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Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 22:23

60 missing after landslide in NW China

By Xinhua
60 missing after landslide in NW China

Map of China locating a landslide in Shaanxi province Wednesday. (AFP )

XI'AN - Rescuers have dug out four people after a landslide buried the living quarters of a mining company in northwest China's Shaanxi province on early Wednesday.

All four people rescued have been rushed to the hospital for treatment and are now in stable condition.

The landslide, which occurred at around 12:30 am on Wednesday, brought 1 million cubic meters of earth that buried 15 dorms and three houses at the Wuzhou mining company in Shanyang County, leaving more than 60 people missing.

Police, firefighters, mining rescuers and paramedics have rushed to the scene. Rescuers are using equipment to search for those missing. Residents living nearby have been evacuated.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered all-out rescue efforts after the landslide to search for and rescue the missing and minimize casualties. He also called for proper arrangements for victims and prevention of secondary disasters.

Premier Li Keqiang ordered quick evacuation of people living around the accident site and investigation of the cause. He called for enhanced safety measures, saying other places should learn from the disaster for contingency plans.

A work team of the State Council has been sent to the site to oversee the search and rescue efforts.

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