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Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 09:23

100 photographers' focus on Macao

By China Daily

Editor's note: On the 15 th anniversary of the return of Macao to Chinese sovereignty, China Daily, in cooperation with Fu Wah International Group and MGMMACAU, will release on Wednesday a photo album: One Hundred Photographers' Focus on Macao. The four part album tells the full story of Macao since its return in 1999, presenting a different Macao, full of delight and vitality and brimming with potential. Including nearly 200 photographs taken by photographers from the mainland, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the album covers every facet of Macao, from the architecture of Portuguese rule to the co-existence of churches and temples. Photographers capture the unique culture, the mixture of traditional Chinese and Western elements, offering a kaleidoscope of fascinating glimpses into life in Macao. The album’s publication ceremony will be held in Macao on Wednesday. Sixteen photographs have been selected from the book and presented to give a view of life in Macao.

100 photographers' focus on Macao

People pray in a church in 1999. (Hu Weiming for China Daily)

100 photographers' focus on Macao

Children enjoy defying gravity on the sloping wall of a lighthouse in June 2009. (Jiang Jian for China Daily)

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