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Friday, May 20, 2016, 01:34

'HK spirit’ relies on Basic Law

By Staff Writer

National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) Chairman Zhang Dejiang concluded his inspection tour of the Hong Kong SAR and returned to Beijing on Thursday. Before leaving Zhang gave the host another pep talk, in which he reiterated that the central government has full confidence in Hong Kong society’s ability to reinvent itself against all odds in accordance with the Basic Law.

Obviously, Beijing’s confidence in Hong Kong is based on many qualities commonly found in Chinese communities everywhere, but Zhang also pointed out that today’s Hong Kong enjoys some unique advantages and can achieve great things if local residents put their minds to it. The key to success, he emphasized, is making the most of the city’s greatest strengths, particularly industriousness, creativity, the can-do spirit and rule of law.

Hong Kong society has proved time and again over the years it is capable of overcoming difficulties and making “miracles” with what it has. As a city of more than 7 million residents, we do not have a lot of land to build on. Nor do we now have the kind of manufacturing industries that have catapulted other cities’ economies to regional powerhouse status in just a few decades. That means Hong Kong must find ways other than the existing pillar sectors to rejuvenate the economy.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong’s economy needs new engines and fuel to maintain reasonably strong growth. The Belt and Road Initiative introduced by the central government will offer Hong Kong many opportunities to benefit greatly from playing a unique and positive role in the “mega project of the century”. It is not hard to see how much the central government is looking forward to welcoming Hong Kong with open arms in turning the grand design into reality — provided Hong Kong wants to be a part of it as wholeheartedly as every other party concerned.

Just before wrapping up his farewell speech Zhang repeated one line that many State leaders as well as local dignitaries have quoted: “Let’s work with one heart and one will, because we are all in the same boat.” Come hell or high water, we can and will emerge victorious because more than 1.3 billion mainland compatriots are with us every step of the way. And we have the “One Country, Two Systems” principle as well as the Basic Law to keep us on the right track. While it is unrealistic to expect smooth sailing all the way we are confident the majority of Hong Kong residents will make sure a few “bad apples” never ruin this historic voyage.

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