China stocks rise as steps bring stability

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbed 3.44% as the govt's efforts to prop up values brought a measure of stability.

US$6.2 billion in graft losses recovered

China has recovered US$6.2 billion in losses from graft as it is set to reform rules to demote inept officials if need be.

Cathay fined for NZ immigration lapse

Cathay Pacific was convicted and fined NZ$6,500 (US$4,365) for failing to comply with its legal obligations.

Malaysia suspends state fund probe

The allegations of extensive graft at the fund are the biggest threat to Prime Minister Najib Razak's credibility.

Macao mulling austerity amid slump

The SAR govt will take steps if the gaming tally for July fails to touch US$2.25b.

Science ‘critical’ to economy: Li

Premier Li Keqiang has stressed the “critical role” of technological innovation.

Graduate incomes decline in HK

Young people entering HK's workforce earn less than their peers from a generation ago.

More opt for a DINK lifestyle in aging China

A rising number of people are choosing the Dual Income, No Kids lifestyle.


Old age pension plan is worth supporting

Professor Nelson Chow Wing-sun’s call for the Hong Kong government to give a pension of HK$3,000 a month to all Hong Kong citiz...

Why high petrol prices should not drive us round the bend

A recent global report finally ranks Hong Kong first in something.

China's e-commerce makes global waves

Does a company need to operate overseas offices to be considered "global"?

Hong Kong needs more tech start-ups

The government is understandably keen to push through a program to help Hong Kong catch up with its neighboring economies in the tech s...

Lesson from Greece

Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah wrote that Greece’s financial meltdown should serve as a stark reminder of the importance of bu...


Teenage PLA boot camp

A group of 260 HK students learned a lesson on citizens’ rights and duties at a summer camp.

To live on

Three months since Nepal was rocked by a devastating earthquake, thousands of Nepalis still have no home and a means to make a living.

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2015

​The 17th Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong kicked off on Friday, July 24.


China says NY Times Sea editorial 'unfair'

In a letter published in the New York Times, the Chinese embassy's Press Counselor in Washignton said the comment was "not fair."

China recovers US$6.2 billion in graft losses

China has recovered US$6.2 billion in losses from graft as it is set to reform rules to demote inept govt officials if need...

Macao mulling austerity amid gaming slump

The SAR govt will launch austerity measures if the gaming tally for July fails to touch the "red line" of US$2.25b.

Chinese navy conducts live firing drill in S China Sea

The Chinese navy has conducted a live firing drill in the South China Sea to improve its maritime combat ability.

China auto sales slump hits industry fortunes

June sales in the biggest car market by number of vehicles sold shrank by 3.4 percent from a year earlier.

Crowdfunding tastes blood in movie market

The overwhelming success of a China-made animation has trained the spotlight on a burgeoning mode of Internet finance - crowdfunding.

Frozen assets may not beat the biological clock

An increasing number of Chinese women are choosing to have children later in life, but experts are warning that postponing pregnancy can lead to a host of problems and are urging potential mothers to think carefully before opting for techniques such as egg freezing.


Excessive lead levels in 23 more residents

The lead scare spread even further as the government also confirmed that another public estate have tested positive for lead.

Cathay fined for illegally flying passenger to NZ

Cathay Pacific was convicted and fined NZ$6,500 (US$4,365) for failing to comply with its legal obligations.

HK up on mainland market rebound

The Hang Seng Index rose 0.5% to 24,619.45, while the China Enterprises Index gained 0.9% to 11,273.69 points.

Lamma yacht marina plan facing strong opposition

The newest plan is billed as a world-class marina and host to international events and local athletes to establish “HK as the Yachting Capital of Asia”.

Focus HK

Hoping for a dramatic turnaround

Both the SAR government and private agencies are trying to get the city’s youth to appreciate the magic of the Cantonese Opera, which, after all, is part of their cultural inheritance.

The anti-social network

Internet platforms often fuel hatred, prejudice and extreme sentiments among users. Media watchers explain the dynamic of swaying public opinion.

Onward, marching soldiers

A bunch of teenagers got a taste of a soldier’s life in a summer camp hosted by PLA Hong Kong Garrison. Parker Zheng trained his camera on them.


Aung San Suu Kyi to contest November poll

Suu Kyi submitted her papers at Thanlyin township's Election Commission office to run in the Kawhmu constituency.

Malaysian parliament probe into state fund on hold

The allegations of extensive graft at the fund are the biggest threat to Prime Minister Najib Razak's credibility.

Bangladesh upholds opp leader's death sentence

Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury's will be executed unless he gets presidential clemency.

DPRK launch site 'upgrade complete'

A blastoff from Sohae in the west coast from where DPRK launched its first rocket into space in December 2012 is possible.

In high spirits

Asia becomes toast of global alcohol industry but high taxes and counterfeits remain challenges.

Asia develops a taste for wine

consumption in China is driving regional sales as middle class seeks a more sophisticated drink.

Asia Weekly


China stocks rise as steps bring stability

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbed 3.44 percent to close at 3,789.17 points.

Yuan concerns grow as China stocks jittery

Global investors are more worried about the yuan currency which once seemed destined to rise inexorably.

Asia stocks muted

Asian stock markets mostly made modest gains as the recent plunge in Chinese shares kept investors on edge.

Eye on Asia

Female Afghan footballer realizes her dream

The Afghan National Women's Football Team was established 10 years ago and since then the team has made considerable progress.

Profits dry up for Thai rice farmers

Thailand's unusually long drought could leave millions of Thai farmers on the edge of destitution.

Iraqi boys trained to fight IS in summer camp

Iraq's top Shiite cleric has issued an edict calling on students to use their summer vacations to prepare to fight the Sunni extremists.


Tokyo Olympic chief apologizes to IOC

Earlier this month, the Japanese government said it would start over with a new design and construction competition.

Valencia sets up Asian headquarters in Singapore

Spanish La Liga outfit Valencia CF has opened its first overseas office and its Asian headquarters will be located in Singapore.

Mets hit 2 homers to beat Padres 4-0

The New York Mets got two-run homers from Lucas Duda and Curtis Granderson.

Quest for knowledge

Chief of Sino-Singapore project draws on experiences from his multifaceted career to build a smart city of the future in Guangzhou.

China enthusiast

John Brumby wrote one of the first templates to promote Sino-Australian trade ties and continues to push the agenda.

Equipped to do more

Affable Indian business leader chalks up the miles to make things happen for his manufacturing firm and the wider industrial sector.


5 ways Windows 10 fixes annoyances in predecessor

Although there are a few reasons to hold off upgrading, Windows 10 is better than Windows 8 in many ways.

Adaptations of 'Journey to the West'

Aside from China's new star in box office revenue, the epic Journey to the West also has gone through many changes throughout history.

Quirky News

From fat cat to 'Skinny darling'

A former 18.6-kilogram cat dubbed Skinny has lost more than half of his weight to become the darling of a Dallas veterinary clinic.

App tracks Prince William's flights

Newspaper says ability to follow movements poses security breach.

Eggs too pricey? Rent a chicken

A Pennsylvania couple has come up with a solution to soaring US egg prices: Rental chickens.


Going the distance

Inspired by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Tourism Economy Forum embarked on a Pacific Alliance mission, starting a virtuous cycle of events to create momentum in driving exchange, multilateral cooperation and economic growth in global tourism.

HK’s poor need more help

Wong Hung, an associate professor of social work at the CUHK, noted that the poverty situation in HK was serious.

'Housing targets will be met'

The housing problem is the biggest challenge facing Hong Kong.


The human factor

John Malpas, president of HKU’s Centennial College, has introduced a couple of inter-disciplinary programs with a view to breaking fresh ground in management education.