China's manufacturing pace at 2-yr high

The purchasing managers' index rose to 51.7 in July, up from 51 in June, according to data released on Friday

Taiwan gas blasts toll rises to 24

Death toll from the gas leak explosions that hit Kaohsiung city of China's Taiwan on Thursday has climbed to 20...

'Military drill isn't targeting any nation'

China rejected any suggestion that its ongoing intensive military exercises, sent a message to any country

Gaza set for 3-day truce

Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip have agreed to a three-day humanitarian truce to begin Friday morning

Multinational bribery cases on the rise

Prosecuting departments have been handling an increasing number of cases involving bribery ...

George W. Bush writes book about role-model father

His paintings made news worldwide, but it turns out that former President George W. Bush ha...

Ebola fears grow across globe

Fears that the African Ebola outbreak could spread to other continents grew on Wednesday wi...

Snowden stays below the radar as Russian residency permit expires

Fugitive US intelligence agent Edward Snowden marked one year of political asylum in Russia...


The moral dilemmas of dual nationality

The rights and moral obligations associated with the holding of more than one country’s passport are an issue that affects a si...

HK’s future clouded by economic uncertainty

Recently certain financial and academic institutions have simultaneously revised their forecasts for Hong Kong’s economic perfo...

Vision for hukou reform

In this vision, nominally there will be no rural hukou and urban hukou, and both rural and urban dwellers will be registered as residents.

A globalizing China benefits world

Globalization must be an especially complex phenomenon and challenging task for China, an ancient nation with rich and weighty tradition.

Caging corrupt 'tigers'

For months, as his relatives and former underlings were caught up in the anti-graft dragnet one after another, the fate of Zhou Yongkan...


Gas explosions kill 24, injure 271 in Taiwan

Death toll from the gas leak explosions that hit Kaohsiung city of China's Taiwan on Thursday has climbed to 20, latest data from the island's firefighting authority showed.

'Military drill isn't targeting any nation'

China rejected any suggestion on Thursday that its ongoing military exercises, believed to be some of the most extensive of...

Extremists murder imam in Xinjiang

Three people attacked and killed the imam of Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar, south Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, after he performed the rout...

Multinational bribery cases on the rise

Prosecuting departments have been handling an increasing number of cases involving bribery offered by multinational companies to governmen...

Helping to heal abroad

Program taps Chinese nurses to plug staffing shortages in the West, report Zhao Ruixue in Weihai, Shandong province and Zhou Wa in Beijing.

Court hears first gay 'conversion therapy' case

A homosexual Chinese man is suing a psychological clinic for carrying out electric shocks intended to turn him straight

Happy homecoming for retired ambassador

Giant pandas born overseas learn to adapt back in China, reports Huang Zhiling in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province.


Alliance to launch online platform for anti-Occupy petition

The Alliance for Peace and Democracy will kick off an online platform for its petition against the "Occupy Central" campaign on Saturday

HK students to benefit from mainland study subsidy scheme

HK students studying in the Chinese mainland will be able to claim upwards of HK$15,000...

HK, China shares post best month since 2012

China and Hong Kong shares posted their best monthly performance since 2012 on Thursday, though gains for the day were capped by weakness in a few Chinese heavyweight companies

Employer weightage can skew job hrs views

Lopsided representations by employers may skew views into setting up standard working hours in Hong Kong according to a public consultation committee.

Focus HK

Just for fun

A young, innovative entrepreneur has found immense flavor with mainland social network users through a playful and hilarious app invention. The app has spread like a virus, allowing users of all ages to enhance their relationships. Chai Hua reports.

Revving up for dollars

Hong Kong’s street protests, demonstrations and sit-ins have given the impression that our youths are spoiled brats throwing tantrums at the slightest provocation. But this rebellious façade has belied a cherished tradition that still lives in the hearts of a growing number of young people — entrepreneurship. Sophie He reports.

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Israel, Palestinian militants agree to 3-day truce

Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip have agreed to a three-day humanitarian truce as peace is negotiated

US V-P welcomes Japan's expanded military role

US Vice-President Joe Biden has welcomed Japan's decision to loosen restrictions on its military to allow greater use of force to defend other countries

Indian mudslide toll touches 51

Rescuers using earth-moving equipment and their bare hands dug through heavy mud and debris on Thursday after a landslide engulfed an entire village in western India, killing at least 30 people and leaving about 100 missing and feared dead.

Investigators reach Ukraine jet crash site

An international team of investigators on Thursday managed to reach the crash site of the Malaysia Airline Flight 17 for the first time since it was brought down by a missile two weeks ago

Digging deeper

China’s private companies are rising to the challenge of overseas mining while state-owned enterprises step aside

Breaking new ground in Myanmar

Revised mining law will allow foreign investors, including Chinese firms, to tap vast underground resources

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China's manufacturing pace at 2-yr high

China's manufacturing activity quickened to the highest level in more than two years in July, reinforcing signs that the economy is firming up on government support policies.

Li offers vision of revival for Northeast

Premier Li Keqiang made proposals on Thursday to remove barriers to the development of the pioneer of the nation's industrialization in the 1950s to the 1970s, a broad area of Northeast China that covers Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and an eastern section of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Asia stocks pressured by Wall St, but China helps

Asian shares pared losses on Friday as data showing a surprisingly strong pick up in Chinese manufacturing helped take some of the sting out of a slump on Wall Street.

Eye on Asia

India meth problem grows

India is home to one of the world's biggest chemical industries and a major source of key meth ingredients ephedrine, pseudoephedrine

Splintering Iraq reaches breaking point

Salman Khaled has lived through Baghdad's sectarian disintegration; with Iraq now splintering into Shiite, Sunni Arab and Kurdish regions, he says this time the survival...

Vietnamese taste for cat puts pets in peril

The enduring popularity of "little tiger" as a snack to accompany a beer in Vietnam means that cat owners live in constant fear of animal snatchers.


Pearson brings much-needed good news to Australian camp

World champion hurdler Sally Pearson has helped deliver some much-needed good news to the Australian Commonwealth Games team after two ugly incidents cast a pall over the team's campaign.

Firestone will give Tiger a gauge

Tiger Woods finds out over the next two weeks if his season is over or just getting started.

Gerrard: Past 3 mths 'worst of my life'

Steven Gerrard says the slip that arguably ended Liverpool's title hopes and England being knocked out the World Cup in the group stages have contributed to what has been "probably the worst three months of my life".

Prawn to greatness

China's largest exporter of the seafood has overcome leagal challenges to make the most of overseas opportunities

Bricks and mortar of IT

Indian property mogul has built a fortune creating industrial space for technology firms in Bangalore

Rebuilding Myanmar

Hard work helped serge pun escape turbulent childhood to become a tycoon instrumental in nation’s development

Life Style

Love knows no border

When Chinese actress Tang Wei wed South Korean director Kim Tae-yong, they joined a growing number of international couples from the two countries walking down the aisle. Xu Lin reports.

Education, philanthropy and bouquets

A Chinese property baron sets off a debate about the worthiness of charity recipients

Quirky News

Down the drain

Australian budget airline Jetstar apologised after a crew member told passengers to flush away "anything you shouldn't have".

Argentina tells world to stop bothering bear

Argentina's last captive polar bear will remain in the country despite a petition by more than a half million people asking that it be moved to Canada

T-shirt typo turns heads at Mandela bicycle ride

Cyclists traversing Johannesburg in Nelson Mandela's honor wore T-shirts with one of his many inspiring quotations, along with a glaring typographical error in the word "freedom."


A different twist

Traditional Chinese joss papers have always been associated with the deceased and apparitions, Auyeung Ping Chi is trying to add an altogether different dimension to them.

Cleaner fuel vital for energy generation

In the opinion of William Yu, chief executive of World Green Organisation, emissions from power generation in Hong Kong are under strict control, while most polluting emissions come from the vehicles.

'HK on a unique path to democracy'

Hong Kong is taking a unique path to democracy and should not copy foreign models of democratic development, Lau Siu-kai, vice-president of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, said on Thursday.


Crazy football

Football has the charm that makes the world crazy. After a breathtaking World Cup, the June round of China Daily’s College Photo Contest, “Crazy Football”, has concluded. Among works submitted by university students from all around China, Breakthrough, by Liu Zheng of Guangxi University Of Foreign Languages, won the first prize. Two second and five third prizes were also awarded.


Retailing Strategies in Asia: The Next Generation

Retailers have to differentiate themselves and offer an...

Tapping the mainland’s e-commerce potential

Glamour Sales China, the pan Asian authorized luxury private sales company...