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Friday, October 23, 2015, 17:01

Major collaborations between top museums in China and UK

By Agencies

As countries with long histories and profound culture, China and the UK have long been engaged in cultural exchanges. China is home to 4,000 museums, and the UK has about 2,500, and both have world renowned museums. Let's look at how the top museums of the two countries have interacted with each other during the past.

1. Exhibition "Treasures of the World's Cultures"

March 18 - June 5, 2006

The British Museum and Capital Museum in Beijing

The British Museum lent 272 artifacts to the Capital Museum for an 80-day exhibition. The launch marked the first time the 253-year-old British Museum, the world's oldest national public museum, had showcased some of its collection in the capital.

The exhibition covered a vast time span from 2 million years ago to the modern day, including sculptures, paintings, jewelry, porcelain, and stone artifacts from all over the world. Before its appearance in China, the exhibition had toured Japan and South Korea over the previous three years but did not include any Chinese artifacts.

Major collaborations between top museums in China and UK
Exhibits from the exhibition "Treasures of the World's Cultures" in the Capital Museum in Beijing. ( File photos)

2. Signing agreements and swapping experts

In 2005, the British Museum signed a historic agreement with the National Museum of China, the first cultural agreement between a British art institution and the National Museum.

The following year saw a similar agreement between the British Museum and the Palace Museum in Beijing. They will make possible future collaborative projects, including the loan of terracotta soldiers from Xi'an and, in return, the loan by the British Museum of exhibitions of world cultures unrepresented in Chinese collections.

The British Museum worked with the Palace Museum in sharing its skills to survey the museum's European clocks collection. In return, Chinese scholars assisted on the project to publish the British Museum's Chinese paintings collection.

Major collaborations between top museums in China and UK
The British Museum in London (Photo/IC)

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