China to digitize manufacturing by 2020

China will develop intelligent manufacturing to digitize the country's manufacturing sector and generate new growth impetus.

CUHK starts work on teaching hospital

The first private teaching hospital since 2014, Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Centre will start services in 2020.

Aleppo: 150,000 'condemned to death'

150,000 trapped civilians in eastern Aleppo "await an effective death sentence," the head of the Aleppo local council said.

Duterte tells casino boss to apologize

Duterte said he'd allow Macao casino boss Jack Lam to come back to the Philippines if he apologizes for bribing an official.

China ‘highly values’ stability in S. China Sea

Beijing called for efforts to promote the rule of law on the oceans and seas.

China trade rebounds from slump in Nov

Foreign trade volume reached 2.35 trillion yuan (about US$342 billion) in November.

Sea: Manila 'won't help US patrols'

President Duterte wants to avoid actions that can escalate tensions in the South China Sea.

China's grain output dips in 2016

China's grain output dipped in 2016 as its planting area shrank and per unit yield edged down.


Social polarization is a universal phenomenon

David Wong discusses the social divisions in Hong Kong and the US and notes that the internet — which was meant to bring people...

UAE offers HK critical trade opportunities along B&R

The United Arab Emirates with its great oil reserves and transition to a knowledge-based economy offers Hong Kong great scope t...

HK must brace for challenges posed by external events

All at once, Hong Kong faces a sharp turn of events manifested in rising interest rates, an appreciating US dollar, emerging trade prot...

Move to attract more global investors

One after another, measures are being taken to promote the trading links between the capital markets on the Chinese mainland and in the...

The loss of innocence in Hong Kong

If Hong Kong doesn’t stop to think about how to put smiles back on the faces of its children, it will be staring at an incalculable loss.


Chinese Phones? In America?

TECH CHINA explains why most Americans spend hundreds of dollars too much for their smart-phones.

The ridge of all ridges

Wilson saves his best for last. An incredible high ridge walk with views from the east to the west of Hong Kong.

All about the reservoirs

Possibly Hong Kong’s best reservoir walk. Waterfalls, monkey’s, deep forest and high mountains, sections 7 & 8 have them all.


China to digitize manufacturing sector by 2020

China will develop intelligent manufacturing to digitize the country's manufacturing sector and generate new growth impetus.

China ‘highly values’ peace, stability in South China Sea

The so-called 'Arbitration on the South China Sea' was null and void with no binding power whatsoever, said a senior Chines...

China will work with incoming US ambassador

A Chinese official said no matter who becomes US ambassador in Beijing, China is ready to work for sound and stable Sino-US relations.

6.4-magnitude earthquake hits Xinjiang

The 6.4-magnitude struck jolted Changji in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 1:15 pm (Beijing Time).

TCM on the horns of a moral dilemma

Should the TCM replace tiger bones and rhino horns used in its medicine to please animal-rights activists at the cost of reducing potential healing effects?

Youth in China are taller, fatter

Changes in lifestyle and reluctance to give up study time are factors.

Decoding China's Wing Loong

A subsidiary of the state-owned AVIC in Sichuan province, has gained the world's attention with its Wing Loong Unmanned Aircraft System.


Fate of revamped junior TSA hangs in balance

The education chief says further discussion is needed to decided whether to bring back the Territory-wide System Assessment for P3 students.

CUHK starts work on teaching hospital

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Medical Centre, the first private teaching hospital since 2014, will start services in 2020.

Stocks up for 3rd day, mainland concerns limit gains

The benchmark Hang Seng index pared some early gains and added 0.3% at the close, to 22,861.84 points, while the Hong Kong China Enterprises Index gained 0.7%, to 9,896.82 points.

Body to curb abuses in tourism industry proposed

The government has proposed setting up a statutory body to oversee the tourism industry, according to the submission of a draft travel industry bill to the legislature.

Focus HK

A better pill

Hong Kong faces acute shortage of hospital beds and doctors. China Daily takes a detailed look at the situation.

A brush with the world’s finest

A rich variety of art from home and abroad arrived on the city’s streets in 2016. But is HK ready for a public art revolution yet?

Spill peril

Eight people were injured in a chemical spill at a lab in Tai Po on Dec 6, 2016. China Daily takes a look at the spilled substance hydrogen peroxide and the regulation of it in Hong Kong.


Duterte tells Macao casino boss to apologize

Duterte said he would allow the casino boss to come back to the Philippines if he apologized for bribing an official.

Philippines 'won't help US patrols' in S. China Sea

The Philippine defense secretary said it's highly unlikely his country will host US ships and aircraft patrolling the waters.

Aleppo: 150,000 'condemned to death'

150,000 trapped civilians in besieged eastern Aleppo "await an effective death sentence," the head of the Aleppo local council said.

Abe may not be first sitting PM to visit Pearl Harbor

Media this week said that back in September 1951 then-Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida stopped by Pearl Harbor en route from San Francisco.

Cause for hope amid TPP setback

Despite an uncertain economic outlook, analysts believe the region need not rush into new bilateral trade deals.

Other deals gain traction

Efforts poured into the Trans-Pacific Partnership could yet bear fruit in the FTAAP and RCEP trade agreements.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Likely ETF connect set to boost liquidity

Experts bank on possible launch next year to cash in on staggering growth of Asian ETF markets.

Quality over quantity in patent stakes, says expert

The Chinese mainland set a record in patent applications in 2015, becoming the first economy in the world to file more than 1 million patent applications in a single year.

Global stocks advance ahead of ECB decision

Global shares rose on Thursday following upbeat trade data from China. Investors were looking ahead to a meeting of the European Central Bank later in the day.

Eye on Asia

Rights group urges Philippines to fight HIV

Philippines has the highest rate of new HIV infections in the Asia-Pacific region, with new cases increasing by more than 100% from 2001 to 2015.

Japan's deal maker, Masayoshi Son

Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son has been one of Japan's most aggressive overseas investors for over two decades.

A look at the rise and fall of Park

ROK President rose to power with the support of conservatives enamored of the economic growth ushered in by her late dictator father decades ago.


48-team WCup proposal gets thumbs up at FIFA meeting

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said a proposal to expand the World Cup finals to 48 teams, with 16 groups of three teams, received enthusiastic backing at a meeting of national federations.

Germany divided again as Leipzig gets emotions running high

Founded in 2009, Leipzig leads the Bundesliga by three points from Bayern Munich after a record 13-game unbeaten start including eight wins from its last eight games.

Berlusconi agrees to 3-month delay for sale of AC Milan

Silvio Berlusconi's holding company and a group of Chinese investors have agreed on a three-month delay to complete the sale of AC Milan.

Wine pioneer

Indian vintner paves the way for sustainable growth through vineyard tourism and eyes China’s growing thirst.

For the love of Lu Xun

Japanese professor’s fascination with one of China’s foremost literary figures sparked a lifelong interest and scholarship in contemporary Chinese literature.

Ever the diplomat

Former ASEAN secretary-general applies his love for international affairs to Singapore think-tank role.

Life & Art

Chailly avenges Puccini with original Butterfly

Riccardo Chailly has avenged Giacomo Puccini's memory with a successful staging of the composer's original version of "Madama Butterfly".

'La La Land' duo cement mark in Hollywood

Actors Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling imprinted their hands and feet in cement in support of their most recent role in the modern-day musical "La La Land."

Quirky News

Dr David Bowie treats 'starman' Buzz Aldrin

In what can only be described as a space oddity, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is being cared for in a NZ hospital by Dr David Bowie after being evacuated from the South Pole.

AI robot gets ‘A’ on mock entrance exam

Scientists revealed that an artificial intelligence robot named Torobo-kun has attained mock-exam scores sufficient to clear entrance tests for reputed private universities.

Nearly naked man leads cops to arrest driver

Daniel McConnell said he was lying in bed at home when a car slammed into the front of a neighboring fish-and-chips shop, which had closed for the night.


Campus news talent

CUHK students win 16 prizes at 2016 Campus Newspaper Awards.

Auction house paints China’s rise

In the light of the globalization of the auction industry, and for global leader Christie’s in the 21st century, China offers a myriad of opportunities.


Fostering ideas unlocks the true potential of IP

Industry experts say patience and nurturing creativity is the key to fully cashing in on any intellectual property.