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Thursday, January 5, 2017, 22:55

Ministry of Public Security investigates Sichuan shooting

By Xinhua

PANZHIHUA, Sichuan Province - China's Ministry of Public Security has dispatched criminal investigators to the southwestern city of Panzhihua, Sichuan province to look into a shooting incident.

The suspect, identified as the city's land and resources chief Chen Zhongshu, has been found dead with the weapon

The city's Party chief and mayor were injured around 10:50 am on Wednesday during a meeting at a local conference and exhibition center.

The suspect, who was identified by the local police as the city's land and resources chief Chen Zhongshu, was found dead with the weapon in a small room on the second floor of the center at 12:33 pm.

The two officials underwent operations on Wednesday night and are in stable condition. The provincial Party committee has sent representatives to visit the injured.

The criminal motive and source of the weapon are being investigated.

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