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Wednesday, June 3, 2015, 21:04

China dismisses Aquino's remarks on sea disputes

By Xinhua
China dismisses Aquino's remarks on sea disputes
A Chinese Coast Guard vessel (right ) passes near the Chinese oil rig Haiyang Shi You 981 in the South China Sea in this undated photo. ( Photo/Agencies)

BEIJING - A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday dismissed the remarks by Philippine President Benigno Aquino III on the South China Sea disputes and urged him to stop provocation.

"I'm shocked about such ridiculous and unreasonable comments and strongly oppose them," Spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a daily press briefing.

Aquino compared China to Nazi Germany with regard to the two countries' territorial disputes in the South China Sea and called on the United States to play a role in stopping China's rising might in his speech during the Japan tour earlier Wednesday.

Citing various historical facts, Hua said it is the Philippines who colluded with countries outside the region and smeared China for its own interests.

The Philippines has illegally occupied some of China's islands in the South China Sea since the 1970s and its stranded warship near the Ren'ai Reef has served as an installation since 1999 in an attempt to seize the reef, Hua said.

In 2012, the Philippines dispatched military vessels to disrupt regular fishing activities by Chinese fishermen in waters off the Huangyan Island.

The Philippines also violated its commitment in the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) and the consensus reached by the two sides by unilaterally filing an arbitration case in 2013, according to Hua.

She warned the Philippines to give up illusion, stop such provocation, and go back to the right track of negotiation and consultation.

China is a responsible country keeping its promises and is committed to resolving disputes through direct negotiation with relevant countries. The Chinese government holds firm resolution to safeguard its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, Hua added.

Also on Wednesdsay, Hua rejected certain parties' misinterpretations of international law on territorial disputes in the South China Sea, saying its activities in the region were "legitimate and reasonable."

Hua was responding to the words of US President Barack Obama, who on Monday urged China to stop "throwing elbows" in the South China Sea. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga also said China should abide by international norms.

"Even if these interpretations are not double standards, they come with ulterior motives," Hua said at a regular press briefing.

"What [international] law forbids China to conduct reasonable construction on its own islands and reefs? What law allows close reconnaissance by warships and planes of another country's islands and reefs? What law allows the infringement of sovereignty and legitimate rights and interests in the name of freedom of navigation?" Hua asked.

She said China's activities in the South China sea were legitimate and reasonable. China always safeguards and plays a constructive role for the international laws and rules.

"China will not violate international laws nor harm others to benefit itself. However, it will safeguard its own sovereignty, security and development interests," Hua stressed.

She said she hoped relevant countries could maintain an objective and just attitude, and play a constructive role in the peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.

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