China's SOE structural adjustment fund set up

The fund has an estimated capital of around US$50b & aims to improve resource allocation and raise the efficiency of SOEs.

HK set to retain IPO crown: Deloitte

Hong Kong's results will dip, though, compared to the previous year, according to global audit and advisory firm Deloitte.

Shanghai sinks below 3,000 points

The blue-chip CSI300 index fell 1.7% while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 1.8% to sink to 2,980.43 points.

Egypt: Migrant toll hits 170

A Europe-bound boat carrying migrants sank in the Mediterranean off the Egyptian coast last week.

PLA strives to hone real combat capability

For 3-plus years, the PLA has focused on training, drills & reform to hone combat strength.

Overcapacity still plagues coal sector

The supply-demand mismatch in China's coal industry has not seen a substantial change despi...

Australia urged not to 'close the door'

The Chinese investment mogul behind a vetoed US$285 million bid said he had "given up".

Russia to run observation flights over US

Russian aircraft will monitor US compliance with the Open Skies Treaty.


Lawyers tend to be good legislators

Good lawyers have the personal attributes which are essential to effective and efficient LegCo members.

Sending a strong signal to the world

Moves by China and ASEAN to deepen ties will enhance trust and help maintain stability in the South China Sea.

Harmony is most precious, either for a family or a society

Let’s stop blaming the government and political leaders, stop scolding rival parties and the party heads, or complaining about this uns...

HK is still a wonderful place to live

The SAR, as a small region with no natural resources, has always excelled in the quality of its human capital.

Latest LegCo lineup adds new variables to our political landscape

With such extreme elements lining up to take their seats in the new LegCo, the question on everyone’s lips now is how things will play ...


Mobile Game Mania in Nepal

Malpur is a village typical of many small rural communities in Nepal. Most people live off the land - there are few amenities yet there is no shortage of smartphones.

Drone and Phone - Climbing

The dramatic karst scenery of Yangshuo is a climber’s paradise, and provides the perfect location to learn the crag-clinging skills!

Exclusive interview with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying

Leung discusses slowing upward social mobility, the newly elected Legislative Council and his chances for a second term.


Xi expects strong, modern rocket force

President Xi termed PLA Rocket Force as a core of strategic deterrence, a buttress to China's position as a major power.

PLA hones real combat ability for stronger military

Over the past three-plus years, the military's training, military drills and reform have all targeted honing combat strength.

Air force in Pacific drill to test far-offshore strength

The Chinese Air Force sent more than 40 aircraft to the West Pacific, via the Miyako Strait, for a routine drill.

1 Chinese tourist dead, 11 hurt in Yosemite crash

Most were 12- to 15-year-old Chinese students and their adult chaperones.

Dandelion helping to sow the seeds

A government-sponsored facility provides psychiatric patients with opportunities to reintegrate into society.

China-Canada biz ties to enter new stage

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang witnessed the inking of 14 cooperation agreements.

Full credit to the consumers

Plastic cards are slowly melting as internet-based lenders roll out red-hot online products for e-shoppers.


Hong Kong set to retain IPO crown: Deloitte

Hong Kong is expected to remain the world’s largest initial public offering (IPO) market in 2016, but its results will dip compared to the previous year, according to global audit and advisory firm Deloitte.

Cornea transplant wait time to decrease

The previous waiting time was two years. Some 400 patients are on the waiting list now for cornea transplant.

Stocks fall most in two weeks on global policy uncertainty

The Hang Seng index fell 1.6% to 23,317.92 points, while the China Enterprises Index lost 1.7% to 9,629.35.

Don’t over-politicize every issue, Lee tells new lawmakers

Veteran legislator hopes new lawmakers will not over-politicalize every issue in their term.

Focus HK

Hub for Cyber criminals

Despite its small size, Hong Kong ranks third in the world and first in Asia as a target for cybercrime.

Magic in motion

This weekend, immerse yourself in the world of moving images for 2 days and 2 nights at the Event Space of the Hong Kong Observation Wheel in Central.

Of bins, brooms and kitchen sinks

The percussion act STOMP, which makes music out of the most unlikely objects of everyday use, arrives in Macao tonight.


Duterte vows to open up trade with China, Russia

The Philippines president unveiled plan to open up airline, telecommunications and shipping industries to the two countries.

Alert in Indonesia as volcano activities rise

People staying around Mt. Bromo and tourists are not allowed to roam within 2.5km vacated area.

Japan vows to accelerate economic measures, TPP

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe outlined an extra set of stimulus measures to help the economic recovery and spur more consumer and corporate spending.

Khamenei tells Ahmadinejad not to run for 3rd term

The instruction destroys Ahmadinejad’s chances of getting a wider backing for a presidential campaign.

Catch them if you can

Pokemon Go is a huge success due to its mix of familiar characters and new way to play, but its staying power is unknown

Play for keeps

Asia’s mobile game industry is booming but the business is fiercely competitive and success unpredictable.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


China establishes SOE structural adjustment fund

The fund has an estimated capital of 350 billion yuan (around US$50 billion) and will mainly invest in programs including scientific innovation, international operations and asset restructuring.

China key stock index sinks below 3,000 points

The blue-chip CSI300 index fell 1.7 percent, to 3,220.28, while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 1.8 percent to 2,980.43 points.

Global stocks mostly lower

Global shares were mostly lower Monday as market attention turned from central bank policies to the US presidential race ahead of a highly anticipated debate.

Eye on Asia

Rohingya footballers tackle bias in Malaysia

150,700 refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia live in the shadows of the society, barred from working officially or receiving formal education.

S'pore ranks among top 3 in global health study

Singapore was the top scorer on global health-related indicators alongside Iceland and Sweden in a report.

Juicy love affair

It is hard to remember a time when momos were not ubiquitously popular in Kathmandu.


FIFA disbands racism task force, says job done

FIFA says its anti-racism work complete despite ongoing concerns about discriminatory behavior at matches in 2018 World Cup host Russia.

Moscow prepares for 1st English visit since 2016 clash

Russian police are getting ready for Tottenham's game against CSKA Moscow on Tuesday in the Champions League.

Guangzhou Evergrand held goalless tie by Shanghai SIPG

Defending champion Guangzhou Evergrand ended two winning streak after a 0-0 draw with Shanghai SIPG in the 2016 Chinese Super League.

Straight shooter

Indian economist, forecaster and best-selling author has a reputation for taking on, and sometimes tearing down, the prevailing view.

Stitching a legacy

Inspired by the draped form of the sari, Indian designer turned passion for fashion into international acclaim.

Place to think

Asian specialist believes Perth, Western Australia, is a great location for a regional policy center.

Life & Art

The Bard meets a Ming playwright

A stage production combines the masterpieces of Shakespeare and ancient Chinese playwright Tang Xianzu.

Something old, something new

An ancient neighborhood in Hangzhou strives to balance tradition and modernity.

Quirky News

Surf dogs compete in California

Over 60 dogs chased waves during the 8th Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach near Los Angeles.

Put pants on rats? He wins Ig Nobels

The Ig Nobels is the annual spoof prizes for quirky scientific achievement.

Orphaned koala finds toy friend

A baby koala in Australia has found solace cuddling a fluffy toy marsupial in the absence of his mother as he recovers from the trauma of her death.


Wuxi landmark draws top talents

World-class office building attracts industry big names and morphs into new financial hub.

Striving to break new ground

The world’s largest institutional adviser for private sectors in developing countries has been an industry trailblazer for 60 years, IFC’s regional head Vivek Pathak says.


Goodbye to cash and cards

In China’s developing smart economy, you can go out without a wallet but not your cell phone.