China issues safety warning to Rio visitors

China has issued a safety warning after a spate of thefts and armed robberies committed against its athletes.

Hinkley Point nuclear plant faces delay

Britain will review plans to build a China-backed nuclear power plant in Hinkley Point and deliver a decision in the fall.

Fosun buys Indian pharma company

The $1.26-billion deal will be the largest overseas acquisition by a Chinese pharmaceutical company.

Bossini heiress abductors sentenced

The ringleader of the abduction of Queenie Rosita Law was given a 15-year prison term by a Shenzhen court on Friday.

China slams EU anti-dumping move

The European Commission has raised anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel bars.

Former Brazilian president to stand trial

It is the first time that Lula will stand trial for charges related to the Petrobras scandal.

Bus fire: Taiwan driver 'was drunk'

26 people, including 23 mainland tourists, were killed in the July 19 accident.

Local Zika transmission likely in US

Testing of four Florida residents showed they were likely infected by mosquito bites.


Diabetics need to be more aware of their predicament

More publicity on the serious consequences of having high blood sugar levels should be conducted by government departments and ...

Judicial review application premature

The actions of three ‘pro-independence’ activists who have filed a judicial review application challenging the EAC are unreason...

Declaration echoes popular will

Requiring candidates to sign an extra confirmation form to declare their understanding of the Basic Law is vital to HK’s fundamental in...

Who run the world? — More women leaders in world politics

Women are arguably more compassionate and conciliatory than men — qualities that are increasingly important in today’s increasingly vio...

‘Real play’ has an important role in early childhood development

It is opportune of the Education Bureau to take a proactive, strategic response to the concerns that are being expressed by various sta...


Selling local sounds

Many artists in Nepal are surviving with a lot of shows that are abroad.

Pocket-sized selfie drones and a smarter hoverboard

Pocket-sized selfie drones and a smarter hoverboard. Tech China's weekly wrap of the latest in tech coming out of China.

Drone and Phone - Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is one of Hong Kong Island’s most scenic ‪beaches‬, and the only one officially recognized for ‪surfing‬.


China puts $46 billion into Africa's economy

Officials from both sides met in Beijing on Friday to discuss achievements since a December summit.

Taiwan driver in deadly bus crash was drunk, say police

The driver of a Taiwan tour bus that crashed and burst into flames killing all 26 on board, was driving drunk.

China, Russia voice serious concern over THAAD

Chinese Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Kong Xuanyou & Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov met in Moscow.

Xi urges enhanced capacity to fight disaster

Xi made the remarks on Thursday during an inspection tour of Tangshan, which was hit by a devastating earthquake 40 years ago.

Innovation becomes coveted city tag in China

Chinese cities are fiercely competing to win reputations for accommodating business startups and mass innovation.

Remembering the city that died in one night

Tangshan, Hebei province, was hit by a massive earthquake that caused more than 240,000 deaths.

Flooding fuels food safety concerns

Since the rainy season began in early June, millions of domestic animals have been washed away in flooding.


Bossini heiress kidnappers sentenced in Shenzhen

The ringleader of the abduction of Queenie Rosita Law was given a 15-year prison term by a Shenzhen court on Friday.

Intense competition expected in LegCo election

The Registration and Electoral Office received 154 nominations for the coming Sept 4 Legislative Council election.

HK needs to boost innovation: Experts

Hong Kong should boost innovation to compete with rivals like Shanghai and Singapore, economic experts said.

759 Store shuffles stock to combat losses

CEC International Holdings Ltd, the operator of the grocery chain 759 Store, said it swung to a net loss of HK$29.7 million for the 12 months ended April 30.

Focus HK

Ani-Com and Games exhibition kicks off

The 18th Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong (Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong) kicks off on Friday.

Into the wide unknown

Graduates of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou explore how real and make-believe co-exist in the internet era at a show in HK’s Hanart TZ Gallery.

Pokemon fever grips the city

A new and strange phenomenon has gripped the city seemingly overnight following the release of Pokemon Go .


Turkey army kills 35 in foiling attack at army base

Turkey's army killed 35 Kurdish militants after they attempted to storm a base in Hakkari, military officials said.

Up to 1 million could flee Iraq: Red Cross

Up to 1 million people could be forced to flee their homes in Iraq soon as fighting intensifies in a govt offensive to retake Mosul.

15 dead as floods hit bus carrying wedding party in Pakistan

As many as 55 people have been killed across Pakistan since the monsoon rains started in July.

US military returns a large portion of Okinawa

The US military said on Friday it was preparing to hand back to the Japanese government more than a sixth of the land from Okinawa.

Festivals turn up the volume

Music events in Asia are moving into the mainstream as growth transforms subculture into a popular and profitable industry.

Asia rocks

Music events are becoming all the rage across the region as festivalgoers, brands and governments move with the beat.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Fosun buys Indian pharma company

The $1.26 billion deal will be the largest overseas acquisition by a Chinese pharmaceutical company.

New nuclear plant backed by China must await Britain's nod

Britain said it would review plans to build a Chinese-backed nuclear power plant and deliver a final decision in the fall.

China criticizes EU anti-dumping move on steel bars

The European Commission's latest move "provided unjustifiable protection for the EU steel industry," China's Ministry of Commerce said.

Eye on Asia

Egypt moves steadily towards eliminating HCV

Egypt, which has the highest prevalence of the HCV in the world, is stepping up efforts to control the spread of the viral disease.

Japan to upgrade Patriot batteries for Olympics

The move represents the most significant upgrade to Japan's missile defence system in a decade.

Indian 'orphans' face abuse, neglect in homes

Dhanalakshmi was 14 and pregnant when she was rescued from a children's home in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.


Rio: China warns after attacks on Olympic delegates

The warning came after a spate of thefts and armed robberies against Chinese athletes.

Neymar to captain Brazil in Rio

The 24-year-old Barcelona forward has led Brazil's senior national team for the past two years.

Australia team safe after Rio Olympic Village fire evacuation

The Australian team evacuated their building at the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro because of a fire in the basement on Friday.

Chasing a dream

An avowed Sinophile and China head of a South Korean conglomerate sets mega target for growth of his business

All the right moves

With a passion for technology and supply chain innovations, this Singaporean Businessman of the Year is helping to redefine the logistics industry.

One for all

Scion of prominent Hong Kong-based Indian family is devoted to charity and inspires others to donate.

Life & Art

A 'dream world' for Snoopy fans

The Snoopy Museum Tokyo offers small touches for visitors including four different cartoon strips printed daily on tickets.

Making virtual reality even more realistic

Virtual reality technologies are useful in facial motion detection and dangerous job training.

Quirky News

What's troubling athletes in Rio? No Pokemon Go

If there were ever a more "First World problem" for the Zika-plagued Rio Olympics, it's Brazil's lack of access to the hit mobile game.

Bikini-clad cop makes arrest while sunbathing

She was off duty and wearing a bikini but that didn't stop Swedish police officer Mikaela Kellner from catching a suspected thief.

Are Swedes having less sex? Govt wants to know

The Swedish government is launching a study of the sex lives of the country's citizens after reports that lovemaking is on the wane.


China Watch expands with Russian edition

China Daily launched on Tuesday its Russian edition of China Watch in partnership with leading Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Chartering a course for homes owners

Property guru Nicholas Brooke says HK’s real estate is here to stay despite the ups and downs in the past few years.


Retail at crossroads

Industry leaders see potential in e-commerce, big data to better serve customers.