China stocks open lower, tumble again

Shares fell across the board in most industries, with utilities, steel and transportation companies leading the losses.

China's navy gets anti-sub boost

The 4-engine Gaoxin-6 - a fixed-wing, anti-submarine patrol aircraft will significantly boost the Chinese navy's capability.

Tourism slump worries HK biz leaders

Currency depreciations, intense regional competition and rising antagonism from “localist” groups have had an adverse effect.

World's oldest man dies in Japan

Sakari Momoi, who credited healthy eating and getting plenty of sleep for his longevity, has died at the age of 112.

Fresh graft inspections in state units

A new round of graft inspections were started, involving 26 state enterprises.

China equity deals defeat market chaos

HK, mainland equity raisings totalled US$20.6b during market fall - nearly triple NYSE.

Greeks defy Europe with strident 'No'

Stunned European leaders called a summit for Tuesday to discuss their next move.

China names candidate to head AIIB

Jin Liqun, former vice finance minister, is China's nominee for AIIB president's post.


Elections not the crux of democracy

Ho Lok-sang argues that while many in HK think Western-style voting is the way to good governance, there are far superior metho...

Think tank salvo shows risible lack of practical experience

Hong Kong has so many “tanks” today that it seems the dissidents will soon be able to build an army out of them.

Growing number of Chinese have yen to spend in Japan

Japan is Chinese travelers' most popular destination, with 2.05 million Chinese nationals granted visas in 2014.

Tapping potential of joint production capabilities

Promoting international cooperation in production capacity is the theme of Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Europe.

Oath of duty on the way

The measure, due to take effect on Jan 1, marks an important step toward maintaining the authority of the Constitution and ensuring fun...


Jewish community in Hong Kong

As an international financial hub and a friendly place to foreigners, there are currently about 5,000 Jewish people living in Hong Kong. Built in 1901, the Ohel Leah Synagogue has become a central part of Hong Kong’s Jewish community, serving as a place not only to pray but also for gathering, meetings, learning...

Hong Kong July 1 celebrations

Celebrating the 18th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, people from all over the SAR gathered at events around the territory on Wednesday. From the flag-raising ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square to the PLA barracks, this video gives just a brief glimpse into the colors and sounds of the festivities.


Fresh graft inspections kick off in state units

A new round of graft inspections were started as Communist Party of China graft-busters marched into 26 state enterprises.

Li: Chinese abroad play key role

Premier outlines how all are needed to drive national rejuvenation and to open the way for new development.

Govt provides cross-border training for lawyers

Ninety-nine top lawyers from across the country are attending a 15-day special training workshop on cross-border lawsuits at the Tsinghua ...

Navy gets anti-sub boost

Beihai Fleet's patrol aircraft give PLA up-to-date capability.

Fitness time bomb ticking for Chinese children

Youngsters in China are eating more and exercising less, and that's leaving them open to the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

Long-range bomber may be in China's plans

A fast-flying, heavy strategic aircraft is needed and long overdue, defense experts say.

Tougher action on child sexual abuse signaled

A spate of headline-grabbing cases involving the rape and molestation of minors has prompted a review of the relevant legislation and school safety measures, and has placed greater emphasis on a lack of parental oversight.


HKMA pledges support after 3.2% stocks slump

City’s de facto central bank vows to raise liquidity as Hang Seng Index suffers biggest drop in three years.

Govt under pressure as car hire apps make inroads

Regulators and law enforcement officers in HK are coming under growing pressure to address the legal status of car hire mobile applications.

Latest drop in tourist numbers alarms HK’s business leaders

Latest statistics on Monday showed that overall visitor arrivals from June 1 to 28 fell year on year by 1.9 percent.

National Security Law does not directly apply in HK: Fan

Rita Fan said on Sunday that the new National Security Law is a framework legislation, while specific offenses are covered by other laws.

Focus HK

Moreira and Purton in race for favorite jockey

On July 10 the HK Jockey Club will announce the city’s Most Popular Jockey of the Year.

Still searching for the Promised Land

Many of the Vietnamese boat people who have come to Hong Kong since 1975 are yet to find a decent roof above their heads.

A suitcase full of memories

Lam Tung-pang simulates the experience of being a tourist in his hometown, turning a hotel wing in Wan Chai into a museum of items from his artistic journey.


Not sending more troops to fight IS: Obama

US President Barack Obama said that local forces should be the main forces to fight the extremist group the Islamic State (IS).

Iran seeks end to UN sanctions, West refuses

A dispute over UN sanctions on Iran's ballistic missile programme and a broader arms embargo were among hurdles holding up talks.

Thai students go before military court

The university students were arrested June 26 on charges of sedition and violating the junta's ban on political gatherings.

Bangladesh, India start surveying land, population in enclaves

A survey will cover the population and the size of land in 162 enclaves as per the Land Boundary Agreement signed in 1974.

Flagging safety in the skies

As airlines grow and new airports are built in Asia, safety is becoming a major issue for international regulators.

In for the long haul?

Asia’s budget airlines have become part of the region’s aviation fabric, offering cheap and no-frills air travel to meet the growing needs of the expanding middle class.

Asia Weekly


China stocks tumble again

Shares fell across the board in most industries, with utilities, steel and transportation companies leading the losses.

AIIB on the right course with focus on transparency

Transparency and efficiency will ensure high standards at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Asian markets mixed

Chinese stocks fell despite official measures while other Asian markets were mixed after Wall Street's decline.

Eye on Asia

Cambodia faces struggle to reform orphanages

Cambodia is in the grip of a boom in orphanages, many of them unlicensed, with no safety checks.

Retreating coastlines

Every year, from Vietnam to Bangladesh, big chunks of the shoreline are lost to the sea; damage and adaptation costs could be significant.

Gaza neighborhood still trying to recover

During the 50 days of war, which started July 8, 2014 more than 2,200 Palestinians, including more than 1,400 civilians, died.


HK's Ledus formally takes over Sochaux

It makes Ligue 2 club Sochaux the first soccer club in Europe under the full control of a Chinese investor.

Djokovic must wait to reach Wimbledon quarterfinals

For two sets in Wimbledon's fourth round, defending champion Novak Djokovic was in serious trouble.

Asamoah Gyan to complete move to Shanghai SIPG

The SIPG club was founded on December 25, 2005, as Shanghai Dongya F.C. by former Chinese international football coach Xu Genbao.

All sewn up

You may not be aware of it, but chances are you have worn one of TAL Group’s shirts at some point.

Custodian of knowledge

Intellectual property chief relishes the daunting challenge of spearheading global efforts to protect intangible assets.

Number cruncher

Providing a crucial service analyzing vast reams of data has taken Malaysian entrepreneur from ambitious startup to successful IPO.


Sudsy success

Come opening time, the Jing-A Taproom will echo with the chatter of foreigners and Chinese amidst the clinks and clanks of beer glasses.

Mushroom kingdom

As harvest peaks, earthy flavors are added to Chinese dishes for signature taste.

Quirky News

When 'pet dogs' turn out to be bears

A Chinese man recently discovered that the two "pet dogs" he'd been raising for the last two years are actually Asian black bears.

Graduates offered for bid on Taobao

A Chinese university has launched a website that profiles its graduates and asks employers to bid to employ them.

Canine help in hunt for truffles

In Europe, truffle hunters traditionally used pigs, but in recent years the job has gone to the dogs.


Partnerships to power up development across region

New model of energy cooperation could unleash Asia’s full growth potential.

'Make opposition pay in elections'

Executive Councilor Cheng Yiu-tong predicted that moderate voters would punish them for this in coming elections.

Jasper Tsang receives HK’s highest honor

Jasper Tsang Yok-sing, president of the Legislative Council, is among a group of distinguished Hong Kong political, business and community leaders rewarded in the government’s latest honors.


The human factor

John Malpas, president of HKU’s Centennial College, has introduced a couple of inter-disciplinary programs with a view to breaking fresh ground in management education.