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Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 09:13

More infertile Chinese women are seeking remedies overseas

By China Daily

A busy work schedule and a desire to concentrate her career led Feng Yue (not her real name) to delay starting a family until she was almost 40. However, repeated attempts to conceive naturally were unsuccessful, so the business executive from Beijing and her husband opted for in vitro fertilization to realize their ambition of becoming parents.

Feng had two courses of IVF at leading hospitals in Beijing. The first was at Peking University Third Hospital, but after undergoing ovulation tests and making more attempts to conceive naturally, something her doctor insisted on before she could begin the IVF treatment, she quit the program in frustration.

A second attempt at a different hospital was unsuccessful because Feng's eggs were unable to be fertilized, so she began to consider traveling overseas for treatment.

Feng is one of an increasing number of Chinese women who are infertile and have decided to go abroad to undergo assisted reproductive technologies and services.

After much research, she chose the Southern California Reproductive Center in Los Angeles, and this time, the prospects are brighter. Feng has completed the early stages of the procedure and her husband's sperm has been used to fertilize several eggs donated by a 29-year-old Asian woman in the United States.

The eggs are now developing in a laboratory at the center, and Feng will travel to the US later this month to have one of them implanted in her uterus.

"The doctor told me the success rate is about 80 percent," she said.

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