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Saturday, September 19, 2015, 16:06

China urges Japan to act prudently

By Xinhua

China urges Japan to act prudently
Protesters holding "No war" placards stage a rally against Japanese government in front of the parliament building in Tokyo, Sept 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Koji Ueda)

BEIJING - China urged Japan to act prudently after the Japanese parliament's upper house on early Saturday enacted a controversial legislation pushed forward by the government under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"We seriously urge Japan to learn lessons from history and listen to the just appeal of its people and the international community, and pay attention to security concerns of its neighbors," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei in a press release on Saturday.

Under the newly enacted legislation, Japan will create a permanent law to allow its Self-Defense Forces to carry out logistical support missions for foreign militaries in international peacekeeping operations, and other 10 existing security-related laws will be revised.

"It marks an unprecedented move that Japan has taken in the military and security fields after the Second World War," Hong said.

Japan has recently enhanced its military forces and adjusted its military and security policies, which conflicted with the trend of peace, development and cooperation, and also raised doubts from the international community on whether the country would abandon its defensive policy and peaceful development road, said the spokesman.

"Due to historical reasons, Japan's policies and moves in the military and security areas has been closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community," he added.

Hong called on Japan to stick to a peaceful development road and act prudently in the military security field, and do more that help regional peace and stability, instead of vise versa.

'Grave concern'

Meanwhile, China's Ministry of National Defense (MOD) said Japan's new security laws run counter to the trend of the times that upholds peace, development and cooperation.

The Japanese upper house of parliament, irrespective of strong opposition from both the international community and its own people, forced through the bills in an unprecedented shift of military and security policy, the MOD said in a statement Saturday.

"The move has breached the restrictions of Japan's pacifist constitution," said the MOD.

Japan's cold war mentality, its reinforcement of military alliances and attempts to send more troops abroad has aroused grave concern among its own citizens, Asian neighboring countries and the international society, the MOD said.

""We urge Japan to learn profound lessons from history, heed the security concern of its Asian neighboring countries, stick to the peaceful development road and do more that are conductive to regional peace and stability," said the MOD.

It said the Chinese side will closely watch the next steps of Japan.

Over 90 percent of Japan's constitutional experts believe that the legislation violates the Japanese supreme law.

The parliament's lower house passed the bills in July.

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