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Friday, December 16, 2016, 10:11

China wants the world to do more on WMD non-proliferation

By Xinhua

UNITED NATIONS - A Chinese envoy Thursday called on the international community to strengthen cooperation and form synergy to prevent weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from falling into hands of terrorists.

Wu Haitao, China's deputy permanent representative to the UN, made the appeal at a UN Security Council debate on WMD non-proliferation.

A Chinese envoy to UN applealed to prevent weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from falling into hands of terrorists

Wu said solutions need to be found to peacefully address regional hotspot proliferation problems by political and diplomatic means , and there is also a need to establish a complete international norm on non-proliferation.

He also noted the international community needs to properly handle the relationship between non-proliferation and peaceful use, while ensuring the right of all countries, especially developing countries to use and share relevant science and technology peacefully.

At the meeting, the Security Council adopted a resolution recalling that all states shall take effective measures to establish domestic controls to prevent the proliferation of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

It also requests all states to implement fully and effectively the resolution 1540 which established legally binding obligations on all UN member states to act against WMD proliferation.

UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson warned that non-state actors already have the capacity to abuse cyber technologies to create mass disruption. "The nightmare scenario of a hack on a nuclear power plant causing uncontrolled release of ionizing radiation is growing," he ntoed.     Eliasson also noted that the Security Council has a role to play in holding those that use chemical or other inhumane weapons accountable. "We must take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen our collective defences," he added.

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