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Sunday, March 26, 2017, 16:48

CE election hailed as ‘open, fair and just’

By Luis Liu in Hong Kong
CE election hailed as ‘open, fair and just’
Chief Executive candidate Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor observes the counting of ballots at the Hong Kong chief executive election on March 26,2017. (Roy Liu / China Daily)

Central government authorities have welcomed the election of Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor as the city’s next Chief Executive , saying the election embodied the “principle of openness, fair play and justice”.

The (Chief Executive) election embodies the principle of openness, fair play and justice

Spokesperson of the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office

Hours after Lam’s victory was declared on Sunday, the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office (HKMAO)—the central government’s top Hong Kong affairs authority — said Lam meets the central government’s established standards required of Hong Kong’s leader, including loving the country and Hong Kong, being trusted by the central government, capable of governing Hong Kong and enjoying the support of Hong Kong people.

An HKMAO spokesperson said the election had gone “smoothly and orderly” as it had strictly observed the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, relevant decisions by the nation’s top legislature, and the SAR’s election laws.

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The HKMAO has received the election report submitted by the HKSAR Government, according to the spokesperson, adding that the central government will handle the appointment procedures according to the law.

The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR congratulated Lam on her election win.

The head of the office hoped she will lead the HKSAR Government in uniting all sectors of society and implementing the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” and the Basic Lawfully and accurately.

He also hoped Lam can concentrate her efforts on developing the city’s economy and improving its people’s quality of life, promoting social stability and harmony and striving to “open up new prospects”.

He also vowed the office “will, as always, fulfill its duties” as empowered by the central government and support the CE and the HKSAR Government in administering Hong Kong in accordance with the law.

The head of the office also agreed that the election has been open and fair, and was conducted in a legal manner.

Incumbent CE Leung Chun-ying also applauded Lam, saying he and the current SAR government will ensure a “seamless transition” following the election. “We will fully support the preparations for forming the new term of government,” he said.

Former CE Tung Chee-hwa, who’s now a vice chairman of the nation’s top political advisory body, said it’s fortunate for Hong Kong that the Election Committee members had, on behalf of Hong Kong people, picked a leader with the experience, capability and commitment to society and who is highly trusted by the central government and supported by Hong Kong people all along.

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He hoped Lam can lead the city in tackling its deep rooted problems like the housing shortage, stagnant social mobility, widening wealth disparity and education woes. Tung also hoped Hong Kong people can unite and support the CE-elect.

CE election hailed as ‘open, fair and just’

“With the nation’s support and the collective efforts of Hong Kong people, the city will surely have a better future,” Tung said. Congratulations also came from incumbent CE of Macao Fernando Chui Sai-on, who said he believed the two SAR governments will strengthen their relations based on past cooperation.

Chui said the two SARs will go forward hand in hand in further promoting “One Country, Two Systems” policies and seizing the opportunities offered by the nation’s development blueprint for the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

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