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Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 11:02

TV drama adaptations of online literature

By Li Hongrui

The year 2015 saw another boom in TV drama adaptations of online literature. Despite the difficulty of adapting original works, these popular novels on the Internet were screened one by one. Some enjoyed a great success while some were criticized by the audiences. Both the winners and losers tried to have artistic settings through projecting an aesthetic world and put an emphasis on charming appeal of both male and female protagonists. In others words, the lead roles in these adaptations often have a "high face value", which has become an important selling point to attract more audiences.

My Sunshine

TV drama adaptations of online literature

A poster of My Sunshine . (Photo / Xinhua)

My Sunshine is a TV drama adapted from Gu Man's novel of the same title. Its film version is called Silent Separation. It stars Wallace Chuang and Tang Yan, premiering in January, 2015. The drama depicts a man and a woman's reunion and long-lasting romance after seven years of separation. The novel itself has been popular on the Internet from 2003 and was published in 2005. Wallace Chuang soon rose to become a romantic icon among female viewers because of the role he played in the adaptation, presenting an ideal image of lover to the audiences. The film adaption was launched in April 2015.

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