2014 fiscal revenue growth at 23-yr low

Fiscal revenue growth was down by 4.3 percentage points compared to 2012, and 1.6 percentage points lower than that for 2013.

NBA, Tencent digital tie-up expands

The new 5-yr arrangement will deliver an expanded number of live games, original programming and highlights beginning July 1.

Sino-US defense talks on Feb 5

David Helvey, US' deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia, will host the talks with Rear Admiral Li Ji.

HK property agents under the gun

The Estate Agents Authority said it had received 56 complaints concerning the sale of first-hand residential projects in 2014.

Data signal Japan turning the corner

The core consumer price index, excluding food, fell 0.2% and jobless rate dipped to 3.4%.

'Tough to alter CE threshold after 2017'

Post-2017 poll modalities after will be open to change but the threshold could stay the same.

Work starts on compensation claims

A Chinese legal team will discuss compensation with Malaysia Airlines.

Li urges to continue with MH370 search

Premier Li called on Malaysia to continue its efforts to find flight MH370 and its passengers.


Financial reforms should proceed with caution

The Hong Kong government should proceed with caution in its future plans to reform and control the city’s major financial insti...

Hong Kong must get back up the global rankings

The announcement that Hong Kong has fallen sharply down the global ranking of livable cities comes as a shock to those that liv...

Too much sitting is bad for your health!

Be honest with yourself when you answer this question, because in the truest sense of the word your very life might be at stake: How ma...

New home ownership scheme faces many hurdles

The Policy Address unveiled a pilot scheme for existing tenants and those applicants who have passed the vetting process and are eligib...

Divisions may deny SAR chance of democracy

Whichever way you look at Hong Kong’s current situation despite it being recognized as a world city, it is not a city at ease with itself.


Beijing legislates on home-based old-age care

Beijing has passed a regulation on home-based old-age care, stipulating that children are obliged to support their aged parents.

US, China to hold defense policy talks on Feb 5

David Helvey, US' deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia, will host the talks with Rear Admiral Li Ji.

China issues cloud computing directives

China intends to markedly boost cloud computing capacity by 2017, developing an Internet power by 2020.

Trainee female pilot operates submersible

China recruited six pilot trainees of deep-sea manned sub in 2013. Zhang Yi is the first trainee who has piloted Jiaolong in ocean.

Gender imbalance concerns reborn

Once the equipment is used to ascertain fetal gender, unborn boys are usually kept while unborn girls are typically aborted.

Green home shows new way of life

Sustainable house recycles water, turns waste into gas for cooking.

Making the pole their goal

Pole dancing is growing in popularity in China, where it's regarded as a good form of exercise with an image far removed from the sleazy activity associated with seedy nightclubs in the West.


Man jailed for 5 months for cash grab

A recyclables trader who hopped out of a cab to take part in an accidental armored car windfall before speeding away was sentenced to five months in jail Friday.

ATV wage hearing adjourned

The Shatin Magistrates' Court on Friday adjourned a hearing on unpaid wages of Asia Television to Feb 13.

HK shares have biggest weekly loss in 7 weeks

The Hang Seng Index fell 0.4 percent, to 24,507.05, while the China Enterprises Index lost 0.1 percent, to 11,720.10 points.

HK property agents under the gun

The Estate Agents Authority (EAA) may require property agents to make a declaration if they intend to purchase homes in first-hand residential projects they represent.

Focus HK

Time to roll the dice

After a gloomy 2014, Macao gaming revenue has yet to hit the jackpot but analysts believe fortunes will turn.

At ease in both worlds

James Shea arrives in HK at a time when universities are beginning to appreciate the model of the writer as academic. Chitralekha Basu met the poet in the lead-up to the launch of his new book, The Lost Novel.

'Smart guardian' at the door

Innovation has added strength to civilian security industry with the invention of an intelligent device hat can do much more than a surveillance camera at home or the office.


S Korean president's approval rating falls below 30%

Sixteen percent of respondents cited Park's lack of communications with the public as a main reason for negative assessment.

IS group silent as deadline passes with no swap

Families of a Japanese journalist and Jordanian military pilot remained in limbo Friday, a day after the purported deadline.

Malaysia declares MH370 an 'accident'

Malaysia has declared the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 an "accident" and that all people on board are presumed dead.

ROK, US hold talks on DPRK nuclear program

ROK and the United States on Wednesday held talks about DPRK's nuclear program and issues on the Korean Peninsula, Seoul's foreign ministry said.

Perfect storm

Asian currencies in for rough ride on strengthening dollar and global uncertainty.

Demand for yuan picks up pace

Currency internationalization proceeds as gap narrows between offshore and onshore values.

Asia Weekly


China 2014 fiscal revenue growth at 23-year low

Growth was down by 4.3 percentage points compared to 2012, and 1.6 percentage points lower than that for 2013.

China has growth potential: McKinsey

"I am very bullish on Chinese economy," McKinsey's global managing director Dominic Barton told Xinhua on Wednesday.

Asian shares sluggish

Nikkei rises in early trade after upbeat economic data; US crude steadies after touching new lows overnight.

Eye on Asia

New dangers for Pakistanis fleeing offensive

For decades Afghans have fed into Pakistan to escape war and upheaval,but in recent months the tide has reversed.

Thai vigilantes combat human trafficking

Despite pledges by Thailand's military junta to combat human trafficking, the volunteers say the influx of illegal migrants is growing.

Israel's center-left looks to unseat Netanyahu

The opposition also blames Netanyahu for Israel's high cost of living and for deteriorating relations with the US.


Australia's attack faces S Korea for Asian Cup

Australia, the tournament's highest-scoring team with 12 goals in five games, takes on a South Korean lineup that is yet to concede a goal in five games.

Williams, Sharapova to continue a lopsided rivalry

Serena Williams has won her last 15 straight encounters with Maria Sharapova - one of the longest winning streaks between two players in women's tennis.

NBA in expanded digital partnership with Tencent

The new 5-yr arrangement will deliver an expanded number of live games, original programming and highlights beginning July 1.

Oodles of success

One man’s bold vision revived a vermicelli enterprise and turned it into China’s largest exporter of the product.

Filling the plate

Maxim’s chairman has revamped the popular Hong Kong restaurant brand into a hugely successful collection of diverse dining outlets.

Power to transform

Overcoming the skeptics to build UAE's thriving Free Trade Zone was just a first step for intrepid leader who is now ready for a new challenge.

Life Style

The Retaking of Tiger Mountain

Recent interest in politically influenced operas from an earlier era has spawned new forms of art.

A miss for Swiss?

The impending rise of the Swiss franc has not caused a rush among Chinese to buy luxury watches, Sun Yuanqing reports.

Quirky News

Still single? Adopt a scorpion

Feeling the sting of rejection? The San Francisco Zoo is offering the chance to "adopt" a hissing cockroach or giant scorpion in honor of that special ex-someone for Valentine's Day.

Smoker fined $15,000 for tossing out butts

Singapore has fined a smoker S$19,800 ($15,000) for throwing cigarette butts out of his flat window, the highest ever such fine.

Chinese official blames smoked bacon for smog

While experts point to car emissions for causing foul air, a Sichuan official has laid the blame on people making smoked bacon.


Hope on wheels

The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2015 held on Jan 25 attracted more than 70,000 participants from all over the world. Other than mainstream runners, there was a dedicated contingent that rose to the wheelchair challenge. finds out from a few how they did it.

Expert calls for protection for retirees

Nelson Chow, who wrote the latest retirement protection report, believes the introduction of a universal pension scheme will improve the government’s popularity, Joseph Li writes

Strike a balance in standard working hours

It is too early to talk about standard working hour legislation, said chairman of the Standard Working Hours Committee Leong Che-hung.


Reviving the Ru

2014, the Year of the Horse in Chinese lunar calendar, has proved to be yet another successful year for Han Qin. Her application for a national scientific and technological cooperation project on research and development of Ru wares got approved.


Ideal gateway for overseas ventures

Mainland outbound direct investment (ODI) is for the first time set to exceed inbound figures, underscoring a trend where the world’s second-biggest economy is poised to become a net outbound investment destination.

If you build it, they will come

The importance of Qianhai Cooperation Zone lies not only in its pilot role of spearheading financial innovation, but also in its key role in correcting the misalignment of the country’s economic structure, said Edward Chen Kwan-yiu, president of the Qianhai Institute for Innovative Research.