China's industrial profit decline quickens

Profits of China's major industrial firms fell 2.9% year on year in July, sharply down from 0.3% decline posted in June.

China stocks climb, Shanghai up 4.8%

China stocks continued recovery with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbing 4.82% to close at 3,232.35 points.

State Council official meets HK leaders

The deputy director of the HK and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council Feng Wei met members of the Democratic Party.

Tourism blow as HK dollar stronger

Analysts see headwinds galore for the Hong Kong economy in the second half what with the shock yuan depreciation.

Property investment rules eased

National cap on purchases by foreign businesses, individuals removed.

Dozens found dead in truck in Austria

Dozens of refugees were found dead in a truck near the town Pandorf in eastern Austria.

China, Iran pledge closer cooperation

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Iranian Vice President Ali-Akbar Salehi met in Beijing.

China stocks rebound after 5-day slide

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbed 5.34 percent to close at 3,083.59 points.


Why Aug 15, 1945 still matters

Jocelyn Chey says that in the 70 years since the end of the Pacific War, the people of Asia have taken charge of their own dest...

How to help HK people abroad

Raymond So says that because more SAR people are traveling overseas the risk of them getting into difficulties is increasing, p...

RIP cash? Instant, online finance is here to stay

In the first half of this year, Internet lending hit 300.6 billion yuan, more than the total 252.8 billion yuan for the whole of 2014.

World economy still resilient against crisis

Despite the slumps in the stock markets of many countries, the global economic situation is improving, albeit slowly.

Korean Peninsula needs more talks, not tension

It is a great relief that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea reached a deal on Tuesday to ease the ten...


Wonderland in the deep

For more than 10 years, John Ng has been diving in the waters around Hong Kong and overseas creating amazing snapshots of the extraordinary sea life and animals underneath.

Organic Wordplay

In this episode of Hong Kong Enquirer Andrea Deng looks into the murky world of organic food.

Heart of a city

Every city has areas that shine for a few decades and then fade away but none so visible as Shantou.


Obama adviser in China ahead of Xi's US trip

US national security adviser Susan Rice met State Councilor Yang Jiechi to help lay the groundwork for President Xi's trip.

Lien Chan to attend V-Day celebration in Beijing

Fomer chairman of Taiwan's Kuomingtang and representatives from the island's various sectors have been invited and will be ...

Overtime is norm for white-collar workers

Working such long hours can be harmful to employee health.

No troops sent to border with DPRK: Ministry

The Ministry of National Defense has dismissed a rumor that China's PLA was reinforcing the border with the DPRK.

Final farewell to the plateau

Xu Fengxiang is a legend in Chinese ecological circles, and has been credited with safeguarding and saving one of the country's most fragile ecosystems.

The spy who saved the Soviets

Yan Baohang was one of China's most effective wartime intelligence agents and a trusted adviser to the Nationalist government, despite being a covert Communist. Today, this secretive man is remembered for an intervention that helped to bring Japan's occupation of China to an end.

Tianjin: How did this happen?

At least 123 people were killed after the massive explosion. Now residents want to know went wrong.


State Council official meets Democratic Party leaders

The deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council Feng Wei met with the members.

Govt defends harborfront contract

LCSD Deputy Director said it was not a commercial development and did not involve the use of public funds or land sales.

Mexico, HK sign memo on IPR protection

Mexico and China's Hong Kong signed a memorandum of understanding to protect intellectual property rights (IPR).

Riders on the storm

Analysts see headwinds galore for the Hong Kong economy in the second half, with the shock yuan depreciation expected to be among factors exerting negative impacts.

Focus HK

When ghosts come out to play

Roy Liu captures the spirit of a folk tradition observed on HK’s streets to keep one’s departed ancestors happy and entertained in their afterlives.

Expression beyond words

Jungman Kim, renowned South Korean photographer offered a tiny glimpse into the dedication and endurance needed to achieve world acclaim in photography.

The battle for recognition

Even as Hong Kong gears up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of liberation from Japanese occupation, some of the relics of the city’s terrible trial — which local historians feel are worthy of a world heritage status — lie in utter neglect.


DPRK leader dismisses top officials after standoff eases

Kim Jong-un has dismissed some top officials in the wake of a recent standoff with the Republic of Korea.

2 Iraqi generals killed in IS suicide bombing

An Islamic State suicide bomber killed two army generals as they led forces against IS positions in Anbar province west of Baghdad.

DPRK urges improved ties with ROK

A senior official from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea urged both sides to value spirit of agreement and improve inter-Korean relations.

Suu Kyi urges peace deal rethink for Myanmar rebels

Talks between more than a dozen rebel groups and the government have been held on and off again for more than 18 months.

Getting trade on fast track

Railway corridor to tap into growth in the Caspian region and play major role in the modern Silk Road initiative.

Bridging the gap

New infrastructure projects in Central Asia are paving the way for trade across borders.

Asia Weekly


China stocks climb, Shanghai up 4.8%

China stocks continued recovery with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index climbing 4.82% to close at 3,232.35 points.

Apple schedules new product event for Sept 9

But in typical fashion, Apple is only dropping vague clues about its plans.

Asian stocks rise

Asian stocks rose as upbeat US economic data lifted investors' spirits following days of stomach-churning turbulence.

Eye on Asia

Ambivalence in Indonesia towards AEC

There is growing concern over the level of commitment to the AEC, especially for a relatively new government saddled with rising protectionist and nationalist sentiment.

Lessons from orangutan conservation

The fate of Indonesia’s forested landscapes will heavily influence the future prospects of many species, humans included.

Free meals capture Sikh spirit of service

Service is one of the most integral traditions of gurdwaras, where people from all walks of life pour in to assist.


Costs in Los Angeles 2024 Olympics bid questioned

The cost of acquiring land and building an Olympic Village for athletes near downtown Los Angeles "may significantly exceed" the projected $1 billion cost, according to a report.

China wins 1st gold in athletics worlds

China claimed its first gold medal at the world athletics championships as Liu Hong and Lyu Xiuzhi finished 1-2.

Murphy leads Mets past Phillies for 7th straight win

Daniel Murphy hit a go-ahead double in the 13th inning after making a spectacular defensive play to end the 10th.

First-mover advantage may not be a household name in Australia, Europe or the United States, but in China it is the “must-go-to” site when looking for property overseas.

Print mettle

Media mogul Denise Tjokrosaputro attributes her success to a crucial factor that defined her early life.

Weaving a new image

Pakistan industry body chief hopes to win waves of fresh investment in order to revive economy, with Chinese ties to play a key role.


Equine esteem

White-collar Chinese are buying horses and galloping into a traditionally - and still predominately - elite pursuit.

Venice made simple

A star chef is back in his native northern Italy, where he makes fresh ingredients shine in a lavish restoration of a medieval palace.

Quirky News

$1m painting damaged by boy back on display

A US$1.54 million masterpiece by an 17th century Italian artist was back on display after a 12-year-old boy tripped, fell and punched a hole in the canvass.

Never too old to find love

A park in Victoria has signed up Patrick the wombat to a dating service in honor of the furry bachelor turning 30 years old this weekend.

'Oldest message in bottle' discovered

Tossed into the North Sea sometime between 1904 and 1906 by researchers, the bottle was found on a German beach by a couple in April.


HK's testing and certification industry set to increase role on mainland

Hong Kong's testing and certification industry is set to play a bigger role on the Chinese mainland market.

'Liberal Party gets on well with govt'

Felix Chung believes proposed ITB will be approved by legislators in October.

HK’s poor need more help

Wong Hung, an associate professor of social work at the CUHK, noted that the poverty situation in HK was serious.


Going the distance

Inspired by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Global Tourism Economy Forum embarked on a Pacific Alliance mission, starting a virtuous cycle of events to create momentum in driving exchange, multilateral cooperation and economic growth in global tourism.