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Saturday, April 29, 2017, 16:18

Seeing the world together

By Shao Hao
More than 200 photographic works from 83 foreign experts won prizes after a rigorous evaluation. Among them, two participants won first prize, 10 won second prize, 20 won third prize and 51 won the "outstanding" prize.

The competition has been successfully held for three sessions, providing a platform for sharing the colorful life of foreign teachers in China, allowing them to present their life and understanding of Chinese culture.

The competition also aims to enhance communication between people from China and foreign countries, amplify Chinese voices and memorialize the contribution made by the foreign experts in China, strengthening the friendship of Chinese students and their foreign teachers.

The author is an editor of International Talent magazine, the organizer of the Maple Leaf Cup 2016 "Foreign Teachers in China".

Seeing the world together
Riders compete in a Kazak horse race in Bortala, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, second prize.(Stephnus Le Rous/China Daily)

Seeing the world together
A mother talks with her daughter before a wedding in Haining in Zhejiang province, second prize. (Thevenet Emilie /China Daily)

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