China to approve 7 more FTZs: Report

General plans for China's third group of free trade zones (FTZs), announced in August, will be approved soon.

HK murders 'particularly horrifying'

Prosecutors rejected Rurik Jutting's attempt to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter of 2 Indonesian women.

UN sees symbolic emissions milestone

Climate change entered a new phase in 2015, likely to last generations, the UN World Meteorological Organization said.

Call to change ROK presidential system

Critics called the proposal a move to divert attention from graft scandals involving President Park Geun-hye’s aides.

Anti-war activist Tom Hayden dies

Tom Hayden’s name became forever linked with Vietnam War protests for his anti-war role.

CPC opens Party governance meet

The 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China started its 6th plenary session.

US$2.7b Chinese bid for US insurer

China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co will buy Genworth Financial Inc in a cash deal.

China issues 13th Plan guidelines

The Communist Party of China Central Committee & the State Council issued the guidelines.


Offensive conduct by 2 lawmakers-elect illegal

It is perfectly justified for Leung and Yau to be expelled from LegCo.

HK’s political system not a ‘separation of powers’

The oath-taking controversy is a legal issue that needs to be resolved by the courts, and the decision to allow a judicial revi...

Enough is enough — separatists can’t ruin Hong Kong

HK residents will not be the only ones to voice their indignation and rejection of separatists like Yau and Leung.

HK needs to forge a conservative youth movement

An ideological counterweight should be formed to offset the radical and liberal posturing prevalent among our young.

Such disrespectful behavior in LegCo cannot be tolerated

LegCo president should ensure those refusing to follow the rules or failing to complete their oaths correctly automatically lose their ...


Hong Kong debates LGBT discrimination law

Hong Kong has become more and more open-minded towards the LGBT community. But is the city ready for an LGBT discrimination law?

Taking Off

Chinese globetrotters with new habits and holiday patternsare reshaping and redefining the world’s tourism industry.

Michael, Swing Dancer in Modern Hong Kong

We meet Michael Wu, a private equity analyst from HK who is a passionate swing dancer.


CPC convenes key meeting on strict Party governance

The 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) started its sixth plenary session which lasts from Oct 24 to 27.

Top China court vows better protection of private investment

The Supreme People's Court stressed equal legal protection for all sectors of the economy and the rights of all market and ...

Explosion hits northwest China town

The accident "might be related to unlicensed storage of explosives," the local Huashang Newspaper cited local residents as saying.

Road accident kills 4, including 2 Chinese: Embassy

A road accident in North Laos kills 4 people, including 2 Chinese aboard an international bus bounding from Lao capital to Kunming.

Robots at center of China's strategy to leapfrog rivals

The Canbot can say its name, respond to voice commands, and "dance" as it plays Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

Still marching through history

Eighty years after its conclusion, the legacy of the Long March continues to transcend borders and influence people across the world.

Govt applicants seek some jobs, spurn others

Less-developed areas attract little interest as benefits, opportunities lag behind big cities.


Murders: Ex-banker cites 'diminished responsibility'

Prosecutors rejected Rurik Jutting's attempt to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter of 2 Indonesian women.

Haima disrupts flights, fells trees in HK

The storm was closest to HK around noon, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to the city before making landfall in Shanwei.

Office slams separatists’ huddle in Taiwan

The Taiwan Affairs Office blasted some separatist organizations in Taiwan for intervening in the implementation of "One Country, Two Systems" in HK.

Stocks follow mainland market higher amid yuan

The Hang Seng index rose 1.0%, to 23,604.08, while the China Enterprises Index gained 1.7%, to 9,852.90 points.

Focus HK

Micro matters

Researchers from HKU have developed the world’s first light-seeking nanorobots, helping surgeons to remove tumors and enabling more precise engineering of targeted medications.

When strangers come home

As more people in HK sign up for Airbnb, here are some of the pros and cons of unregulated hospitality.

Dail H for Halloween

Check out these scare fests and parties in Hong Kong this Halloween!


Park proposes revising ROK presidential system

Critics called the proposal an attempt to divert attention from corruption scandals involving President Park Geun-hye’s associates.

DPRK lashes out at new sanction threat

DPRK officials term sanctions targeting the country's nuclear and missile tests as "criminal documents".

S’pore becomes IEA association country

Singapore is the fourth country to join the IEA under the association country initiative after China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Top US diplomat in Philippines as ties testy

The US diplomat arrives as confusion lingers over Manila's ties with Washington.

Tourists moving with the times

As the purchasing power of Chinese travelers rises, their preferences are becoming more sophisticated.

Taking off

Chinese globetrotters with new habits and holiday patterns are reshaping and redefining the world’s tourism industry.

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China to approve 7 more FTZs: Report

General plans for China's third group of free trade zones (FTZs), announced in August, will be approved soon.

Oceanwide to buy US insurer Genworth for US$2.7b

The case is the latest in a series of moves by Chinese firms to buy overseas assets as their domestic economy slows and the yuan weakens.

Global shares up

Share markets got an upbeat start to the week Monday on reports that China plans to ramp up controls of its unruly property sector, and news of stronger-than-expected manufacturing data from Japan.

Eye on Asia

Battle for Mosul can shape or break Iraq

The outcome and political sensitivity of the battle could determine the future of ISIS and Sunni extremism.

Syrian refugee children making UK clothes

The BBC investigation found Syrian refugees as young as 15 working long hours for little pay, making and ironing clothes to be shipped off to Britain.

UN chief tops election polls in ROK

Ban is the only potential candidate for ROK's presidential election in Dec 2017 with consistently over 20 pct support in opinion polls.


Fans cautiously optimistic about Lippi's arrival

Italian Marcello Lippi was named as the Chinese national football team coach on Saturday, arousing mixed feelings of the Chinese fans.

Chelsea beats Manchester United 4-0

When Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola meet in their second Manchester derby on Wednesday they'll now have something in common. Both have prepared with humiliating 4-0 losses on their return to former clubs.

Del Potro wins Stockholm title after 33-month drought

Juan Martin del Potro won the Stockholm Open on Sunday to end a 33-month title drought, beating sixth-seeded Jack Sock 7-5, 6-1.

Happy mission

This honorary monk and former politician from Bhutan is on a quest to spread joy to the world.

Disruptive giving

'Accidental philanthropist' uses her good fortune and influence to create more opportunities for India’s poor.

Tastes of home

Founder of Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore is still guided by dream of taking Putian cuisine to the world.

Life & Art

'Golden' age for cruises

Industry show in Tianjin celebrates the potential for new experiences in the next decade.

Folk art that rocks

Intensive beats and high-pitched singing have made Qinqiang Opera appealing to generations of fans.

Quirky News

Meow-sician claws to the top of the charts

American cellist David Teie’s album created specifically for cats is being lapped up by humans too.

Sleeping in coffins in Dracula's castle

On Oct 31, 2 people will be allowed to sleep in velvet trimmed coffins in the Count Dracula's castle , says Airbnb.

Harvard museum to dust off curiosities

The world's oldest museums dedicated to anthropology is undergoing some big changes to showcase its significant role.


Stitching dreams through art

Painter’s solo exhibition in Shanghai Wheelock Square aims to encourage female workers to be confident and to pursue their goals

Law firms sizes up China graft

DLA Piper is latching onto anti-corruption work to move further into the mainland, Managing Partner Kevin Chan says.


Tourism boom likely to face fresh hurdles

China’s tourism industry has been invigorated by a growing middle-class and a freer flow of information, bringing a raft of opportunities for industry operators.