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Saturday, March 11, 2017, 10:36

A moment in time: Babies on a roll

By China Daily

A moment in time: Babies on a roll
(Wang Wenbo / For China Daily)

Baby carriages made of bamboo created quite a scene during the 1990s (above), if you happened to stroll on Chinese streets. Simple in structure, each pram was lightweight with just one simple partition plate in the middle-adjustable to the baby's sitting posture.

Today, shock absorption, seat belts, ergonomic design, security locks, aluminum alloy materials, a storage box, and so many other functions rate as essential for young mothers when they are choosing the best pram for their baby (below).

All this development reflects Chinese families' improving overall life quality, enhanced at the same time by the diversification of modern child care.

A moment in time: Babies on a roll
(Wei Xiaohao / China Daily)
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