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Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 07:31

Press 'foundation of HK's success', CS says

Press 'foundation of HK's success', CS says
Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, the Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong, addresses the Hong Kong News Awards 2016 program at Admiralty in Hong Kong , May 8, 2017. (Parker Zheng / China Daily)
China Daily Hong Kong Edition scooped 11 awards and landed a record-breaking four top prizes at the 2016 Hong Kong News Awards ceremony on Monday.

This year China Daily once again stood out at the ceremony, winning the most top prizes among 14 participating newspaper outlets at the annual news gala. The awards – held by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong – recognize quality journalism in the SAR.

This is the seventh year in a row that China Daily has won these news awards. Over the past seven years, China Daily has clinched 49 awards. Last year, China Daily won 12.

“Objective, accurate and impartial reporting will always be what the people want, no matter how much the ecosystem of the media, advances in technology and channels for getting out information change,” Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, chief secretary for administration, said at the ceremony.

Hong Kong is a free and open society; freedom of speech and of the press is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success as an international metropolis, he stressed.

China Daily came third in the total award tally among all the participating news outlets with 633 entries. The newspaper won awards in nine categories such as reporting, writing, photographic and design sections.

Chitralekha Basu, deputy news editor in arts and culture, claimed both the first and second prizes in the Best Arts and Culture News Reporting, respectively, with her four-part series “Art all around”. This explored art installations in public spaces across Hong Kong. Her “Friends from afar” was a series of profiles of notable expatriates in the city.

Experienced photographer Roy Liu scored a hat trick by bagging three awards with his decisive and distinctive work. He won the first prize of Best Photograph (Sports) with Crashing out of the Race, which captured exhilarating momentsin a bicycle race.

In Best Photograph (Features) category, Liu won the second runner-up with Step, which showed exhausted workers sleeping on stairways. He also earned a merit award for Pokemon Gone – which recorded an infatuated crowd indulging themselves with the smartphone game.

The first prize for the Best Business News Writing (English) went to business reporter Zhou Mo. This was for a story entitled “End of the road for the ‘taxi-driver village’?” examining the changing dynamics in a village in Shenzhen once occupied by taxi drivers in the wake of the growing  dominance of car-pooling services.

A series of reports on incubators earned Zhou and her colleague Chai Hua from the business desk a second runner-up in the Best Business News Reporting category. The series examined the operation of incubators as part of the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

Graphic designers Mok Kwok-cheong, Billy Wong and data analyst Dong Kai also took two prizes.

Their design for a data journalism story “Shows break out of TV box” was the winner of the Best News Page Design (Single Page) category. The trio also won a merit award in Best News Page Design (Series) for their work in a series of data journalism projects.

Editor Robert Ireland claimed his eighth career title for the Best Headline (English) this year with an article headlined “Dying to make a living”. This earned him a first runner-up in the category.

Sylvia Chang from news desk won the second runner-up in the Best Science News Reporting with her climate change adaptation series. This explored how unusual meteorological phenomena affect Hong Kong’s environment and affect its agricultural industries.

Press 'foundation of HK's success', CS says

Its photography, science news, arts and culture news, and page layout desks each won the top award.

The newspaper also won awards for news writing, headline design and data journalism projects.

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