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Friday, April 14, 2017, 15:52

Heroic firefighter buried with full honors

By Xinhua

Heroic firefighter buried with full honors
The late p rincipal fi reman Yau Siu-ming (GIS photo)

HONG KONG - A funeral with full honors was held Friday for the late principal fireman Yau Siu-ming, who died last month after falling from a cliff in a rescue mission.

Yau slipped and fell during an all-night search and rescue operation for two hikers who had been trapped in Ma On Shan Country Park, according to local media.

The principal fireman was carried down in a coma, and later died of head injuries.

Friday's funeral was held at Universal Funeral Parlor, and the hearse made a special stop at Tin Sum Fire Station, where Yau last served, before heading to the Gallant Garden, a cemetery mostly for civil servants who lost their lives on duty. A memorial service was also held on the day.

Hong Kong resident Huang told Xinhua, in tears, that she arrived at the Universal Funeral Parlor early in the day to wait and salute Yau for the last time.

Another female resident Lao, holding a bouquet of purple flowers, said Yau is "very brave and respectable," while Mo, a male resident, stood there for a long time, saying he must send his final respect to the hero.

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