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Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 11:50

Yesterday once more


Editor’s note: Nepal, famous for its ancient religious culture and rugged human landscape, has long been regarded as a photographer’s creative paradise. After the devastating earthquake many have taken a fresh look at past photos of Nepal to again feel the warmth of the beautiful land. China Daily, together with China Photographers Association, has invited five renowned photographers to “return” to Nepal. Let us take another look at that stunning place, those clear eyes, while praying for the country. May all turn out well for those smiling faces in the photos.

Photographer Zhang Yanhong: I was momentarily transfixed by the shocking news of Nepal’s 8.1-magnitude earthquake when taking photo of peonies in Zhongshan Park yesterday. Somehow, a little-known small white flower blooming by the side of a peony bed occupied me a long time. This may happen just for missing such a beautiful country, a place where people there are poor but kind-hearted, a place full of Fakirs with very “professional look”… and lovely little children.

Yesterday once more

(Photos by Zhang Yanhong / China Daily)

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