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Abe takes blame for loss of trust over scandal, denies link

Suspicions swirl about a cover-up after documents about the discounted land sale to a school operator with ties PM Shinzo Abe's wife had been altered.

March 19, 2018

Australian wildfires raze dozens of homes, kill livestock

No deaths or serious injuries were reported as of Monday morning, but the bushfires have caused extensive damage in rural areas of Victoria and NSW.

March 19, 2018

Israel: French consulate employee arrested for arms smuggling

Israel said it had arrested a French employee of the French consulate in Jerusalem on suspicion of smuggling weapons to Palestinians.

March 19, 2018

Japan court rejects lawsuit against nuke plant construction

The ruling will be welcomed by many utilities as they push for a return to nuclear power following the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

March 19, 2018