Friday, April 18, 2014, 12:26
Renewed fightings between Myanmar gov't forces, KIA occur: report
By Xinhua

YANGON - Renewed fightings have occurred between the Myanmar government forces and the ethnic Kachin Independence Army (KIA) for eight consecutive days amid the Thingyan water festival, local media reported Friday.

Heavy armed clashes took place for at least 10 times which lasted from April 10 to 17 and the cause of the clashes have not yet been clarified by both sides, according to 7-Day News.

The clashes came days after the government's Peace-Making Work Committee and ethnic armed groups' National Cease-fire Coordination Team met in Yangon for talks to coordinate the drafting of a single text document for the nationwide cease-fire proposal.

With the government side remaining silence over the clashes, the KIA was reportedly to be accusing the government of launching the assault under an excuse of protecting the process of census taking in Kachin state areas.

The state media earlier reported that Myanmar's national census underway in the state since the end of March was disturbed by KIA, and the process could not be carried out in some regions of Kachin state and Shan state (North).

The Myanmar government and ethnic armed groups agreed on the first draft of a nationwide cease-fire agreement in Yangon on April 8, and it would be presented for further discussion in details in the talks set for the first week of May.