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Monday, October 3, 2016, 10:20

Thank you, nation builders

By China Daily
Thank you, nation builders
The National Flag Guards of the Tian'anmen Square, who are 21 years old on average "I feel my soul being purified and rejuvenated every time I raise the flag, hearing the national anthem. I'm proud of my country from the bottom of my heart." (Photo by Li Guangyin / For China Daily)

Gao Fenglin, a welder for China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, has been doing one job for the past 35 years: welding the spouts of the rocket engines. Although few people paid any attention to him when the Tiangong II space lab was launched by the Long March II rocket on Sept 15, he was very proud of what he did.

From the National Flag Guards, who raise the flag every day with the rising sun, to the drivers who drive high-speed trains across the country; from the cleaners in the streets of Beijing's central business district to the linemen in the fields; from emergency doctors to teachers at remote rural areas... Thanks to those dedicated professionals, China has gained an unprecedented global reputation and the Chinese people are able to enjoy high-quality products and services.

These pictures are a salute to the nation's builders on the 67th National Day.

Thank you, nation builders
Fu Shuai, 32, high-speed train driver at Xi'an North station, Shaanxi "Becoming a train driver was my childhood dream. Now the responsibility on my shoulders is increasing, and so is my motivation. I feel pleased every time I complete a run." (Photo by Huo Yan / China Daily)

Thank you, nation builders
Ji Ying, 26, bank worker at China Construction Bank's Hai'an branch in Nantong, Jiangsu province "Serving various clients sometimes makes me tired, but their smiling faces after I have helped them tell me that everything is worth it." (Photo by Xu Jinbai / For China Daily)

Thank you, nation builders
Namgyal, 45, inheritor of the Polo Parkoi wood carving in Jomda county of the Tibet autonomous region "I will pass the skills of wood carving to the younger generations and help my countrymen to improve their livelihoods." (Photo by Li Zhou / For China Daily)

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