Typhoon Mujigae lands on South China

The typhoon, bringing gales and downpour, hit the coastal city of Zhanjiang at 2:10 pm.

China, US to top agenda of WB, IMF annual meetings

The annual events will see over 300 closed-door meetings, which are expected to help their members make the right decisions.

Taiwan dengue fever cases top 20,000

A total of 16,879 patients have recovered, while five deaths in the past week were suspected to be related to dengue fever.

Oregon college shooter takes his own life

Relatives of the gunman said "our prayers go out to all of the families of those who died and were injured" in a statement.

China orders tighter mail security

China has ordered tighter checks on packages following a series of deadly mail bombings.

Sydney shooting act of terrorism: PM

A teenager shot and killed a veteran staff in the New South Wales Police headquarters Friday.

Kunshan leads on path to new economy

Located at the core of the highly developed Yangtze River Delta, Kunshan city in Jiangsu pr...

Mainland tourists' zest for HK drops

Hong Kong is no longer mainland tourists' first choice to spend the Golden Week holiday.


HK will improve its appeal to visitors

Gregory So explains that Hong Kong is rising to the challenges and opportunities of further evolving its tourism sector in orde...

Xi’s US visit is a personal triumph

President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States and the United Nations can only be summarized as a personal success.

Inactive officials a drain on the national economy

Disciplinary punishments have been meted out to about 300 government officials for being lazy and inactive.

A blow to the green mission

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn's resignation should be a warning for businesses that dare to put profit above the global fight agains...

Mutual assurance vital to controlling damage

As the jewels of classical Chinese literature, four-character idioms, those based on educating legends in particular, are wonderful veh...


The fire dragon in Pokfulam

The Pokfulam Village Annual Fire Dragon Festival was held on the night of September 27, 2015. In joint with the Hong Kong Conservancy Association and Long Valley Eco Paddy, Pokfulam villagers and volunteers crafted the dragon with the grasses from the first batch of harvest from the local eco farm.

Singing for the children left behind

Giving Hong Kong domestic helpers a voice, let's pay tribute to the unsung heroes who are putting other people’s children to bed and leaving their own with relatives back in their homeland.

Labor after labor: HK's breastfeeding dilemma

In this episode of Hong Kong Enquirer, Andrea Deng looks into why it is difficult for Hong Kong working mums to continue breastfeeding their children after they return to the workplace.


Typhoon Mujigae lands on South China

Mujugae will bring gales and torrential rain to the coastal regions of Guangdong and Guangxi from Sunday to Monday.

Officials reprimanded for failing to control straw burning

Some 207 burning locations have been discovered in Henan since Oct 1.

Taiwan dengue fever cases top 20,000

A total of 16,879 patients have recovered, while five deaths in the past week were suspected to be related to dengue fever.

China contributes to Haiti's reconstruction after natural disasters

On Sept 25, the Haitian government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China National Automation Control System Corp, which will hel...

China sends Europe jobs, investment

Unlike Western buyers that might cut staff or close operations, Chinese firms hang onto experienced staff and expand.

Planters' punch

What once started as a low-income engagement for two disabled men is today turning into an ecological campaign.

Surfing in the air

Chinese airlines are rolling out services to allow passengers to access the Internet, but concerns remain over pricing and network speeds.


SAR sees more tourists on 1st day of Golden Week

The number of tourist arrivals increased more than 15% year-on-year on the first day of the National Day Golden Week.

Healthcare voucher can be used in Shenzhen

A pilot scheme will offer elderly Hong Kong people cheaper hospital services on the mainland.

Strong wind signal No. 3 in force

The observatory said the chance of issuing the Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 is not high.

HKU Council considering fate of Billy Fung

The HKU Council is still uncertain over whether it should punish one of its own for repeated and flagrant breaches of protocol.

Focus HK

War and remembrance

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

Is overtime over?

A huge section of HK’s employed keeps long hours at work, without getting adequately compensated. The trend does not augur well for the city’s future, as sociologists tell Wang Yuke.

A doomed campaign

A year after the 79-day illegal ‘Occupy Central’ campaign began, some of the city’s politicians and academics looked back at the most destructive movement since the 1997 handover of HK.


Haze: Kuala Lumpur marathon canceled

The prolonged haze season continued to shroud the Malaysian peninsula on Sunday, forcing schools to be closed.

Japanese man shot dead in Bangladesh

Three unidentified assailants have been regarded as murderers of a Japanese national in Bangladesh on Saturday.

Typhoon Mujigae: 121 Philippine fishermen remain missing

A situation report of Mujigae said a total of 121 fishermen and 23 fishing vessels were reported missing as of October 3.

Russian airstrikes destroy IS command center: Defense Ministry

An underground bunker with a warehouse of explosives and ammunition was also destroyed during the strikes, it said.

Building a presence beyond Asia

Investors and developers in region are shifting their focus to developed markets as they compete for projects.

Chinese funds powering change

Nation is driving development along belt and road through investment in infrastructure building.

Asia Weekly


China, US to top agenda of WB, IMF annual meetings

The WBG and IMF annual events will see over 300 closed-door meetings, which are expected to help their members make the right economic decisions.

Rural tourism blooms, villagers benefit

China aims to increase the number of village hotels nationwide to 3 million by 2020, and lift 2 million people out of poverty every year.

Nonferrous metals profits decline Jan to Aug

In the Jan-Aug period, the industry reaped profits of 101.6 billion yuan ($16 billion), down 4.2 percent year on year.

Eye on Asia

Abe's new slogan stirs wartime memories

The Japanese PM has unveiled the goal of building a "Society in Which All 100 million People can be Active".

Filipino child miners risk lives in gold mines

Thousands of Filipino children, some as young as 9 years old, work in illegal gold mines under terrifying conditions, a human rights group said.

A bittersweet legacy of Korean War

Tens of thousands of ROK citizens have applied to meet families living in DPRK.


Ronaldinho set for brief Fluminense return

Ronaldinho is set to represent Fluminense during an exhibition tournament in January despite rescinding his contract with the Brazilian club last week.

China wins Asian Championship title

China clinched the title of the 2015 FIBA Asian Championship after beating the Philippines 78-67 in the men's basketball final.

Berlin win, Wolfsburg lose in German Bundesliga

Monchengladbach extended their winning streak to three games under interim coach Ander Schubert.

Oriental touch

From restoring Penang’s iconic hotels to building major luxury projects, Malaysian developer leaves his mark on high-end living.

Contrarian player

After finding success at home by reinvigorating small companies, Australian investor is ready to make a name on the world stage.

Digesting fresh ideas

Fourth-generation Japanese restaurateur continues family tradition of innovation while staying true to sushi’s heritage.


Film of Deng's US Visit shown at Harvard

The 94-minute film is the first big-screen production chronicling Deng's nine-day visit, which occurred about one month after China officially established diplomatic relations with the United States.

Where virtue can even stop the barking

In the land of St Francis of Assisi, warnings to watch for thieves disappear in a lake of kindness.

Quirky News

'Monkey who took selfie should own copyright'

A rare crested macaque monkey who snapped a well-known, grinning "selfie" should be declared the photo's owner, animal rights activists argued in a federal lawsuit filed.

Parcel reaches its destination 40 years late

Australia Post has finally delivered a parcel sent in the mid-1970s to a former committee member of a Melbourne tennis club.

Snakes search for water in Aussie toilets

Two carpet pythons have been pulled from two toilets in the north Queensland town of Townsville the past two weeks.


Asian media to help build 'information Silk Road'

Asian media leaders said on Thursday they will build an "information Silk Road" to help communicate the benefits the Belt and Road Initiative will bring.

'CE is keen to improve people’s livelihoods'

Chan believes that in the medium term the CE will deliver on key policies such as land and housing supply.

'Liberal Party gets on well with govt'

Felix Chung believes proposed ITB will be approved by legislators in October.


Going the distance

Inspired by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Tourism Economy Forum embarked on a Pacific Alliance mission, starting a virtuous cycle of events to create momentum in driving exchange, multilateral cooperation and economic growth in global tourism.