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Friday, December 23, 2016, 18:08

Coldest 81 days of winter

By GoGo Mongolia / ANN
Coldest 81 days of winter
Winter in Mongolian countryside. ( Javkhlantugs, GoGo Mongolia / ANN )

ULAANBAATAR - Mongolians traditionally count the cold winter days as nine cycles of nine days, totalling 81 days, and the first nine days start today on December 22.

Mongolians believe that over the course of the next 81 days, it starts to get cold and then becomes warmer as one draws closer to the first day of spring and warmth.

The first day of first nine day cycle coincides with winter equinox. Ironically the weather forecast for the next few days promise severe cold and snow, as today the day temperature will range around -12C to -14C, while at night will drop to -26C.

Nine cycles of nine days:

First nine days Dec 22-30

Distilled vodka will freeze

Second nine days Dec 31-Jan 8

Tripple distilled vodka will freeze

Third nine days Jan 9-17

Horn of three year old calf will freeze

Fourth nine days Jan 18-26

Horn of four year old calf will freeze

Fifth nine days Jan 27- Feb 4

Boiled rice won't freeze

Sixth nine days Feb 5-13

Roads start show

Seventh nine days Feb 14-22

Hills start to show

Eigth nine days Feb 23- Mar 2

Splish and splash

Nineth nine days Mar 3-12

Warmth will start

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