Friday, August 19, 2011, 00:00

Human resources key to development in Indonesia


Human resources key to development in Indonesia Huawei Training Center.JPG

Among other good things, the Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic Development 2011-2025 (MP3EI in Indonesian abbreviation) details the governments desire to create a well-educated pool of professionals worthy of its grandiose plans to upgrade its infrastructure and industries.

Productive human resources, as the Masterplan notes, will drive its economic growth.

Thats easier said than done. Certain things are required to produce an efficient workforce, and that needs high-quality education and training programs.

The most important question is whether Indonesiais at all prepared to achieve its goals? Are its human resources really equipped? Are there enough qualified and competent people? Are the systems in place?

Not yet. Just look at the number of qualified engineers it produces each year. Its only 37,000.

But Indonesianeeds an additional 175,000 engineers every year, Heru Dewanto, secretary general, PII (Indonesian Engineers Association), has been quoted by Antara News Agency as saying.

Not only is this way off the required mark, it also raises doubts about the countrys ability to handle the existing mismatch between demand and supply.

That gives rise to talks of foreign engineers soon flooding Indonesiaaided by a borderless ASEAN.

There will be many foreign engineers working in Indonesia, says TriDjoko Wahyono, who teaches at BinaNusantaraUniversity.

However, a civil engineer called WB Sasongko believes the country has many engineers working in projects such as transportation, building and irrigation. There are still many who cant find jobs here in Indonesia. Maybe the country needs very specialized engineers for the acceleration of the economic development, he adds.

It is also being said that it is high time universities, even companies, geared up to build research centers and community colleges to serve the new needs.

In fact, some foreign companies like Huawei Technologies are doing just that.

Huawei is fully aware of the importance of local human resources, and we take great pride in the fact that 80 percent of our employees in Indonesiaare locals, said Huawei Tech Investment (Indonesia) Vice-President Ma Yue during the inauguration of the HuaweiTrainingCenterin Bandungrecently.

It is time for us to fulfill our commitment in Indonesia, Ma said, explaining why the Shenzhen-headquartered company decided set up the training centre. It will educate students in new telecom developments, particularly IP (Internet Protocol) technology, he added.

Eueung Mulyana, a professor at the Schoolof Electrical Engineeringand Informatics (STEI ITB) in Bandung, welcomes the decision, saying such a program is extremely important for those who want to join the industry and become part of their countrys development and growth.

Huawei is one of the leaders in telecommunication technologies and they have decided to cooperate with STEI ITB in preparing talented young Indonesians, Mulyana says.