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Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 09:35

China opposes Japan's new defense white paper

By Xinhua

BEIJING - China on Tuesday voiced firm opposition to Japan's annual defense white paper, saying the paper deliberately plays up the so-called "China military threat".

The Japanese cabinet on Tuesday approved the defense white paper for 2015, in which it hurled multiple accusations against China.

In the opening of the 400-plus page document, Japan describes the security environment surrounding the country as having become increasingly severe, highlighting China's supposed military build-up, and activities by China in the East China Sea and South China Sea.

In response to Japan's criticism, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said the new defense white paper of Japan once again ignores facts, makes irresponsible remarks on China's normal military growth and maritime activities, deliberately plays up the "China threat" and stirs up tensions.

In a press release, Lu stressed that China is committed to a path of peaceful development and national defense policy that is defensive in nature.

He said China is devoted to promoting China-Japan friendship and developing bilateral ties based on the four political documents signed by China and Japan.

He urged Japan to stop misleading the Japanese people. China always carries out normal maritime activities within the ambit of international and relevant domestic laws, said Lu, adding China's oil and gas exploration in undisputed waters of the East China Sea under China's jurisdiction was "justified, reasonable and legitimate".

He said China's construction on some garrisoned Nansha islands and reefs, which do not affect or target any other country, was fully within China's sovereignty and beyond reproach.

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