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Friday, August 19, 2016, 11:17

Chinese Navy conducts drill in Sea of Japan

By Xinhua & Agencies

Chinese Navy conducts drill in Sea of Japan
The missile destroyer Jinan of the People's Liberation Army Navy fires an anti-ship missile during a military drill held in the East China Sea on Monday. (Dai Zongfeng / For China Daily)

ABOARD XI'AN DESTROYER/BEIJING - Two Chinese Navy fleets began a confrontation drill in the Sea of Japan Thursday, according to a military source Friday.

One fleet included the missile destroyer Xi'an, missile frigate Hengshui and supply ship Gaoyouhu. ALl of the three have just wrapped the Rim of the Pacific 2016 (RIMPAC 2016) multinational naval exercise, the Navy source said.

The People's Liberation Army Daily quoted drill commander Xu Haihua as saying the exercises were part of routine annual arrangements and were meant to help improve the fleet's ability to fight far out at sea.

"Exercises far out at sea in international waters are commonly done by navies of the world, and this year our navy has many times organised fleets to carry out exercises far out in the Western Pacific," the newspaper report reads.

"This deep sea exercise is part of annual training arrangements, is not aimed at any specific country, region or target, and accords with international law and practice," it reads.

The Sea of Japan is a strategic waterway bordered by Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The rival fleet consisted of several warships from the Navy's Donghai Fleet.

Foreign aircraft attempted surveillance during the drill and were met with the proper response from the Chinese warships, the source said.

The drill, arranged according to the Navy's annual training plan and a common practice seen across the world, is in line with the international law and practice, the source noted.

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