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Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 09:46

Xi meets Fidel Castro

By Xinhua

 Xi meets Fidel Castro
Cuba's Fidel Castro, right, speaks with China's President Xi Jinping in Havana, Cuba, July 22, 2014. (Photo / AP)

HAVANA - Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro here Tuesday and the two exchanged views on bilateral ties, the international situation and other issues of common concern.

Xi said that his state visit to Cuba is aimed at inheriting and carrying forward the traditional friendship between the two countries jointly built by Castro and the older generations of Chinese leaders, so as to inject new impetus into bilateral cooperation.

He recalled the meeting with Castro in 2011 when he visited Cuba, saying he is very pleased to see the Cuban leader in good health now.

"You are the founder of the causes of Cuban revolution and construction and also of the China-Cuba relationship," Xi said.

"You are deeply admired by the Cuban people and have also won the respect of the Chinese people. We will never forget the significant contributions you have made to the bilateral relationship," he said.

Xi briefed Castro on his Latin America tour, including the sixth BRICS summit and his meeting with Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Brazil.

Castro said he cherished the memory of his friendly exchanges with China and believed bilateral relations would yield more fruitful results under the guidance of President Xi and the Cuban leaders.

"I have paid very close attention to President Xi' s Latin America trip, and I am delighted to see the successful convening of the BRICS summit and the meeting between leaders of China and Latin American and Caribbean nations," said Castro.

The development of China, a great nation, is set to play a significant role in promoting world peace and development, he said.

The Chinese president arrived here Monday for his first state visit to Cuba since taking office. It is also the last leg of his four-nation Latin America tour, which has already taken him to Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.

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