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Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 12:49

Taiwan to figure in Xi-Obama talks

By Agencies

BEIJING - Taiwan will figure in President Xi Jinping's talks with US President Barack Obama next week, China's government said on Wednesday.

"The Taiwan issue is the most important, most sensitive issue in Sino-US relations," Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a regular briefing. Ma had been asked if the island would feature on the Xi-Obama agenda.

"We believe that, when the leaders of China and the United States meet, they will exchange views on important issues of mutual concern," Ma said, without elaborating.

The United States severed formal ties with Taiwan in 1979 but is obligated by law to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself.

Ma said mainstream Taiwan public opinion wanted to continue with developing good relations with China.

"We believe that only by upholding ... opposition to 'Taiwan independence' can the path to the peaceful development of cross-strait ties be maintained and broadened," he said.

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