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Friday, October 16, 2020, 15:27
Ocean Park
By China Daily Lifestyle Premium
Friday, October 16, 2020, 15:27 By China Daily Lifestyle Premium

One of Hong Kong’s leading leisure destinations reopens its dynamic doors 

The newly opened hiking trail underneath Ocean Park’s iconic cable cars offers visitors plenty of Instagrammable moments while learning about the local ecosystem

Lau Ming-wai, the chairman of Ocean Park, says that the park is set to surprise visitors with a series of extraordinary, all-new experiences

Every Hongkonger’s favourite playground is back in action after its temporary two-month closure. The newly reinvigorated Ocean Park allows visitors to chill out and get closer to nature with a series of exclusive offers and new outdoor initiatives, while also ensuring strict anti-pandemic measures are in place to protect their health.

“Our team did not slow down in the rethink of the park’s future and direction,” says chairman Lau Ming-wai. “We have taken the chance to conduct a broad engagement and edutainment programme, and to curate new experiences for our visitors.”

To entice Hong Kong residents with a welcome-back sweetener, there’s a new Unlimited Entry Pass offer at HK$498 (valid from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021), as well as a 35% discount on admission tickets at HK$320. Conscious of staycations as the big trend of 2020, the park has also responded accordingly. “With the Green Staycation set to be launched this October, we are inviting visitors to rediscover Ocean Park’s uniqueness through a series of activities ranging from yoga to hiking, which will advocate eco-conservation and well-being,” says Lau.

With the new Green Staycation, visitors will immerse themselves in the hidden gems of Ocean Park and get to experience the park like never before. Whether it’s by practising yoga or meditating under a vivid blue sky or under the sea, or by conquering the trail route under the cable cars (open to the public for the first time ever), visitors will feast their eyes on the stunning views of southern Hong Kong as they enjoy a multitude of Instagrammable moments while learning about the local ecosystem. Visitors also have the chance to revel under the panoramic, starry night sky in the park’s exclusive new campsite at the Summit. 

Proceeds from the new activities will be donated to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. It’s about time to get back to nature and go full-on immersion at Ocean Park.

Practise yoga at out-of-the-ordinary venues, including one that makes visitors feel like they’re under the sea

Visitors can content themselves under the starry night sky by staying in the park’s exclusive new campsite at the Summit

A world of wonders awaits at Ocean Park

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