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No Uber or Airbnb in S. Korea: Red tape, risk-aversion hobble start-ups

S. Korea's rigid regulations, strong labour unions and a risk-averse culture have hindered the growth of start-ups in Asia's 4th-largest economy.

December 18, 2018

In 2019, Mideast economic troubles loom as wars wind down

As the Middle East ushers in 2019, the decade's ruinous conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq seem to be winding down.

December 18, 2018

Rice cultivation area shrinks in Bhutan

A decline in cultivated land has resulted in Bhutan losing more than 31,300 tons of rice in the last 20 years, which could have otherwise fed one-fifth of the total population for a year.

December 15, 2018

Poonah paper – a spiritual connection on the verge of oblivion

The Mong ethnic minority in Vietnam uses poonah paper as part of spiritual life, but the craft seems to be disappearing.

December 15, 2018