HK ranked second in world competitiveness

According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, HK rank rose to the 2nd among the 61 economies assessed, only after US.

Measures rolled out to curb dusk

Beijing and Tianjin will give financial and technological support to four cities to help them tackle air pollution.

FIFA case: US$150m in bribes

Prosecutors announced the racketeering conspiracy and other charges against 14 defendants with FIFA.

Spain a partner for new market: Li

China and Spain should work together to develop new markets in the developing world to promote economic growth,Li said.

China April industrial profits up 2.6%

Profits of Chinese industrial businesses rose to 479.5 billion yuan in April, official data...

HKEx hits record on funds spike talk

HKEx shares hit a record high as investors bet that policy changes on the mainland will spu...

Mutual-fund link sparks stocks euphoria

HK benchmark hits seven-year high on hopes of heavy mainland funds inflow.

China to take a global step forward

Membership in the elite reserve-currency club beckons, but it brings with it some obligations.


HK to rediscover 'can-do spirit’

HK needs to return to the old spirit of hard work, enterprise and discipline that famously transformed it into one of Asia’s ‘t...

Opposition should be careful what they wish for

Democratic systems, like any other systems of governance, are only as good as the people who administer them.

Time for us to question what education is for?

There has probably never been a human culture which has set so much store by education as the Chinese.

Heed women’s voice

The latest opinion poll on constitutional reform commissioned by All-China Women’s Federation Hong Kong Delegates Association indicates...

Military paper conveys defensive commitment

China's new defense strategy white paper is the country's latest effort to improve its military transparency.


Li: Spain a partner for new market

China and Spain should work together to develop new markets in the developing world to promote economic growth,Premier said.

Rolling out measures to tackle air pollution

Beijing and Tianjin will give financial and technological support to four cities in Hebei province to help them tackle air ...

Suspected S Korean infectee with MERS goes to China

A S Korean man suspected of being infected with the deadly viral disease went to China for a business trip.

Prosecutors act to curb child abuse

Official pledges zero tolerance approach toward attacks against minors and sexual exploitation.

Anji cleans up by cleaning up

Local authorities in Anji county, Zhejiang province, have proved that it's possible to stimulate and maintain economic growth without endangering the local environment.

China's forgotten army

During the Japanese occupation of Manchuria and also during World War II, a small, Communist-led guerrilla force was at the forefront of resistance in Northeast China. Now, that contribution is set to win the respect it deserves.

Coming in from the cold

The stigma surrounding leprosy is fading in China as the public gains greater knowledge and understanding of the disease. However, many challenges still remain.


HK ranked world 2nd most competitive economy

According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, HK rank rose to the second among the 61 economies assessed, only after US.

Akers-Jones advises HK lawmakers to vote wisely

Former colonial-era chief secretary Sir David Akers-Jones is concerned about whether enough opposition lawmakers will vote according to their conscience on the electoral reform proposals.

Curbs in land sales should stay: Experts

Temporary suspension of restrictions draws flak as property prices keep rising.

Opposition members need ‘long-term view’

Opposition lawmakers should take a long-term view during their meeting with central government officials.

Focus HK

Just don’t let the sparks fly

A Hong Kong company has taken a gigantic step forward in helping to tackle forest fires on the mainland by coming up with a robot that can do man’s job and detect fires timely and accurately.

Tying up with Tianhe-2

A supercomputing machine in Guangzhou has the potential to make research in HK much more easy and effective.

Winning over hearts and minds

As the aspirations for entrepreneurship among young Hong Kong people grow, experts have cautioned that what they severely lack is a self-brand, plus a great innovative effort to make them stand out.


US, Iranian to focus on nuclear deal in weekend talks

US and Iranian diplomats plan to meet this weekend in Switzerland as efforts intensify to reach a comprehensive nuclear accord.

ROK, US and Japan discuss DPRK issues

The top nuclear envoys from three countries agreed Wednesday on the need to urged DPRK to engage in serious negotiations.

Over 1,100 die in heat wave across India

More than 1,100 people have died due to intense heat wave across India in the last one week, an official said Wednesday.

Iraq announces launch of operation to drive IS

Iraq on Tuesday announced the launch of a military operation to drive the IS group out of the western Anbar province

Changing matrix

Chinese investment soars in Australia as both countries seek a 'new normal’ in growth.

A ‘positive signal’ for closer ties

Sino-Indian relations take center stage as Modi’s visit sees call to work as partners, not competitors.

Asia Weekly


Making it big in China's Silicon Valley

A growing group of young, talented graduates are heading to the Huaqiangbei area of Shenzhen in search of the next great business idea.

Duzhe seeks $81m in Shanghai listing

Duzhe Publishing & Media Co Ltd, the publisher of China's most popular magazine The Duzhe (Readers), is to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Asia stocks uneven as Greece deadline looms

Asian stocks were uneven Thursday as hopes in Europe for a Greek bailout were welcomed by some regional markets and a cheap yen kept the upswing in Tokyo shares going.

Eye on Asia

Nepalese homemakers learning manual skills

One month has passed since the devastating quake struck this beautiful Himalayan nation, stripping thousands of people of their homes with little chance of a quick recovery.

Rohingya face stark reality in Malaysia

Malaysia has been a sort of promised land for Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Myanmar.

Asia domestic workers fight for better life

Asia is home to 41 percent of the estimated 53 million domestic workers worldwide.


Bacca the star as Sevilla win Europa League

With two goals from Carlos Bacca, Spanish club won over Ukraine's Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in Wednesday's final.

FIFA: US$150m in bribes, dozen schemes

Prosecutors announced the racketeering conspiracy and other charges against 14 defendants with FIFA.

China the most promising market for Bayern

China has become Bayern Munich's most important market as the Bundesliga powerhouse foresee a bright picture for the nation.

Reel impact

Festival director puts his mark on Tokyo film event with an injection of animation and more focus on domestic fare.

A taste for better ties

Tycoon behind top-selling snack brand inspires factory workers and presidents in his mission to improve Sino-Philippine relations.

Mothers: Israel’s secret weapon

Godfather of nation's high-tech industry reveals the matriarchal pressures that drove him to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Life Style

Jurassic is back

The dinosaur movie franchise is part of the collective memory for generations of Chinese, and now the latest installment is about to roar back into cinemas.

Grilling, South Africa style

It's the season for braai, the popular barbecue savored from Capetown to Johannesburg.

Quirky News

Hokkaido melons fetch US$12,000 at auction

A pair of melons grew in Yubari city of Hokkaido hit 1.5 million yen at auction - the 4th highest over the past 10 years.

Grow up!

A young black bear has been a backyard spectacle in a central Louisiana neighborhood in the US.

'Childish' Abbott

The government in Australia's Victoria state has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of "childish" tactics.


Fun in the bubble

Bubble soccer, a favorite game across the world, was introduced to Hong Kong a year ago and added new flavor.

Expert calls for protection for retirees

Nelson Chow, who wrote the latest retirement protection report, believes the introduction of a universal pension scheme will improve the government’s popularity, Joseph Li writes

Strike a balance in standard working hours

It is too early to talk about standard working hour legislation, said chairman of the Standard Working Hours Committee Leong Che-hung.


The human factor

John Malpas, president of HKU’s Centennial College, has introduced a couple of inter-disciplinary programs with a view to breaking fresh ground in management education.


Diversity poses challenge to further regional integration

Spotlight turns on issues including security and culture as ASEAN common market looms in pivotal year for group.

Keeping movie goals within reach is key

Forum hears how regional productions must set sights on success in neighboring markets before eyeing Hollywood.