Japan welcome to join Asia bank: China

Japan has been updated with the result of talks among the bank's current founding members, the finance minister said.

9 hurt in Guangzhou station knife attack

The attack happened around 8:18 am at a railway station in China's southern hub with police shooting one and holding another.

Rail ties with 'Thailand on fast track'

The latest comment came amid recent media reports that China and Thailand suspended their high-speed railway cooperation.

Larger iPad? Will have to wait

Apple Inc will delay the start of manufacturing for a larger-screened version of the tablet.

Wider fiscal deficit to counter slowdown

Some analysts question whether the increase in spending is adequate.

Li gets tough in pollution ‘blight’

Premier Li promised to build a more effective environmental regime.

China rules out strong stimulus

China's top economic planner said the country will not introduce strong stimulus measures t...

2015 govt work report highlights


Economy must be HK’s top priority

People should not allow political disputes to have a negative impact on the economy.

Breaking the negative spiral of depression

Arecent survey revealed that almost 12 percent of Hong Kong people suffer from depression, to some degree.

Slower growth, but healthier economy

For those worried about the domino effects of a slowing Chinese economy, Premier Li's report on government work may be a mixed blessing.

Crush separatist bigotry

“Occupy” failed to achieve its goal because its organizers had deceived the public with lies about democracy in general.

Reform resolve is unshakable

Xi and his colleagues have pointed out a clear direction and path for a new round of reforms.


AIIB offer still open for Japan: China

Japan has been updated with the result of talks among the bank's current founding members, the finance minister said.

Railway cooperation with Thailand on fast track

The latest comment came amid recent media reports that China and Thailand suspended their high-speed railway cooperation.

Knife attack at Guangzhou station injures nine

The attack happened around 8:18 am, according to a statement posted on the microblog of Guangzhou municipal public security bureau.

Free trade zone action to speed up

China will speed up its strategy for free trade zones, a key initiative in further opening up, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday.

Steady as she goes for the new normal

The government's work report emphasized the need for stability as growth slows and economic restructuring becomes the main priority for the nation's officials.

7% GDP target largely hailed

Analysts and economists believe that the growth target is not only the official barometer of the Chinese economy, but also sheds further light on how the Chinese leaders plan to steer the economy.

Student entrepreneurs learn harsh lessons

As the number of graduates continues to rise, many are opting to start their own companies. However, fierce competition and scant experience of the world outside college is making life hard for China's budding businesspeople.


Beijing to continue floating treasury bonds in HK

HK has been given the unique position, because the majority of offshore renminbi is traded here and it is China's territory.

Premier stresses role of Constitution in SARs

Premier Li Keqiang pledged to strictly comply with the Constitution, along with the Basic Laws when the central government implements policies relating to Hong Kong and Macao.

HK wants deeper integration with mainland

Political advisers and national legislators from Hong Kong have called for deeper integration with the mainland economy.

SAR top choice of wealthy Asian property investors

Hong Kong remains attractive to Asian tycoons, including those from the mainland, in property investment although their enthusiasm has waned compared with five years ago, according to a global real estate consultancy.

Focus HK

Old-style romance

A farsighted developer took a gamble on an aging but iconic tenement building in the Western District and came up with a winner.

Great performances

After Birdman’s surprising Oscar win for best picture comes the sniping that always follows, regardless of the fact awards are not about artistic merit.

Sister act

A new play drawing inspiration from the never-say-die attitude of HK’s migrant maids celebrates the spirit of female bonding.


Japan eyes MI6-style spy agency

Overseas spy agency would fit PM Abe's new security framework as killing of Japanese hostages in Syria exposed information gaps.

Iran could be open to 10-yr partial freeze

Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said there has been no satisfactory agreement on how to remove sanctions.

Australia slams Indonesia's treatment of convicts

The planned executions of Myuran Sukumaran, 33, and Andrew Chan, 31, have ramped up diplomatic tension between Australia and Indonesia.

Knifed US envoy in pain as officials investigate

The US ambassador to ROK struggled with pain as he recovered Friday from a knife attack.

Myanmar picks up the phone

Investment in satellite technology has led to plummeting mobile prices and surge in connectivity.

Asia benefits from advance of satellites

Technology impacts farming, banking and even disaster relief in the region.

Asia Weekly


Huawei, Intel expand tie-up in China

China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and Intel Corp are expanding an existing alliance to provide cloud computing to global telecoms carriers.

Wider fiscal deficit to counter slowdown

The nation aims to run a larger budget deficit this year to counteract the economic slowdown, but some analysts question whether the increase in spending is adequate.

Asia stocks gain after ECB upgrades growth

Asian stock markets were higher on Friday as investor sentiment was boosted by the European Central Bank's growth forecast upgrade and expectations for a solid increase in US employment.

Eye on Asia

Sunken warship found off Philippines

US aircraft sank the Musashi on Oct 24, 1944, killing more than 1,000 Japanese, or about half the vessel's crew.

DPRK easing controls to revive economy

The goal of the reform is to prod DPRK managers and farmers to do business creatively, on their own initiative.

German 'terminator' to head Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines chose a German turnaround specialist known as "The Terminator" to lead it restructuring.


Zou fights for a title in 7th pro bout vs Amnat

China's double Olympic gold medalist Zou Shiming will attempt to claim the IBF flyweight title belt this weekend.

Phelps may compete at world meet

Michael Phelps possibly could swim at the world championships in July if his ban is overturned by USA Swimming.

Lin Dan reaches All-England Open last 8

Five times champion Lin Dan of China fought off tenacious challenge from teammate Tian Houwei to reach the last eight at the All-England Open championships here on Thursday.

A toast to tenacity

Amid civil war and regional conflict, Lebanese winemaker beats the odds to taste heady success and world-class status.

On a mission

Bangladeshi think tank chief is a leading light in regional efforts to eradicate poverty and set up a ‘southern silk route’.

Credit to the nation

After decades of conflict, Pung Kheav Se created a bank that enabled the people of Cambodia to save and borrow safely.

Life Style

Harrison Ford crash lands vintage plane

Harrison Ford crash-landed his World War II-era airplane after losing engine power.

Magic mike

According to Sui, to imitate so vividly, one needs to pay close attention to people in daily life and practice different accents for hours.

Quirky News

Chinese buy islands on Taobao

Four islands in Fiji, Greece, the United Kingdom and Canada were put up for auction on China's online shopping platform Taobao.

Wild panda takes to streets in Sichuan

A park security guard in Sichuan got a shock when he played back overnight CCTV footage and saw a wild panda on the streets.

A nod to Lewinsky's dress

A Philadelphia artist has disclosed that his museum portrait of former President Bill Clinton contains a shadow reference to Monica Lewinsky's infamous blue dress.


Without limits

Award-winning Chinese artist, Li-Zi, is never in a hurry. She customarily spends more than a month perfecting a piece of art. chats up this post-80s artist to find out why.

Expert calls for protection for retirees

Nelson Chow, who wrote the latest retirement protection report, believes the introduction of a universal pension scheme will improve the government’s popularity, Joseph Li writes

Strike a balance in standard working hours

It is too early to talk about standard working hour legislation, said chairman of the Standard Working Hours Committee Leong Che-hung.


X’mas Memory

Christmas day is always filled with happiness and surprise. The December round of China Daily College Photo Contest themed ‘Merry Christmas’ has concluded.


‘New normal’ needs efficiency overhaul

Hong Kong forum hears how overcapacity and debt must be tackled in rebalancing of mainland financial system.

Older order gets shake-up from Internet finance

Growing success of online firms reflects demand from customers not served by traditional banks.