China says must learn from Paris attacks

Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun said China must strengthen the sharing of intelligence on counter-terrorism.

Falls kill more Chinese than illness

Men are more likely to die from a fall than certain cancers in some regions of China, according to a Lancet study.

Hungary to issue bonds in yuan

Hungary will issue government bonds denominated in yuan together with the Bank of China to attract more Asian investors.

Unsuccessful candidate arrested

HK District Council election candidate Nakade Hitsujiko has been arrested for alleged money laundering.

France reports bird flu outbreak

The H5N1 bird flu outbreak among chickens is the first to be reported in France since 2007.

Climate: China urges 'differentiated onus'

The Paris talks should be realistic about capabilities of developed and developing countries.

Russia says won't wage war on Turkey

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said China was paying close attention to the incident.

2015 set to be hottest on record: UN

2016 could be even hotter due to a strong El Nino and human-induced global warming.


‘Appreciate HK’ aims to heal divisions in our society

Hong Kong is our home. Let us show some appreciation for the good life this city has offered us.

Voters want service not sedition

Ho Lok-sang says the district election shows radical leaders are out of favor, and the opposition camp should realize that Hong...

Safety of Chinese nationals overseas in the spotlight

As a country which deems terrorism and extremism a common enemy of mankind, China is poised to play a more active role in combating the...

Welfare houses belie promise

Doing a good job in providing affordable homes for those on low incomes is a duty the government should shoulder and helps the governme...

All births entitled to household registration

The recent family planning policy adjustment that allows all couples to have two children has brought into the spotlight those resident...


Winter in Macau

The city's gambling industry is suffering a cold winter.

Nervous over Fed rates

Why raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve would affect Asia's bond market.

Stronger at 25

Singapore and China, a diplomatic relationship of a quarter century.


Police crack US$4.5b underground bank

The underground banking network allegedly handled US$4.5b worth of illegal transactions at Agricultural Bank of China alone.

China says must learn from Paris attacks

Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun said China must strengthen the sharing of intelligence on counter-terrorism.

Falls kill more Chinese men than illness: Lancet

Falls, either unintentional or as suicide, were among the top 15 causes of death for Chinese men from 1990 to 2013.

Climate: China urges 'differentiated onus'

China would like the Paris Climate Conference to be realistic about the capabilities of developed and developing countries.

Countryside credit reducing rural poverty

Reductions in interest rates, coupled with lower reserve requirements for local commercial banks, are helping to create more jobs for residents of disadvantaged areas.

China, ASEAN eye new prospects for ties

China's Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, is heralding new prospects for cooperation between China and countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

China looks West to tighten bonds

Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries expect to bring their bilateral ties with China to a new height under the framework of China-CEE cooperation.


URA urged to reconsider income ceiling

The URA was urged to explain a HK$60,000 monthly income ceiling for single applicants for applying a subsidized project.

Unsuccessful candidate arrested for money laundering

District Council election candidate Nakade Hitsujiko who advocated for turning Hong Kong into a "city-state" was arrested Wednesday.

Shares end lower

The Hang Seng index fell 0.4 percent, to 22,498.00, while the China Enterprises Index lost 0.3 percent, to 10,127.87 points.

Govt to promote use of English at schools

Secretary for Education Eddie Ng said there is room for improvement in the English curriculum for local schools.

Focus HK

Vanishing execs a vexatious mystery

They're not plot outlines for crime novels but real life cases lifted from the normally dry Hong Kong stock exchange filings.

Losing more than weight

As the tribe of painfully thin people keeps multiplying in HK, Ming Yeung asks medical professionals about ways to cope with extreme cases of eating disorder.

On the kindness of strangers

HK’s reputation for supporting charitable causes is well-earned. But those warm hearts and good intentions may easily fall prey to scoundrels.


Revised nuclear deal between ROK, US takes effect

The treaty opens the possibility of the ROK gaining the ability to enrich uranium to produce non-weapons-grade nuclear fuel.

Russia says will not wage war on Turkey

President Vladimir Putin said Russia will deploy the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in Syria's Hmeimim airbase.

US raises military aid to Philippines

The United States has raised its military aid to the Philippines this year to US$79 million, the US ambassador said.

Japan should accept more refugees: UN

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees told reporters in Tokyo he was discussing the problem with Japanese officials.

High stakes gamble across Asia Pacific

Casino operators are betting on more gaming tables in the region as some countries aim to relax regulations

Bets are off

Odds stacked against Asia’s casino industry as revenues decline, but optimism remains.

Asia Weekly's long form multimedia story


Hungary to issue bonds in yuan

Hungary will issue government bonds denominated in yuan together with the Bank of China to attract more Asian investors.

Central bank chief stresses financial security

Financial security is essential to national security, Zhou Xiaochuan wrote in a People's Daily article.

Asia stocks stumble

Asian stocks were on edge with most markets stumbling as geopolitical tensions flared.

Eye on Asia

OPEC to stay course despite US$20 oil fears

Any policy U-turn would be possible only if large producers outside OPEC, notably Russia, were to join coordinated output cuts.

No respite for S Korea's corporate bond issuers

Soaring bond yields have dashed any hope of the country's corporate bond market being a source of cheaper financing.

IS build network of tunnels under Iraqi town

Islamic State group militants had boxes of US-made ammunition, medicines and copies of the Quran stashed on shelves there.


Rio mayor guarantees Olympic Games security

Security concerns have heightened following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.

China's Lu fails to make a total at weightlifting worlds

Lu failed to make a total but won the snatch, a Kazakhstan athlete who was once a flag-bearer for Azerbaijan won the total.

Ex-NBA player Tyler joins China's Fujian SBS

Tyler started his NBA career in 2011 and had previously played in the Warriors, Eagles, Knicks and Rockets.

Ahead of the pack

Chief of Tourism Australia looks to ‘high-yielding’ travelers and China’s expanding middle-class to drive visitor numbers.

Going with the grain

Father of hybrid rice in the Philippines pioneers new seeds to reduce dependency on imports and transform lives of farmers.

Driving ambition

Head of Indonesia’s biggest taxi operator remembers life lessons from her grandmother, who founded the company, as she steers the business in new directions.

Life & Art

Imelda Marcos jewelry being appraised

The pieces include a barrel-shaped diamond worth at least $5 million and a Cartier diamond tiara that's likely multiple times more valuable than the previous estimate of $30,000 to $50,000.

Restoring a natural treasure

Once a 41,000 hectare haven for fishermen, the lake was dying by early 2000. Now, a decade after a project to revive it was started, the water body in Hubei province is coming back to life.

Quirky News

How to fly free forever

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian can now likely fly free, in first class, with his whole family, anywhere in the world, for the rest of his life.

Suit seeks to free chimp who smokes

A US animal rights group is suing to get a chimpanzee named Candy out of an amusement park where, it says, she smokes cigarettes and is given soft drinks instead of water.

Bitter pill to stomach

The convict said she started cultivating poppy after finding out the plant cured her stomach ache.


Yuan takes center stage at summit

A gallery of experts spoke at the 2015 Corporate Finance Summit hosted by BOCOM HK Branch in Shenzhen.

'CE is keen to improve people’s livelihoods'

Chan believes that in the medium term the CE will deliver on key policies such as land and housing supply.

'Liberal Party gets on well with govt'

Felix Chung believes proposed ITB will be approved by legislators in October.


Getting ahead of the game

Hong Kong will have a key role in Belt and Road, provided it acts fast and grabs the opportunities before others do, say panelists at the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable.