Shanghai exchange grabs bull by horns

Analysts say Chinese stocks might have entered a bull market after the biggest one-day gain in 10 months on Monday...

Russia violated nuclear treaty: US

The US government said that Moscow had violated the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty, and urged immediate bilateral...

GM rice sale triggers alarm

Claims that genetically modified rice not approved for sale in China being supplied illegally in a few provinces have trigg...

Go-ahead for $2b Clippers sale

The estranged wife of Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling can proceed with the record $2 billion sale of the NBA ...

Blaze damages landmark church

A 142-year-old Catholic church was severely damaged by a fire on Monday morning in Ningbo, ...

Kiev claims more territory

Ukraine said its troops had taken more territory from rebels near the site where Malaysia A...

HK index at 3-1/2 year high

Hong Kong's benchmark index finished at its highest level in more than three years as Chine...

OSI Group probe finds supplier standards low

An on-going internal probe conducted by OSI Group LLC into Chinese food supplier Shanghai H...


Foreign CEOs are not always best for HK

Services on the MTR Corporation’s (MTRC) Kwun Tong Line were delayed last Wednesday morning.

No easy answers when developing retirement funds

The idea of a core fund, which the Mandatory Provident Fund Authority (MPFA) proposed recently, is to provide an alternative to...

Cyber cold war likely to continue

Most countries engage in a degree of corporate spying; however, boundaries should be put in place

No leniency on food crimes

The scandal will also make a difference to the amending of the Food Safety Law, which is being reviewed by lawmakers of the Standing Co...

BRICS bank vis-a-vis IMF

Last week's agreement by the five BRICS member states to establish a development bank along with a currency reserve pool, they called t...


US visa delays likely to continue, says embassy

Delays in issuing visas for the United States are likely to persist as the computer problems causing them have not yet been resolved, Nolan Barkhouse, spokesman for the US embassy in Be...

Alarm bells start ringing over illegal sales of GM rice

Claims that genetically modified rice that has not been approved for sale in China is being supplied illegally in a number ...

Govt issues tough accountability code for officials

Auditors nationwide will keep a close eye on officials in three key areas of accountability: government debt, natural resources and implem...

Uygur extremists 'training in Middle East', envoy says

Muslim extremists from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have gone to the Middle East for training and some may have crossed into Iraq ...

Behavior beyond classes

A scandal involving a university professor’s alleged sexual harassment of a student is refueling debate over abuse on Chinese campuses, report Sun Li and Hu Meidong in Xiamen, Fujian province.

Shaolin: Fists of fame

Ancient temple riding a wave of global interest in its style of kung fu, report Hou Liqiang and Qi Xin in Dengfeng, Henan province.

Keeping the peace

Chinese peacekeepers work the ground as part of the country's increasingly important role in UN peacekeeping efforts, report Zhang Yan and Wang Qian.


Chambers repeat concerns about ‘Occupy Central’

Five major business chambers on Monday urged political activists to re-think their role in the “Occupy Central” campaign because of it could cause potential damage to Hong Kong’s economy.

McDonald’s accused of a lack of cooperation

The city’s food chiefs have accused McDonald’s of not entirely cooperating with a probe launched in the wake of revelations that the global fast food giant allegedly sold adulterated meat in Hong Kong.

'Chief secy says reform package likely in Oct'

The Hong Kong government will consult the public on official proposals for the election overhaul in 2017 as soon as October, Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam

HK woman jailed in NZ for smuggling drug

A 25-year-old Hong Kong woman was jailed for 10 years on Monday for smuggling drugs hidden in traditional Chinese statuettes into New Zealand.

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Enter the NetDragon

Mobile technology leader Cherrypicks’ entry into the mainland market marks a new phase in the company’s development of the apps industry. But Hong Kong IT companies will have to tread a careful path in embracing a brand new business model on the mainland.

Powering skills

The government is going all out to upgrade Hong Kong’s vocational education system to balance job skills in the market. But the deep-rooted cultural prejudice against vocational education is not likely to go away.

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Russia violated nuclear treaty: US

In another sign of deteriorating relations between the United States and Russia, the US government said on Monday that Moscow had violated the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty

Eid revelry muted amid crash, clashes

Muslims in Asia marked a grim Eid al-Fitr on Monday, overshadowed by several air tragedies, including the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, and conflicts in Gaza and Pakistan.

Teens describe being left to escape sinking ferry

Six teenagers who survived South Korea's worst maritime disaster in 44 years told on Monday how classmates helped them float free as water flooded their cabins despite crew instructions to stay put even as their ferry sank, killing more than 300 people.

Splintering Iraq reaches breaking point

Salman Khaled has lived through Baghdad's sectarian disintegration; with Iraq now splintering into Shiite, Sunni Arab and Kurdish regions, he says this time the survival of the country is at stake.

Rough weather

Malaysia Airlines may not survive latest tragedy but strong performances by us carriers offer hope to sector in Asia

Cracks show in ASEAN’s aviation sector

Open skies policy sounds promising, but it's not quite ready for take-off

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Shanghai exchange grabs bull by horns

Analysts say Chinese stocks might have entered a bull market after the biggest one-day gain in 10 months on Monday sent the benchmark to its highest level this year.

McDonald's fishing for supplier

Amid a serious meat shortage following the recent food safety scandal involving supplier Shanghai Husi, international fast-food chains in China may still have to source locally, though their peers in Japan have shifted to Thai meat producers, an industry expert said.

Investors hesitate before stock link

Two months away from the scheduled Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect, overseas investors are still thinking through their A-share strategy.

Eye on Asia

Vietnamese taste for cat leaves family pets in peril

The enduring popularity of "little tiger" as a snack to accompany a beer in Vietnam means that cat owners live in constant fear of animal snatchers, despite an official ban.

DPRK bolsters cyberwarfare capabilities

Insular state has systematic policy to nurture 'cyber warriors'

Endangered Tibetan monkey makes a comeback

The Hongla Mountain National Nature Reserve, in Markam county of the Tibet autonomous region, has seen a steady increase in recent years...


Judge gives go-ahead for $2b sale of Clippers

The estranged wife of Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling can proceed with the record $2 billion sale of the NBA team despite her husband's objections, a judge ruled on Monday, in a likely coda to a case of lingering racism in American sports.

All tickets claimed for LeBron's homecoming show

LeBron James' Ohio hometown says fans quickly claimed the thousands of tickets available for the homecoming event expected to be his first public appearance in the state since announcing his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tax fraud case against Lionel Messi goes ahead

A Spanish judge on Monday rejected a prosecutor's request to drop charges of tax fraud against Lionel Messi and ordered the investigation into three cases of suspected unpaid taxes to proceed.

Bricks and mortar of IT

Indian property mogul has built a fortune creating industrial space for technology firms in Bangalore

Rebuilding Myanmar

Hard work helped serge pun escape turbulent childhood to become a tycoon instrumental in nation’s development

Man of the crowd

Chinese designer who cofounded Asia’s biggest crowdfunding platform in Australia is taking the popular concept to China

Life Style

Plastic to poolside for environmentally conscious fashion

Recycled materials allow fashionistas to stay on-trend while being mindful of the environment. Tiffany Tan chats with Miss Earth China 2013 about a Shanghai-based fashion brand that is making bikinis from recycled plastic bottles.

Lonely path for 'leftover' women

For many of today's Chinese youth looking for a partner, love takes second place to parental pressure, moving up the social ladder and a heavy dose of fear drummed into women that they will end up as "leftover".

Quirky News

Argentina tells world to stop bothering bear

Argentina's last captive polar bear will remain in the country despite a petition by more than a half million people asking that it be moved to Canada

T-shirt typo turns heads at Mandela bicycle ride

Cyclists traversing Johannesburg in Nelson Mandela's honor wore T-shirts with one of his many inspiring quotations, along with a glaring typographical error in the word "freedom."

Plane's near-miss now a whale of a tale

A dramatic video of a sea plane just missing a surfacing humpback whale as it came in to land in Alaska has become a hit online, and the man who shot it says it was blind luck.


Natural Instinct

How does one deal with old T-shirts and onion peels? While most would gladly bin them, a group of farmers share the secrets of recycling refuse to create objects of everyday use.

Cleaner fuel vital for energy generation

In the opinion of William Yu, chief executive of World Green Organisation, emissions from power generation in Hong Kong are under strict control, while most polluting emissions come from the vehicles.

'HK on a unique path to democracy'

Hong Kong is taking a unique path to democracy and should not copy foreign models of democratic development, Lau Siu-kai, vice-president of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, said on Thursday.


Crazy football

Football has the charm that makes the world crazy. After a breathtaking World Cup, the June round of China Daily’s College Photo Contest, “Crazy Football”, has concluded. Among works submitted by university students from all around China, Breakthrough, by Liu Zheng of Guangxi University Of Foreign Languages, won the first prize. Two second and five third prizes were also awarded.


Retailing Strategies in Asia: The Next Generation

Retailers have to differentiate themselves and offer an...

Tapping the mainland’s e-commerce potential

Glamour Sales China, the pan Asian authorized luxury private sales company...