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Sunday, August 31, 2014, 12:05

Macao's Chui Sai On wins re-election

By Xinhua
Macao's Chui Sai On wins re-election
Chui Sai On in file photo, on Nov 12, 2013. (Photo / IC)

MACAO - Chui Sai On was elected the fouth-term chief executive-designate of China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) on Sunday, waiting for the approval by the China's central government.

The State Council Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office has congratulated Chui for his re-election as the chief executive-designate.

A spokesperson told Xinhua that the election was held in tandem with the Basic Law of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) and related election laws of Macao, fully embodying the principles of openness, fairness and equity.

Incumbent Macao SAR chief executive Chui's current tenure ends on Dec 19.

The spokesperson said the Chinese central government will, in accordance with law, carry out the process of appointment after receiving the formal report of the election delivered by the Macao SAR government.

Chui won 380 electoral votes from the 396 Election Committee members, who were at present for the voting.

According to the Election Committee, Chui won the election with 95.96 percent of all voters, higher than the 95.27 percent in his previous term.

The Election Committee comprises 400 members, increased from 300 members of the previous election, according to the region's Method for the Selection of the Chief Executive.

They started voting at 10:00 am at Macao International Convention Center of Macao East Asian Games Dome.

According to the selection method, the voting is only legitimate upon the attendance of two thirds of the total 400 Election Committee members, and a candidate must obtain votes from more than half of the members at present to secure the seat.

Chui said at a press conference after the election that winning the election is the start to embrace new challenges for Macao as well as to implement his election declaration. He pledged to fully devote himself to conducting the principle of One Country, Two Systems, while improving people's livelihood in Macao.

Born in Macao in 1957, Chui holds a bachelor's degree in Community Health from California State University, and a master's degree and PhD of Public Health from the University of Oklahoma. He was appointed as the third-term chief executive of the Macao SAR in 2009.

If he wins the election, Chui said, the government will give priority to improving the people's livelihood under scientific decision-making.

Chui also said the development of Macao SAR is at the critical moment facing both opportunities and challenges.

The region benefits from fresh opportunities inspired by China's comprehensively deepening reform, said the CE, adding that, however, the shortage of land and human resources create inharmony.


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