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Monday, June 27, 2016, 17:37

Mourning the hero


It was the longest blaze Hong Kong has seen in decades. Smoke continued to spew out of the Amoycan Industrial Centre in Kowloon Bay for more than 100 hours after stacks of goods stored in pigeon-hole cubicles in the mini-storage facility caught fire last Tuesday morning. As the city mourned the loss of two dauntless firefighters to the deadly fumes, more men in insulated protective gear continued to fight the inferno, responding to the call of duty.

China Daily photographer Edmond Tang captured some of the touching moments as firemen fought the blaze with selfless courage and devotion. In the protracted battle between the firemen and the merciless flames, there was not even the slightest doubt as to which side would ultimately win the tussle.

As the fire was finally put out late on Saturday night, the heroes of the battle might have been seen over-stretched from head to toe, yet there hardly any signs of fatigue among them, only lingering grins and, maybe, a little elation.

Mourning the hero

Families, friends, and colleagues of fireman Thomas Cheung Yiu-sing stand in silence during a memorial outside Amoycan Industrial Centre, where he fell. (Edmond Tang / China Daily)

Mourning the hero

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