.

Call to defer oath of pro-independence duo

Basic Law Committee member Albert Chen Hung-yee said the LegCo president should defer administering oath to two pro-independence lawmakers-elect until a court ruling.

Ex-Deutsche banker jailed for Ferrari crash

Robert Ebert, who drove his Ferrari into a security guard at high speed in a fatal accident, has been jailed for 21 months.

Focus HK

HK's murders most foul

A hearing into the murder of two Indonesians by British banker Rurik Jutting opened yesterday. Let's take a look at some of the most sensational murders in Hong Kong over the past 20 years.

Shakespeare’s First Folio arrives in HK

Shakespeare’s First Folio remains the most definitive source text of for about 20 of the Bard’s plays.

Pop goes the art market bubble!

Art sales in HK continue to rise, in apparent defiance of a worldwide economic downturn.


S. Korea leader admits ties to woman in scandal

The South Korean President’s apology came after reports that a woman at the center of a corruption scandal was involved in editing some of her speeches.

Pakistan summons Indian envoy over cross-LoC firing

Pakistan summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner and "lodged a strong protest" over the deaths of 2 civilians.

Japan faces rising Fukushima meltdown bill

Decommissioning the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant already has cost US$770 million over the last three years.

Moscow denies air strikes on Aleppo in past week

Russian defense ministry contradicted a monitor who says air strikes on some areas of Aleppo resumed on Saturday.

Tourists moving with the times

As the purchasing power of Chinese travelers rises, their preferences are becoming more sophisticated.

Taking off

Chinese globetrotters with new habits and holiday patterns are reshaping and redefining the world’s tourism industry.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Market gambit — will it be on the left or the right?

SFC has been tasked with redefining the line between freedom of speech and disinformation in the equity market in the wake of two high-profile rulings so far this year.

‘No panic’ appeal as yuan hits 6-year lows

State-owned banks step in to slow Chinese currency’s retreat while greenback surges on renewed rate-hike talk.

China leads global Q3 green bonds issurance

China had the leading share of global green bonds issued in the third quarter of the year, Moody's Investors Service said.

Eye on Asia

Battle for Mosul can shape or break Iraq

The outcome and political sensitivity of the battle could determine the future of ISIS and Sunni extremism.

Syrian refugee children making UK clothes

The BBC investigation found Syrian refugees as young as 15 working long hours for little pay, making and ironing clothes to be shipped off to Britain.

UN chief tops election polls in ROK

Ban is the only potential candidate for ROK's presidential election in Dec 2017 with consistently over 20 pct support in opinion polls.


Here are 10 things to know going into the NBA season

The offseason is over. And only 1,230 games are left until the playoffs start.

Mueller says good mentality is key to his success on pitch

Meuller says that his main focus has always been the game, and that he is willing to accept the recognition that comes along with playing on at such a high level.

Malaysia mulls dropping out of hosting Formula One race

Malaysia is considering not to host the Formula One race at the Sepang circuit due to declining ticket sales and lack of TV viewership, the New Strait Times reported on Tuesday.

Seeking harmony

A grounding in Japanese music and arts taught the head of think tank important lessons in how to tackle life’s challenges.

Happy mission

This honorary monk and former politician from Bhutan is on a quest to spread joy to the world.

Disruptive giving

'Accidental philanthropist' uses her good fortune and influence to create more opportunities for India’s poor.

Life & Art

Rare blend of reality and fantasy

Artist Yu Hong alludes to current-day problems in her pieces, giving them a contemporary feel in a dramatic new exhibition.

Portraits of perseverance

A display of more than 100 photographs shows the lives of Chinese migrants in New Zealand more than a century ago.

Quirky News

Yoga pant rant lands man in trouble

Hundreds of people picketed a man’s home for his letter criticizing women who wear yoga pants in public.

Meow-sician claws to the top of the charts

American cellist David Teie’s album created specifically for cats is being lapped up by humans too.

Sleeping in coffins in Dracula's castle

On Oct 31, 2 people will be allowed to sleep in velvet trimmed coffins in the Count Dracula's castle , says Airbnb.


Stitching dreams through art

Painter’s solo exhibition in Shanghai Wheelock Square aims to encourage female workers to be confident and to pursue their goals

Law firms sizes up China graft

DLA Piper is latching onto anti-corruption work to move further into the mainland, Managing Partner Kevin Chan says.


Tourism boom likely to face fresh hurdles

China’s tourism industry has been invigorated by a growing middle-class and a freer flow of information, bringing a raft of opportunities for industry operators.