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8 things to know about Autumn Equinox


Eating Qiucai

In South China, there is a custom popularly known as "having Qiucai (autumn vegetable) on the Autumn Equinox day". Qiucai is a kind of wild amaranth. Every Autumn Equinox day, all the villagers go to pick Qiucai in the wild. Qiucai is verdant in the field, thin, and about 20 cm in length. Qiucai is taken back and made into soup with fish, named "Qiutang" (autumn soup). There is a verse about the soup: "Drink the soup to clear the liver and intestines, thus the whole family will be safe and healthy".

8 things to know about Autumn Equinox
Cooked Qiucai. (Photo /

Season for eating various plants

In the Autumn Equinox time, olives, pears, papaya, chestnut, bean, and other plants enter their phase of maturation. It is time to pick and eat them.

8 things to know about Autumn Equinox
Olives. (Photo / IC)

Season for enjoying osmanthus

The Autumn Equinox is the time for smelling the fragrance of osmanthug. At this time, it is hot in the day and cool in the night in South China, so people have to wear a single layer when it is hot, and lined clothing when it is cool. This period is named "Guihuazheng" in Chinese, which means osmanthus mugginess.

8 things to know about Autumn Equinox
Osmanthus blossoms. (Photo / IC)

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