Australia set to sign Asian bank MoU

Australia is poised to sign a memorandum of understanding to join AIIB as a founding member, its Trade Minister confirmed.

China committed to openness, says Xi

Xi said China will remain firm on its policies on foreign capital, in its protection of foreign investors' lawful rights.

HK: Retail rents drop as sales dive

A Chinese government crackdown on lavish spending has also encouraged tourists to shop further away from home.

Pacific tsunami warning follows quake

The magnitude-7.7 earthquake struck at a depth of 65 km, off Kokopo in Papua New Guinea, the US Geological Survey said.

'Everyone will know my name'

Co-pilot who was alone in cockpit may have had a detached retina.

Silk road: Blueprint to boost practical ties

The China-proposed belt and road initiative will boost cooperation in infrastructure, said ...

Eiffel Tower goes dark for Earth Hour

The Eiffel Tower went dark briefly to mark Earth Hour, the campaign to raise climate change...

China to evacuate citizens from Yemen

The Chinese government launched preparatory work for the evacuation of Chinese nationals fr...


Wong among “greatest leaders”?

“Occupy Central” movement student leader who undermined the cause of democracy is nonsensical.

The SAR must protect retirement incomes

Salary-earners in Hong Kong put the 5 percent of their monthly incomes into the Mandatory Provident Fund retirement fund.

SAR must quickly resolve issue of working hours

Future laws on standard working hours should require employers to include clear statements in their labor contracts regarding working h...

Japan needs Murayama spirit

Only through profound reflection on the aggression it launched against China can Japan possibly regain the trust of the Chinese people ...

Lee Kuan Yew will be greatly missed by many

As a Singaporean — and one living overseas — I feel shaken, and perhaps even a little lost.


China, US 'cannot afford' maritime dispute

Observers said that countries outside the region should not get involved into the overlapping territorial claims of China and some ASEAN countries.

China committed to openness, Xi says

Nation continues to welcome and protect foreign capital.

Netizens' suggestions added to annual work report

The campaign invited the public to post online messages, discuss issues and offer suggestions that they believed should be included in the...

Islamic institute steps up training

Increasing knowledge of the Quran seen as essential in keeping followers on right track.

Initiative offers road map for peace, prosperity

Vision and proposed actions outlined on jointly building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.

Red river keeps on rolling

Every Chinese person knows that the Chishui River in Guizhou province has two claims to fame: One military, the other cultural.

China's 'dancing grannies' face new rules

This week, Chinese officials stepped into the fray by announcing the imminent arrival of new regulations on where seniors can dance and how loud they can blast their music.


Retail rents drop as shoppers stay away

A Chinese government crackdown on lavish spending has also encouraged tourists to shop further away from home.

HA offer for singles draws flak

Housing experts hit out at quota pledge for single applicants at next HOS sale.

'Localism' voice endangers future of HK

Financial Secretary said it is worrisome that the “localism” voice in the community has dangerously mixed with more and more “exclusion” and “self-seclusion” noises.

Sense of national identity needed: Official

Fostering a sense of national identity will help the people of HK better understand and implement the Basic Law.

Focus HK

A difficult legacy

Datong: the Chinese Utopia, which debuted last weekend, shifts the focus somewhat from Qing Dynasty social reformer Kang Youwei to his spirited daughter Kang Tongbi.

In and out of time

A challenging science fiction noir that takes a deep dive into temporal conundrums, the latest by Michael and Peter Spierig puts the likes of Looper and Source Code to shame.

Taking Asia to the World

At a China Daily-hosted forum held Wednesday, industry insiders discussed why Asian cinema will claim the world’s focus in the not-too-distant future.


Tsunami warning issued after earthquake

The magnitude-7.7 earthquake struck at a depth of 65 km, off Kokopo in northeastern Papua New Guinea, the US Geological Survey said.

BRICS courts take aim at pollution

Judges from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa highlighted their efforts against pollution on Sunday.

Iran may be open to additional restraints

Iran and six major powers were exploring possible compromises to break an impasse in nuclear negotiations on Sunday.

Singapore bids farewell to founder

Singaporeans said farewell to longtime leader Lee Kuan Yew with an elaborate procession on Sunday.

Toward a common destiny

China-led initiatives like the Boao Forum are helping to forge a new future for Asia.

Casting Singapore in his own image

Founding father became synonymous with nation that he transformed from third world to first.

Asia Weekly


Australia set to sign Asian bank MoU

Canberra is poised to sign a memorandum of understanding that will enable Australia to participate as a founding member of AIIB.

Time to play now!

The floodgates for both domestic and overseas gaming console providers have finally fully opened.

Silk Road to have 'shared benefits'

More than 60 countries and international organizations have shown interest in the "Belt and Road".

Eye on Asia

10% of Japanese women victim of harassment

The Japanese government report says 10% of women have been a victim of harassment or stalking.

Media device symbolises a shift in DPRK

A $50 portable media player is providing many people of DPRK a window to the outside world despite the government's efforts to keep its people isolated.

Vietnam collectors keep war memories alive

Grubby satchels, helmets, rusty knives and chunky radios are strewn around Dinh Van Loc's front room, transforming his house in Vietnam's capital into an abandoned battlefield.


Fiji clinches 15th victory in 7s

Fiji emerged out of 28 teams playing in the 40th Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament on Sunday.

Clarke help Australia to 5th World Cup title

Clarke led Australia to its fifth World Cup title and his second with a seven-wicket win over New Zealand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Serena Williams wins opening match at Miami Open

Serena Williams punctuated points Saturday with theatrics worthy of a Grand Slam final.

Media pioneer

From out of war-torn Vietnam, ex-journalist builds a thriving publishing business in partnership with the government.

Serving with a passion

Singaporean hotelier believes that moving with the times, giving back to the community and keeping fit are keys to her success.

A toast to tenacity

Amid civil war and regional conflict, Lebanese winemaker beats the odds to taste heady success and world-class status.

Life Style

Museums put ramen on a culinary pedestal

There are two kinds of ramen in this world. There's the packaged staple of dorm-room cuisine, one of the most processed, industrialized foods ever invented. And then there's the trendy, artisanal, handmade soup that fans line up for hours to try.

Ciao, Macao

The ancient maritime trade destination today mixes modern marvels with historical wonders produced by its past as a Portuguese colony. Mike Peters explores the island.

Quirky News

US$60,000 job nobody seems to want

Finding people to distinguish the sex of chicken has become a headache for British poultry farmers.

A$8,888,888 for luck!

A Chinese investor will be hoping that luck comes his way after paying A$8,888,888 (US$6.96 million) for a three-level office tower in Melbourne.

Kyoto bans feeding stray cats

Violators could be fined up to 50,000 Japanese yen if the cats cause adverse effects on life of the residents.


Stars grace red carpet

Celebrities and film stars from across Asia hit the red carpet of the 9th Asian Film Awards at the Venetian hotel in Macao.

Expert calls for protection for retirees

Nelson Chow, who wrote the latest retirement protection report, believes the introduction of a universal pension scheme will improve the government’s popularity, Joseph Li writes

Strike a balance in standard working hours

It is too early to talk about standard working hour legislation, said chairman of the Standard Working Hours Committee Leong Che-hung.


Innovation in tourism: Macao shows the way

The final of Macao @ 15, one of the region’s largest college student business presentation competitions, took place last weekend.


Reeling in the crowds for regional films

Asia’s growing movie industry is set to benefit from a new generation of audiences along the New Silk Road and beyond.

Keeping movie goals within reach is key

Forum hears how regional productions must set sights on success in neighboring markets before eyeing Hollywood.