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Friday, December 9, 2016, 20:25

DBS staff arrested over customer data leaks

By Duan Ting

More than 20 DBS current and previous employees including directors in the direct sales team have been arrested over leaks of customers’ personal information to third parties for loan promotions.

The arrests come after the case was investigated by the city’s graft-buster.

According to the local media, customers’ private information was leaked by DBS clerks who obtained the information by bribing the management. They then allegedly sent it to third-party call centers on the mainland for loan promotions without the customers’ permission.

Once a loan is successfully made to a Hong Kong citizen through a cold call, a DBS employee can get 30 percent of the total commission.

Recently a number of citizens received cold calls from the mainland in which callers introduced themselves as DBS staff and tried to sell loans. Some reported the case to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

A spokesperson for DBS said it takes its obligation to curtail financial crime very seriously and currently the bank is cooperating fully with law enforcement agencies in their investigations. This includes informing authorities when they become aware of matters which require their attention.

A DBS statement also stressed that together with regulators and the industry it intends to intensify collaborative efforts to combat financial crimes.

Personal information is exposed not only when people use bank services but also on the internet through mobile devices and computers. Citizens surveyed by China Daily revealed major concerns about leaks of personal information.

Regulators continue to advise the public to be cautious and double-check the authenticity of calls or messages from strangers through various channels including non-commercial ads.

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