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Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 13:07

Xi slams 'double standards' in cyberspace

By Xinhua

Xi slams 'double standards' in cyberspace
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote spee ch at the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen Town, east China's Zhejiang province, Dec 16, 2015. (Photo / Xinhua)

WUZHEN, Zhejiang - Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday lashed out at "double standards" in safeguarding cyber security at an Internet conference organized by China, urging countries to "jointly build a community of shared future in cyberspace."

Addressing the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen of east China's Zhejiang Province, Xi urged the fostering of "a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace" and the building of "a multilateral, democratic and transparent global Internet governance system."

He listed "imbalanced development, inadequate rules and inequitable order" as problems and challenges concerning the Internet.

"The information gap between countries and regions is widening, and the existing rules governing cyberspace hardly reflect the desires and interests of the majority of countries," Xi said.

"Cyber surveillance, cyber attacks and cyber terrorism have become a global scourge," he said, noting the periodic occurrence worldwide of infringements of individual privacy and intellectual property rights.

"Since gaining access to the Internet 21 years ago, China has followed a policy of a proactive utilization, rational development, law-based management and assurance of security," according to Xi.

With around 670 million users and over 4.13 million websites in China, the Internet and economic and social development have become intrinsically linked.

China will vigorously implement the national cyber development strategy, the national big data strategy, and the "Internet Plus" action plan in the next five years, said Xi.

Co-hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China and the Zhejiang provincial government, the three-day conference is attended by more than 2,000 people from over 120 countries and regions.

They include Jack Ma, Pony Ma and Li Yanhong, the heads of Internet giants Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu.


The President highlighted a number of principles for reforming how the Internet is governed globally, opposing double standards in safeguarding cyber security as well as Internet hegemony.

Xi called on all nations to respect each other's cyber sovereignty.

"No country should pursue cyber hegemony, interfere in other countries' internal affairs or engage in, connive at or support cyber activities that undermine other countries' national security," he said.

"No double standards should be allowed in upholding cyber security," Xi said. "We cannot just have the security of one or some countries while leaving the rest insecure; still less should one seek the so-called absolute security for oneself at the expense of the security of others."

He compared cyberspace to the real world, saying the world needs to strike a balance between order and freedom.

"Cyberspace is not a place beyond the rule of law," he said.


Cyberspace is for all mankind. Its future should be in the hands of all nations. Countries should step up communication, broaden consensus and deepen cooperation, the president said.

Xi put forward five proposals to build a community of shared future in cyberspace.

He called for efforts to speed up the building of global cyber infrastructure and promote connectivity.

"China stands ready to work with all parties concerned to come up with more investment and technical support to jointly advance the building of global cyber infrastructure and enable more developing countries and their people to share the development opportunities brought by the Internet," Xi said.

While stressing the building of an online platform for cultural exchanges and mutual learning, Xi also highlighted development of a cyber economy for common prosperity.

"The robust growth of China's Internet has provided a big market for enterprises and business starters of all countries," Xi said.

He also promised that China will remain open to foreign investment.

In addition, Xi called for measures to maintain cyber security and promote its orderly development, comparing security and development to "the two wings of a bird."

"All countries should work together to contain the abuse of information technology, oppose cyber surveillance and cyber attacks and reject an arms race in cyberspace," Xi said.

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