China Daily

Let punishment fit crime to uphold public order

Grenville Cross says the rule of law will only be properly maintained in Hong Kong when realistic sentences are handed down to people who have committed serious crimes.

21 August, 2019

Baseless criticisms of police must be countered

HK's police force ought to be commended for keeping peace and order in the city, and preventing disintegration of our society.

13 August, 2019

Riots reveal SAR now being held to ransom

Ho Lok-sang explains why these types of demonstrations are eroding SAR citizens' freedoms and laments Western media is biased in focusing too much on the actions of the city's police.

19 August, 2019

Italian corp an avant garde for green practice

As the idea of cutting the carbon footprint in business has been embraced by more companies globally, CEO of Maintetti tells Pamela Lin why and how they are spearheading the green campaign.

09 August, 2019

‘GBA offers hope to HK’s struggling logistics’

Hong Kong’s logistics businesses are struggling as the Sino-US trade dispute has led to a reduction in exports. Local expert, Ken Chung Hung-hing, suggests some possible solutions to Dai Kaiyi, including creating an ‘information alliance’ and carving a new route off a key trade corridor on the mainland.

14 June, 2019

Pegasus set to cruise high above the bay

This year’s outlook sounds bright for both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, Managing Director of Pegasus Fund Managers Ltd Paul Pong tells Sophie He.

24 May, 2019