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Things to know about Jingzhe

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Things to know about Jingzhe
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The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Jingzhe (Chinese: 惊蛰) falls on Mar 6 and ends on Mar 20 this year.

Jingzhe signals a rise in temperature and increased rainfall. As the third solar term in the lunar year, its name alludes to the fact that animals sleeping in winter are awakened by spring thunder and that the earth begins to come back to life. It is the key time for spring agricultural activities.

Here are 6 things you may not know about Jingzhe.

Spring thunder cracks the sky

The spring thunder is most noticeable during the Jingzhe solar term. An old Chinese saying goes: "If the first spring thunder crashes before the Jingzhe solar term, there will be abnormal weather that year." Jingzhe falls after the end of winter and before the beginning of spring. Wind during this period is an important factor in weather forecasting.

Modern meteorological science shows that around the Jingzhe, the earth becomes humid and the hot air near the surface rises; meanwhile, the hot humid air from the north is strong and creates frequent winds. For this reason, thunder occurs in this period. China covers a large range of latitudes from north to south, so the first spring thunder appears at different times in different areas.

Things to know about Jingzhe

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