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India’s crackdown hits religious freedom in disputed Kashmir

For nearly four months now, the voice that would call out five times a day from the minarets of the Jamia Masjid and echo across Srinagar has been silent.

December 10, 2019

With few green spaces, Bangkok plants Asia's biggest rooftop farm

Bangkok’s Thammasat University, one of the oldest in Thailand, has a new claim to fame: Asia’s largest urban rooftop farm.

December 10, 2019

Technologies create opportunities for Vietnam's young generation

Programming will become a shared language worldwide, like English, in five to ten years, says Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, one of the co-founders of MindX.

December 07, 2019

‘I am uncorrupted’ notice makes Indian official popular online

Amid India’s fight against corruption, a local company official has become popular overnight for his unique campaign.

December 05, 2019