Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 11:10
Chinese ships complete Vietnam evacuation
By Associated Press

 Chinese ships complete Vietnam evacuation
Chinese workers aboard a ship leave Vung Ang port, Ha Tinh province, Vietnam Monday, May 19, 2014. (Photo / AP)

VUNG ANG, Vietnam - Watched over by riot police, more than 3,000 Chinese workers left Vietnam on Monday on ships chartered by their government after deadly unrest broke out last week.

The first group of violence-stricken Chinese workers in Vietnam arrived at a port in Haikou on Tuesday morning. A total of 989 Chinese workers from five Chinese companies arrived at Xiuying Port of Haikou, China's southmost province of Hainan.

Other three vessels will return consecutively by Tuesday afternoon with 2,564 Chinese evacuers.

Four ships arrived at Vung Ang port and left after taking aboard more than 3,000 people, according to an Associated Press reporter outside the facility and a port official who didn't give his name because he wasn't authorized to speak to the media. The workers were bussed to the ships, where riot police were stationed.

Vung Ang port is part of a large, under-construction Taiwanese steel mill complex 350 kilometers south of Hanoi that was overrun by an anti-China mob on Wednesday and Thursday. Two Chinese workers were killed and 140 injured in the attack, which also left parts of the facility on fire. Linh said around 3,000 Chinese workers were employed constructing the complex.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Chinese nationals injured in the protests and some others had already been flown home.

"The Chinese government is highly concerned about the safety of Chinese citizens in Vietnam,'' Hong said.

There has been no violence or protests since last Thursday. Chinese people wishing to have been able to leave the country independently with no impediments since then.

Around 400 other factories around the country were damaged or destroyed in mob violence, most in industrial parks close to southern Ho Chi Minh City. Many factories were not Chinese-run but from elsewhere in Asia, apparently targeted mistakenly or by gangs intent on looting.