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Monday, April 11, 2016, 00:50

Treading a dangerous path

By Staff Writer

Two more separatist groups were formed on Sunday by mostly young people who played various leading roles in the illegal “Occupy Central” movement in 2014. One is a new party called Demosisto, which is supposed to be derived from Greek and roughly means “popular determination” in Chinese. Its founders include Joshua Wong Chi-fung, who formed the now defunct radical student group Scholarism in 2014 , served as its convener and was also instrumental in the “Occupy” campaign. Wong is now secretary-general of Demosisto, which aims to push for “self-determination” by means of a “referendum” in Hong Kong, hopefully, in 10 years’ time.

The other group is actually a loose alliance of six political organizations formed by some young “occupiers” after the illegal movement ended in 2014. The prime purpose of the alliance is to coordinate joint efforts to run for Legislative Council seats this year on the same platform of “self-determination”. It also aspires to achieve its goal through “referendum” but five years earlier than Demosisto. Both groups have avoided using the words “Hong Kong independence” for now, but observers are convinced their ultimate goal is exactly that. And there is at least circumstantial evidence that a certain foreign government is behind the separatist ambitions of these youth groups.

Hong Kong has seen a variety of groups and individuals advocating “localism” as well as “Hong Kong independence” emerge in recent years, but mostly since the illegal “Occupy” campaign ended, including the groups and individuals mentioned above. Such organizations all have their own political ambitions and, invariably, intend to gain power by running for public office in democratic elections. From the “Occupy” movement to the emerging new parties and/or groups, there has always been help of every conceivable kind from overseas. There is little doubt certain foreign government (s) are secretly involved in the “pro-independence” movement of some kind here in Hong Kong after the “Occupy” drive failed to achieve its goal.

These separatist groups have only a very small number of members, but most of them are young people who know little to nothing about the danger of “independence” or “self-determination”. They have no idea what “independence” or “self-determination” will lead to for Hong Kong, or what the foreign forces behind them truly want — making Hong Kong a constant distraction to the central government in Beijing so that the latter cannot focus on implementing national development strategies. That means Hong Kong society will never see an end to chaos and conflicts, without mention safeguarding the city’s fundamental interests, promoting economic progress or improving people’s well-being.

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