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Friday, October 28, 2016, 23:10

Stealth fighter confirmed for China air show

By Zhao Lei

Ahead of the show's opening, large numbers of military aircraft have been flown to Zhuhai, including the Y-20 strategic transport plane, KJ-500 early warning and control aircraft, FTC-2000 advanced trainer jet and Z-19E attack helicopter. All were developed and manufactured by the nation's leading aircraft producer, Aviation Industry Corp of China, and are in service with the PLA Air Force.

The Y-20, China's first domestically developed heavy-lift transport jet , was commissioned in July. It has a maximum payload of 66 metric tons and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 200 tons, according to military sources.

AVIC has previously said it wants to export the aircraft once it receives government approval.

The KJ-500 is the latest in the PLA's support aircraft fleet. Its cutting-edge fixed phased-array radar and two passive electronic intelligence arrays are capable of tracking up to 100 targets simultaneously at a distance of 470 kilometers, according to reports.

Stealth fighter confirmed for China air show
Members of the PLA Air Force's Bayi Aerobatic Team march at an airport in Zhuhai. (Tang Mingming / For China Daily)

Meanwhile, the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, one of the nation's largest military drone developers, will showcase the latest model in its Cai Hong series of reconnaissance and combat drones at the air show. These drones have been sold to militaries in more than 10 countries around the world and can compete with any other drones of their kind, according to publicity officers.

Also on display will be the latest from the nation's largest missile manufacturer, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, including the first public appearance of the CM302 supersonic anti-ship missile, which is capable of hitting ground targets.

AVIC and the PLA Air Force have yet to confirm that the plane will be on display, but Chinese media have quoted industry analysts as reporting that it is highly likely it will make its debut at the air show.

Analysts said video clips circulating online show two J-20s completing aerobatic maneuvers in preparation for an aerial display at the event.

(With Xinhua input)

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