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Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 22:26

China willing to work with US on world peace

By Zhang Yunbi (

China willing to work with US on world peace
China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi (right) with US Secretary of State John Kerry talks before a bilateral meeting at the Putra Wor ld Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 5, 2015. (AFP PHOTO / POOL / BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI)

KUALA LUMPUR - China "has no intention to shut the US out of Asia", and is willing to "achieve virtuous interactions with the US in the region", Foreign Minister Wang Yi told US Secretary of State John Kerry during a meeting on Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur.

The two prominent diplomats met on the sidelines of a series of meetings regarding cooperation in East Asia. Washington's recent high-profile comments and actions related to the South China Sea led to criticism from Beijing.

Wang noted that China is located in Asia, and "the US also has realistic interests in the Asia-Pacific region".

"What is more important for both sides is to further resolve two issues - strategic mutual trust and the virtuous interactions in the Asia-Pacific region," Wang said.

Beijing is willing to increase its positive approach to the healthy development of the China-US relationship, Wang said.

Kerry said Washington never sought, nor seeks, confrontation with China in the Asia-Pacific region and is willing to establish strategic mutual trust with China and explore virtuous interactions in the affairs of the Asia-Pacific region.

He added that the US supports a strong and prosperous China, and looks forward to seeing the further development of China.

The situation in the South China Sea was also touched upon.

The Foreign Minister stated China's positions and underscored that "countries outside the region should respect the efforts of China and the ASEAN countries".

Kerry said the US cares about the situation in the South China Sea but it does not get involved in specific disputes.

Washington supports Beijing's plans to resolve South China Sea disputes through peaceful negotiations with the relevant countries, Kerry said.

On Xi's Visit

As President Xi Jinping is about to pay a state visit to the United States, China is willing to work with the US on preparations and to ensure the historical visit will be a complete success, Wang said.

The visit will enhance planning over mutual beneficial cooperation in various domains, boost the construction of a new type of relationship between major powers, and send positive signals to the international community, Wang said.

Kerry said Washington is willing to work with China to ensure a successful visit by the Chinese president.

The US is also ready to boost various cooperation with China and it hails China's outstanding contribution during the World's Anti-Fascist War, Kerry said.

Beijing is ready to press ahead with mutually beneficial cooperation in regard to the bilateral investment treaty, trust building measures between the two militaries, and address climate change, Wang said.

Other cooperative items on the agenda include finance, economics and trade, energy, the return of fugitives and illegal assets, and development, according to Wang.

China is also willing to boost coordination in regard to international and regional issues such as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea nuclear issue, the Iranian nuclear issue, the Middle East and Afghanistan, in order to play a constructive role in championing world peace and stability.

Kerry said it endorses China's important and positive role in addressing issues such as the Iran nuclear issue, the DPRK nuclear issue and climate change.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II.

"It was countries such as China and the United States who jointly established the international order and international system centering on the United Nations," Wang said.

Now China is "the one who constructs and champions the international order", and China is also ready to work with various parties to consistently reform and perfect this system to make it better adapt to the shared expectations of all countries, Wang said.

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