China's top legislature reviews raft of drafts

Draft laws on national defense transportation, the movie industry & traditional Chinese medicine will also be taken up.

China's 1st no-driver subway 'in '17'

People's Daily reported operations will be fully automatic, including departures, door functions, and cleaning.

3 officers indicted in Taiwan misfire

A missile was erroneously launched from a corvette battleship in Zuoying Harbor in Kaohsiung, island authorities said.

Impeachment: Rousseff takes stand

Suspended Brazil President Dilma Rousseff has denied wrongdoing.

Reports of gunfire at LA airport false alarm: Cops

Two terminals were "self-evacuated" as security personnel carried out checks.

National Olympians enthral HK fans

Thousands cheered for their Olympic heroes who took part in a variety of activities across HK.

Yuan at lowest v dollar in a month

Spot yuan opened at an intraday low of 6.6850 per dollar, at weakest since July 20.

Iran arrests nuke negotiator for spying

Tehran's prosecutor general on Aug 16 said the arrest was linked to British intelligence.


Elderly voters vital to HK’s future

Tony Kwok writes that older people, who are 40.8 percent of all electors, have an important role in the LegCo election due to t...

It’s time HK moves on with the third runway project

It is rather pointless to continue to debate the necessity of the project. Instead, we should make sure we have done our duty a...

Govt must do more to encourage people to have kids

The SAR is lagged behind in its policies and support to boost birth rate, compared with other developed economies.

The Rio Olympic Games: A tale of two sporting cities

Parents can be the most important influence in cultivating their children’s passion for sports, as well as setting an example in strivi...

Letter: Understanding the assessment design of HKDSE English language test

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) would like to respond to some of the points Jon Lowe makes in ‘Innovation s...


Gaming to Pay Rent

No longer a pastime of arcade-loitering youths, gaming is now a valid career choice for a skilled few. Some players earn millions before they turn 18.

Share, Don't Own

At any given time of the day millions of people around the world are going online to rent, borrow, trade or barter goods and services. This is what economists call the ‘sharing economy’.

Gear 360 vs Ricoh Theta S

The Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta S both retail for $350 but are skewed to either quality or usability.


China's first driverless subway line likely in 2017

People's Daily reported operations will be fully automatic, including departures, door functions, and cleaning.

Top legislature reviews raft of drafts

The session will also discuss draft laws on national defense transportation, the movie industry & traditional Chinese medic...

3 officers indicted in Taiwan's fatal missile misfire

A missile was erroneously launched from a corvette battleship in Zuoying Harbor in Kaohsiung, island authorities said.

New aircraft engine firm to lift sector

His words came on the heels of the establishment of the Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) in Beijing.

Parents see value in calligraphy

Traditional writing styles are thought to foster children's patience, self-discipline, restraint.

A lonely burden for only children

Many people born under China's former family planning policy are finding it increasingly difficult to provide care for their elderly parents.

Chinese airmen hone skills in international competition

As millions of Chinese watched the Rio Olympics, members of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) were following another international competition -- one with bombs and explosions.


National Olympians enthral HK fans

Thousands of fans cheered for their Olympic heroes as they held variety of activities across the city.

Champion shuttlers, paddlers wow HK crowd

At the exhibition games, held in a cheerful atmosphere, athletes demonstrated skills seldom seen in regular competitions.

Chinese Olympic medalists visit local school

China’s gold medalists joined more than 100 local students to share their Rio experiences at Chiu Sheung School.

Olympic divers put on a show

Hong Kong spectators extended an enthusiastic welcome to the gold medal-winning athletes.

Focus HK

Hongkonger falls in love with Brunei

The 20-year-old first time visitor came to the nation for a one-month long internship with just a little knowledge of the country

Meet the stars

A 64-strong delegation of Rio Games mainland Olympians is visiting HK Aug 27-29.

Walk down the memory lane

Enjoy the privilege of free admission to permanent halls of 4 museums this weekend.


Park orders realistic steps on DPRK nuke projects

ROK should maintain a stern retaliation stance against any possible "DPRK provocations", says the ROK president.

India lifts curfew from Kashmir after 52 days

Over 70 people were killed during unrest over the killing of a rebel leader in July in the Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Kerry in Bangladesh for talks on security

Dhaka insists homegrown groups are behind the latest attacks while Washington believes those carry the hallmarks of IS and al-Qaeda.

Iran arrests nuclear negotiator suspected of spying

Tehran's prosecutor general on Aug 16 announced the arrest of a dual national he said was linked to British intelligence.

Reinventing the notion of employment

Part-time work is becoming the new normal as technology disrupts the traditional labor market.

Changing the consumer mindset

Peer economy can help Singapore achieve sustainability goals but shift in spending habits is vital for model to fully take off.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Lawmakers review laws to ease investment rules

China' s top legislature began its first reading of a draft amendment to four laws regarding foreign and Taiwan investment.

Aircraft engine firm raise aviation, military shares

Nearly all aviation technology-related subsidiaries of Aviation Industry Corporation opened higher.

Asian stocks lower, except for Tokyo

Most Asian stocks slipped on remarks from the US Federal Reserve late last week that the case has strengthened for raising interest rates.

Eye on Asia

Plant champions

Some gardening enthusiasts in Singapore go to great lengths to build up and care for their collection.

Delivery lockers on the rise in Japan

Delivery lockers, where customers can pick up packages at their convenience, are becoming more common at stations and other sites in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Japan developing 'mirrorless' cars

In a mirrorless car, cameras replace the side mirrors mounted near the left and right doors, and the driver uses monitors inside the car to make safety checks.


City beat West Ham 3-1

Raheem Sterling and Fernandinho scored in the opening 18 minutes for City for a third straight victory.

Rashford rescues Man United with late winner

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic having an off day, Manchester United turned to a striker at the opposite end of his career to keep its winning run going in the English Premier League.

Juventus beats Lazio in game dedicated to earthquake victims

Juventus won 1-0 at Lazio on Saturday in a Serie A match dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in central Italy.

Mall wonder

Successful stints at online firms guide tech entrepreneur in his quest to turn e-commerce marketplace into the Alibaba of Indonesia.

Slices of innovation

Fresh ideas to whet customer appetites help Malaysian CEO of Pizza Hut Hong Kong remain a crust above rivals in a saturated market.

Global ambitions

After growing up in a one-bedroom shophouse, this CEO is now taking his serviced apartments worldwide.

Life & Art

Wondrous delights in NW Shanxi

Rare visit to Hanging temple, village, and coffins bring three mysterious sights in one day, as Sun Ruisheng.

Modern music with ancient roots

Throat singer savors working with contemporary DJs and connecting with nature.

Quirky News

No more pokemon, but book hunters

A Belgian headmaster has developed an online game to search for books instead of cartoon monsters.

Want a pizza? Ring up a drone

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd conducted a demonstration pizza delivery by drone in the New Zealand city of Auckland.

Biggest pearl ever? Look under the bed

The 34-kilogram pearl is 2.2 feet long and 1 foot wide, and it had been hidden by the famer for 10 years as a lucky charm.


China Watch expands with Russian edition

China Daily launched on Tuesday its Russian edition of China Watch in partnership with leading Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Hospitality's an all family affair

Marco Polo Hotels President Jennifer Cronin's mission is to serve a set of multi-generation travelers in Asia where opportunities galore.


Partnering for a bright future

Forum highlights strong China-ASEAN ties but even better times lie ahead if challenges can be overcome by working together.