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Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 14:04

China publishes draft cybersecurity law

By Agencies

BEIJING - China's parliament - the National People's Congress (NPC) - has published a draft cybersecurity law that consolidates government data oversight.

The document issued Monday strengthens user privacy protection from hackers and data resellers and allows the government to access, obtain records and block dissemination of private information deemed illegal under Chinese law.

The law has been under discussion in China for months.

Citing the need "to safeguard national cyberspace sovereignty, security and development," the proposed legislation is a milestone in China's effort to bolster its network against threats to the country's stability.

It will also enable the government to better regulate the flow of information in China.

Earlier in July, China passed a sweeping national security law.

Under the draft cybersecurity law, internet service providers must store data collected within China on Chinese territory; data stored overseas for business purposes must be government-approved. Network equipment must also be approved under testing standards issued by China's cabinet.

The government also iterated its longstanding objective of requiring internet users to log in with their real names to services like messaging apps - though such drives have failed in the past.

The NPC said government agencies would issue additional guidelines for network security in "critical industries" such as telecoms, energy, transport, finance, national defence and military matters, government administration and other sensitive fields.

The NPC will take feedback on the proposed legislation until Aug 5, 2015.

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