Xi urges military structural reform

President Xi has vowed to reorganize the current military administration structure and military command system by 2020.

China military in talks for Djibouti base

China's military is in talks with the Horn of Africa country to build logistics facilities to support Chinese peacekeeping.

China confirms Su-35 deals with Russia

The US$2-billion deal makes China the first foreign buyer of the Su-35, one of Russia's most advanced military aircraft.

HK-Macao-Zhuhai bridge delayed

The one-year delay is the result of design and construction challenges as well as labor shortages.

Russia to retaliate over jet downing

Russia will freeze some joint investment projects with Turkey and impose food imports embargo.

'Land kings' highlight China's unbalanced property market

Sales in top-tier cities recovered but those in 2nd- & 3rd-tier cities remained sluggish.

China now NZ's top export destination

China sees growing demand for milk powder, meat and kiwifruit from New Zealand.

SCMP Group confirms bid feeler

The publisher of South China Morning Post said it has been approached by a third party.


Vietnam offers great opportunities

Thomas Chan writes that Hong Kong needs to work on creating knowledge-intensive and financial services to export to Vietnam and...

Abolishing the TSA in our schools is not the answer

The reason why the TSA has caused over-drilling of primary students is based on fierce competition among schools for students.

Abusive teachers should not escape penalty

The absence of specifications in the Criminal Law left local judicial staff a loophole so they didn't have to act.

Downing of jet must not derail anti-terror fight

The shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey on Tuesday is a most unfortunate incident, which has raised global concerns over t...

Safety of Chinese nationals overseas in the spotlight

As a country which deems terrorism and extremism a common enemy of mankind, China is poised to play a more active role in combating the...


Winter in Macau

The city's gambling industry is suffering a cold winter.

Nervous over Fed rates

Why raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve would affect Asia's bond market.

Stronger at 25

Singapore and China, a diplomatic relationship of a quarter century.


Xi urges breakthroughs in military structural reform

President Xi Jinping has vowed to reorganize the current military administration structure and military command system by 2020.

China military in talks for logistics base in Djibouti

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the facilities would mainly provide logistics services.

Journalist convicted of leaking state secrets released

A Beijing court ruled that Gao Yu, 71, is qualified to serve her sentence outside of prison because of "severe illnesses."

China to take new steps to boost Africa ties

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China will help Africa with industrialization and food security, among other things.

Chinese play growing part in online shopping

Rewarded with good revenue on Singles Day on Nov 11, many international merchants are hoping to attract more Chinese online shoppers on Black Friday.

'Land kings' highlight China's unbalanced property market

While property sales in top-tier cities recovered, those in second- and third-tier cities remained sluggish.

GSK aims to reinvent itself in China

The British firm is gambling on a new, cleaner image to reboot its performance and reputation with doctors and consumers.


Uniqlo rapped for labor abuse

A report by a labor concern group said four of Uniqlo's suppliers in the Chinese mainland have violated labor laws.

SCMP Group confirms media assets feeler

SCMP Group Ltd, publisher of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, said it has been approached by a third party.

Top court clears way for incinerator

The Court of Final Appeal has rejected a bid against an incinerator to be built on Shek Kwu Chau, south of Lantau Island.

HK-Macao-Zhuhai bridge deadline extended

The one-year delay is the result of design and construction challenges as well as labor shortages.

Focus HK

Tomorrow’s leaders

Young people trying to make a difference the world over met at an international summit in Bangkok. Li Yao spoke to some of them with Chinese connections.

Vanishing execs a vexatious mystery

They're not plot outlines for crime novels but real life cases lifted from the normally dry Hong Kong stock exchange filings.

Losing more than weight

As the tribe of painfully thin people keeps multiplying in HK, Ming Yeung asks medical professionals about ways to cope with extreme cases of eating disorder.


Russia orders economic retaliation against Turkey

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the freezing of some joint investment projects with Turkey and food imports restrictions.

S Koreans mourn ex-President Kim in state funeral

The landmark 1992 election victory of Kim Young-sam ended decades of military rule and ushered in a series of reforms in South Korea.

Japan plans to deploy troops on Diaoyu islands

Japan is planning to deploy about 500 ground troops to the islands in the East China Sea beginning in 2019.

ROK man gets 12 years for feeding ex-pupil feces

A former S Korean professor was sentenced to 12 years in prison for habitually beating his former pupil and forcing him to eat human feces and drink urine.

High stakes gamble across Asia Pacific

Casino operators are betting on more gaming tables in the region as some countries aim to relax regulations

Bets are off

Odds stacked against Asia’s casino industry as revenues decline, but optimism remains.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


China confirms deal with Russia on Su-35 fighter jets

The deal makes China the first foreign buyer of the Su-35, one of Russia's most advanced military aircraft.

Japan announces US$10.6b for climate financing

Japan plans to provide US$10.6 billion in climate financing a year for developing countries from 2020.

CITIC Securities under probe for rule violation

"CITIC Securities will actively assist the investigation... The company is operating normally," the company said.

Eye on Asia

Japan strives to slow population decline

Japan has set its sights on stopping maternity harassment, increasing day care centres and allowing more workers to take time off after childbirth.

Junta embroiled in Thai graft, royal insult cases

Accusations of corruption involving a park built to honour Thailand's revered monarchy are threatening to damage an anti-graft drive by the ruling junta.

OPEC to stay course despite US$20 oil fears

Any policy U-turn would be possible only if large producers outside OPEC, notably Russia, were to join coordinated output cuts.


FIFA ethics chief says Blatter not exempt from its rules

Sepp Blatter claimed that he is not subject to the rules of FIFA ethics committee and that only Congress can bar him from his role.

Asada, Hanyu aiming to impress on home ice

The NHK Trophy is the sixth and final event in the International Skating Union's Grand Prix series and is the last chance for skaters to qualify for the Dec 10-13 Grand Prix Final in Barcelona.

China's Deng sweeps women's 63kg titles

China had mixed feelings while Russia won gold, silver and bronze for total in the two medal events on day six of the 2015 IWF World Championships.

Ahead of the pack

Chief of Tourism Australia looks to ‘high-yielding’ travelers and China’s expanding middle-class to drive visitor numbers.

Going with the grain

Father of hybrid rice in the Philippines pioneers new seeds to reduce dependency on imports and transform lives of farmers.

Driving ambition

Head of Indonesia’s biggest taxi operator remembers life lessons from her grandmother, who founded the company, as she steers the business in new directions.

Life & Art

A star afoot

Tragedy in Sichuan propelled a Chinese dancer to New York and a stellar career with the Martha Graham Company.

On a different planet

Director Ridley Scott's latest effort, The Martian, is cut above his previous efforts Alien and Prometheus.

Quirky News

How to fly free forever

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian can now likely fly free, in first class, with his whole family, anywhere in the world, for the rest of his life.

Suit seeks to free chimp who smokes

A US animal rights group is suing to get a chimpanzee named Candy out of an amusement park where, it says, she smokes cigarettes and is given soft drinks instead of water.

Bitter pill to stomach

The convict said she started cultivating poppy after finding out the plant cured her stomach ache.


Yuan takes center stage at summit

A gallery of experts spoke at the 2015 Corporate Finance Summit hosted by BOCOM HK Branch in Shenzhen.

'CE is keen to improve people’s livelihoods'

Chan believes that in the medium term the CE will deliver on key policies such as land and housing supply.

'Liberal Party gets on well with govt'

Felix Chung believes proposed ITB will be approved by legislators in October.


Getting ahead of the game

Hong Kong will have a key role in Belt and Road, provided it acts fast and grabs the opportunities before others do, say panelists at the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable.