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Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 10:53

Xi affirms one-China policy

By Peng Yining

"Cross-Straits relations have entered a cold period since the DPP takeover. The interaction between KMT and Communist Party of China, however, helps to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits," said Ni.

In addition of talks with high-level leaders of the CPC, Hung's visit also has led to exchanges among people from both sides, according to Ni.

"Her visit to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and a technology hub in Beijing has drawn the public's attention and reminded people of the positive side of cross-Straits relations. Despite the difficult political situation, the exchange and mutual trust among people from two sides still exists," he said.


Xi Jinping's six-point proposal on cross-Straits relations:

Adhering to the 1992 Consensus, which affirms the one-China principle;

Resolutely opposing forces supporting "Taiwan independence" and their activities;

Promoting the integrated social and economic development of cross-Straits societies;

Working together to carry forward Chinese culture;

Boosting the well-being of people across the Taiwan Straits;

Dedication to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in concerted efforts.

Base for entrepreneurs points the way, Hung says

Hung Hsiu-chu, chairwoman of Taiwan's Kuomintang party, visited a youth entrepreneurship base in the Zhongguancun technology hub in Beijing on Tuesday, encouraging young people in Taiwan to increase exchanges and cooperation with their mainland peers.

The visit was Hung's second stop during her five-day trip to the mainland. On Monday, she paid tribute to Sun Yat-sen, the KMT's founder, at his mausoleum in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

The entrepreneurship base, Vstartup, launched a branch in October that specifically provides service to young Taiwan entrepreneurs and has received 14 startups from the island.

The Taiwan entrepreneurs have been provided with rich information that will help them succeed in developing their business on the mainland, Hung said after a talk with a delegation of young Taiwan people who run companies at the base.

"When you have achieved big success, I hope you will bring your experience back to Taiwan and cooperate with young people in Taiwan," Hung said.

An atmosphere on the mainland that is favorable to entrepreneurship is encouraging many talented young people from Taiwan to make their dreams come true on the mainland, according to a report released by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council in August.

The mainland has founded 41 cross-Straits youth entrepreneurship bases, in locations including Fujian and Zhejiang provinces, to attract Taiwan's young people to start businesses on the mainland and to encourage exchanges among young people from both sides, the report said.

Li Yihu, head of Peking University's Taiwan Institute, said exchanges among the younger generation from both sides have contributed to a peaceful development of cross-Straits relations.

"Many exchanges and communication have been suspended due to the current political situation, but the exchanges and cooperation among young people in the innovation field still go on," said Li. "It plays an important role in helping to dissolve misunderstandings and also gives hope for the future."

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