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Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 10:09

Dishes that make Chinese homesick

By Agencies

CNN recently selected 14 typical Chinese dishes that "are almost guaranteed to wake the homesick bug in most Chinese living or traveling abroad."

From Spicy crayfish to Yan Du Xian Soup, from Guilin rice noodles to Stinky tofu, "while ingredients are easy to transport, feelings of home aren't, nor are certain specialties that only taste their best in the place they were born," CNN said.

Here are the dishes.

Dishes that make Chinese homesick

Proper street kebabs. (Photo / Agencies)

Islamic lamb kebabs with cumin, teppanyaki-style squid with five-spice sauce, gigantic "swords" of mind-blowing spicy chicken wings, grilled fresh oysters, fried pork tenderloin slices and razzle-dazzle exhibitions of vegetables-on-sticks.
Dishes that make Chinese homesick

Spicy crayfish. (Photo / Agencies)

The mini-lobsters are simmered in broth with chilies and spices. From spring to early autumn, it's ritual to have a night out cracking and eating crayfish with friends or family.

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