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Sunday, March 8, 2015, 16:17

Godly gadgets and 'bizarre' TV scenes

By Ma Danning and Wang Ting

Shaolin Master loves his gadgets

Godly gadgets and 'bizarre' TV scenes

Shi Yongxin uses an iPhone at a meeting of National People's Congress in March 2011. (Photo / CFP)

Shi Yongxin, abbot of the Shaolin Temple and an NPC deputy, said the pursuit of material goals and physical enjoyment worsened environmental problems such as smog, while attending a seminar of Henan delegations.

He called for spiritual belief among Chinese people, saying it helps rebuild values including social equity and justice.

Shi was spotted using an iPhone 6 Plus at the meeting. His passion for Apple gadgets was first noticed in 2011 when he used an iPhone and iPad at an NPC meeting. He visited the California headquarters of Apple Inc in March 2014 and met with Apple chief executive Tim Cook.

Ambassador frowns on war drama

Godly gadgets and 'bizarre' TV scenes

A scene from a TV series that shows a Chinese man repelling a Japanese soldier with his fist. (Photo / CRI)

Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua said he disagrees with some unreasonable and "bizarre" scenes in certain TV series about the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, on the grounds that "it was a very solemn and tragic war and should not be distorted."

He made the comment while responding to media questions on his opinion over TV scenes that Chinese soldiers use grenades to blow up an enemy plane or tear apart an enemy's body with their hands, after a panel discussion at a CPPCC session.

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