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Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 16:17

Heavenly beauty in Dongjiang Lake

By Agencies

Dongjiang Lake is located in Chenzhou city, central China's Hunan province. It has served as a reservoir ever since it was built in 1994.

Honored as "South Dongting Lake", the Dongjiang Lake was granted a national 5A-level tourist attraction last July by the National Tourism Administration, being the eighth destination in Hunan province to be designated with a 5A-level status.

Dongjiang Lake scenic area is covered with forest and all of the natural vegetation within it are classified as class-one reserve.

Tourists can enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities in the area's rivers, lakes, waterfalls and springs, such as rafting, water slides and fishing. A variety of fruits and fish are also an attraction for tourists.

The best time for travelling is summer and autumn.

Heavenly beauty in Dongjiang Lake
A fisherman paddles across the Dongjiang Lake. (Photo/IC)
Heavenly beauty in Dongjiang Lake
Brook in the forest near the Dongjiang Lake. (Photo/IC)

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