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Friday, October 23, 2015, 17:00

China rejects US report on intl religious freedom

By Xinhua

BEIJING - China has rejected a recent US report on international religious freedom, saying the American government should immediately stop violating both international law and universal morality.

A conference of secretaries-general from China's national religious groups issued a statement on Friday saying that religious freedom is a basic right of Chinese citizens under the Constitution and enjoyed throughout today's China.

The United States has acted as "an international religious police force," interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries, provoking strife between governments and people in the name of protecting religious freedom, said the report.

The US government has gone so far as to support criminals who threaten Chinese people's lives and property, which "seriously hurt the Chinese people's feelings" and damaged the global image of the US government.

The China content in the US State Department report runs counter to the trend of China-US relations. Dialogue, said the statement, better fits peoples' interests than confrontation.

The Chinese government manages religious affairs according to the law, in the interests of the religious circle, harmony and stability, the statement said.

Religious personnel embrace the rule of the Communist Party of China and government, contributing wisdom and power to the Chinese dream of national renewal.

However, the statement said, "a very small number of people are engaged in criminal activities under the banner of religious freedom have been punished according to law."

"Different civilizations and religions should conduct exchanges instead of engaging in confrontation and attacks," the statement said, adding the Chinese religious circle is willing to meet with its US counterpart on a friendly and equal terms to bring harmony to ties between the two nations and eliminate misunderstanding.

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