CE leads National Day celebrations in HK

CE Leung Chun-ying and prominent members of the local community attended a reception to mark the National Day on Saturday.

Duterte wants 'soft-landing' on sea issue

Duterte wants a "soft landing" on the sea issue, his communications chief said in an exclusive interview with China Daily.

China's manufacturing activity expands

Manufacturing PMI stood at 50.4 in September, while the non-manufacturing PMI increased to 53.7 from 53.5 in August.

Heavier penalties for telecom scammers

The order from China's top court came following the deaths of two students who were swindled in August.

Trump goes on offensive against former beauty queen

Hillary Clinton denounced Trump as "unhinged" over his attack on a former beauty queen.

California shooting videos released

Authorities have released 2 videos of police shooting an unarmed black man dead in California.

SDR: China vows further reforms

China vows to push further financial reforms after the yuan's inclusion in the IMF's SDR.

Beijing raises home down payments

The move aims to stabilize the property market in the Chinese capital.


Yuan joining the ‘elite currency club’ will herald a new epoch

Yuan’s inclusion into the SDR currency basket shows that the renminbi’s role in the global arena will continue to expand across...

Hong Kong filmmakers can learn from the mainland’s ‘smart’ promotion strategy

The marketing crew of a film can ask several KOLs (key opinion leaders) to comment on the movie — it doesn’t even have to be a ...

Wang Chau row can be settled with participation of all stakeholders

To deal with the complicated issues, the government needs to actively launch public consultations to engage the public and deliver the ...

Developing brownfield sites in HK no easy task

The Wang Chau development plan is just the beginning.

Better consular protection for HK people overseas

Ways for overseas citizens to get better protection: Incidents of HK-based Chinese citizens requiring consular protection have increase...


Drone and Phone - Rafting

Yang Shuo has many beautiful fresh mountain springs and rivers. Grab a buddy, jump in a rubber raft and follow the rapids!

Hanjin’s Shipping Crisis

The collapse of a South Korean freight shipping line has triggered confusion and chaos around major ports in Asia.

Jacqueline and Her Dog’s Dog’s Life

Meet Jacqueline Wong, a dog owner who’s highest priority is her pet’s physical and mental well-being.


Telecom scammers to face harsher punishment

The top court asked judges to hand down harsher punishment for telecom scammers after the deaths of two students who were swindled in August.

Leaders mark China's progress

Top officials affirm commitment to nation's openness and engagement with the world.

China cautions against corruption in holiday

Agencies directly under the CPC Central Committee have been ordered to step up supervision against corruption and extravagance.

Yunnan killing spree sparked by family dispute

The suspect confessed to killing 19 people after a conflict with his parents, who were among the victims.

Yuan’s ascent to global reserve status

The yuan will become one of five global reserve currencies on Saturday, the culmination of several years of efforts by Chinese policy makers to gain such recognition.

Heroism in landslide saves lives

The body of a female victim was retrieved by rescuers after a rain-triggered landslide hit a village in East China's Zhejiang province, authorities said on Thursday

Online finance course launched

Topics of study include mobile payments, crowdfunding and internet banking.


CE leads National Day celebrations

CE Leung Chun-ying and some 4,000 prominent members of the local community attended a reception to mark the National Day on Saturday.

HK tries to win back mainland visitors

With the National Day holiday around the corner around the corner, Hong Kong is geared up to welcome mainland tourists.

Billionaire tycoon and philanthropist dies at 91

Former chairman of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group and New World Development Cheng Yu-tung died at the age of 91 on Thursday.

More doom and gloom: HK retail sales plunge again

Hong Kong’s consumer market is showing no signs of recovery as retail sales again plunged for the 18th consecutive month.

Focus HK

Culture calls

Hip is not really happening anymore. Culture calls this weekend and you must answer!

Expo showcases nation’s innovation development

A forward-looking exhibition on China’s prowess in high-tech is set to climax on the National Day.

Clothes that speak of craft

Haute couture meets traditional handicrafts and street cultures of yore at a new show in the city’s Heritage Museum.


Duterte sees Sino-Philippines ties 'not limited to one issue'

Rodrigo Duterte wants a "soft landing" on the South China Sea dispute, and will visit China within this month, his communications chief said on Saturday.

Threat from extremist groups to Southeast Asia 'growing'

Violent extremist groups have become more organized and focused in their aims, Singapore Defense Minister said.

Israelis, world leaders gather for Peres funeral

Shimon Peres was laid to rest on Friday in a ceremony attended by thousands of admirers and dozens of international dignitaries.

SE Asia's first 1st microcephaly cases in Thailand

The WHO said in a statement the cases were the first of Zika-linked microcephaly in Southeast Asia.

Sinking Feeling

Shipping firms scramble to keep afloat as collapse of South Korea’s Hanjin sends shock waves through industry.

Clearing the air

After last year’s severe haze, Southeast Asian countries work to target errant firms, set new laws and restore peat lands but poverty remains the root of the problem

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Beijing raises down payments for homebuyers

Beijing authorities have raised down payments for homebuyers in the capital in an attempt to stabilize the property market.

China vows further financial reforms after SDR inclusion

Inclusion of the renminbi into the SDR represents a recognition of China's progress in economic development, the PBOC said.

China's manufacturing activity expands

China's manufacturing PMI stood at 50.4 in September, while the non-manufacturing PMI increased to 53.7 from August's 53.5.

Eye on Asia

Mountain tales from Nepal

Two young climbers were panelists at the foot of Mt Takao on August 11, the Mountain Day national holiday.

Japan to focus on automatic translation technology

Demand for translation has been growing due to a rapid increase in the number of foreign visitors to Japan.

Football with bell draws Laos' blind players

Playing football with a bell inside the ball is a new sport to Laos which is attracting many blind players.


Kvitova cruises past Cibulkova to win Wuhan Open

Petra Kvitova won her first WTA title in 2016 on Saturday as she snatched a dominant victory over Dominika Cibulkova in Wuhan.

Neymar sues Brazil govt for leaking financial data

Neymar has accused the Brazil's govt for leaking details of an investigation into fiscal crimes supposedly by him and his family.

Hamilton takes pole at Malaysian GP

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton beat his teammate Nico Rosberg by four tenths of a second to take pole position.

Tastes of home

Founder of Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore is still guided by dream of taking Putian cuisine to the world.

Straight shooter

Indian economist, forecaster and best-selling author has a reputation for taking on, and sometimes tearing down, the prevailing view.

Stitching a legacy

Inspired by the draped form of the sari, Indian designer turned passion for fashion into international acclaim.

Life & Art

Walking over water

Pru Toh Daeng stretches for more than 192 square kilometres over three Narathiwat districts.

Lotus cuisine, food for the soul

Tra sen (lotus tea) and mut sen (sugar-coated lotus seeds) are two treasured national favourites.

Quirky News

Mona Lisa wouldn't get a passport today

France refused to accept smiles, even a slight, Mona Lisa-like smile, in passport photos, according to a ruling by a French appeals court.

Jade hunters taken in by rumor

Rumor of someone had found a bracelet at a road in Tengchong and sold it for 390,000 yuan turned out to be false.

Surf dogs compete in California

Over 60 dogs chased waves during the 8th Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach near Los Angeles.


Wuxi landmark draws top talents

World-class office building attracts industry big names and morphs into new financial hub.

Striving to break new ground

The world’s largest institutional adviser for private sectors in developing countries has been an industry trailblazer for 60 years, IFC’s regional head Vivek Pathak says.


Goodbye to cash and cards

In China’s developing smart economy, you can go out without a wallet but not your cell phone.